PREDICTION: The death of Katia means Irma is going into the gulf

The global wind map tells the story. Once Katia made landfall, all the currents changed. All currents at all levels are now pushing Irma into the gulf. If that happens, Irma will then become the strongest hurricane ever recorded.

Could I be wrong? YEP. But when it comes to the weather, predictions are all there is, and it is not the same as making other types of predictions.

Ok, it is time for me to explain this wind map, which I have spent hours on by now, and figured out how to use well.

Keep it zoomed where this link has it. In the lower left hand corner, there is a button that says EARTH. Click it. This will open up a window that has several options. One of the options is height. The height option sets the level in the atmosphere (in millibars) where the winds are being measured. The first is sfc for surface, the next is 1000 millibars, which means about 400 feet up, the second is 850, which corresponds to about 5000 feet up, then 700 for about 10, 000 feet, 500 for about 18, 000 feet, 250 for about 32, 000 feet, and 70 for about 60, 000 feet. IN ALL CASES, AT ALL RELEVANT LEVELS, ALL WIND CURRENTS ARE PUSHING IRMA INTO THE GULF. If that's the case, where's Irma going to go? INTO THE GULF.

The trajectory cone keeps changing, directing Irma more towards the gulf. You can clearly see what I am talking about in the linked wind map, by following my instructions. There is no brick wall stopping Irma from entering the gulf if at all levels the wind is pushing it there, and it all changed when Katia bit the dust. Katia was producing a draft that was pushing Irma north. That draft is not there anymore. Irma will (probably) now, as a result of Katia making landfall, start heading due West. If that happens, WATCH OUT, it is going to be a hurricane freak show.

PREDICTION: The death of Katia means Irma is going into the gulf

The global wind map tells the story. Once Katia made landfall, all the currents changed. All currents at all levels are now pushing Irma into the gulf. If that happens, Irma will then become the strongest hurricane ever recorded.

Could I be wrong? YEP. But when it comes to the weather, predictions are all there is, and it is not the same as making other types of predictions.

Ok, it is time for me to explain this wind map, which I have spent hours on by now, and figured out how to use well.

Keep it zoomed where this link has it. In the lower left hand corner, there is a button that says EARTH. Click it. This will open up a window that has several options. One of the options is height. The height option sets the level in the atmosphere (in millibars) where the winds are being measured. The first is sfc for surface, the next is 1000 millibars, which means about 400 feet up, the second is 850, which corresponds to about 5000 feet up, then 700 for about 10, 000 feet, 500 for about 18, 000 feet, 250 for about 32, 000 feet, and 70 for about 60, 000 feet. IN ALL CASES, AT ALL RELEVANT LEVELS, ALL WIND CURRENTS ARE PUSHING IRMA INTO THE GULF. If that's the case, where's Irma going to go? INTO THE GULF.

The trajectory cone keeps changing, directing Irma more towards the gulf. You can clearly see what I am talking about in the linked wind map, by following my instructions. There is no brick wall stopping Irma from entering the gulf if at all levels the wind is pushing it there, and it all changed when Katia bit the dust. Katia was producing a draft that was pushing Irma north. That draft is not there anymore. Irma will (probably) now, as a result of Katia making landfall, start heading due West. If that happens, WATCH OUT, it is going to be a hurricane freak show.

I had a lot of interference today including a power outage that made posting early impossible.

MASSIVE social security and obvious vote fraud!

Fewer than 35 people in the world are age 112 and over. Yet the social security office is paying out benefits to 6.5 million over the age of 112!!!

This obviously means there are that many more below the age of 112 used as fraud accounts!

The claim is that it will be too much work to find the fraudsters. That's a lie. If you can pay a claim, you know the address, and can go there looking for someone seriously elderly. BUT THEY WILL NEVER DO THAT, AND I KNOW WHY.

1. Because that's too much money being handed to the likes of George Soros and Hillary Clinton, who pocket the money and then:

2. Use it to put falsely identified people on buses, to rig the vote 6.5 million times over! Or simply collect the cash and do mail in votes. SO THEY COLLECT THE CASH, AND FRAUD THE VOTE. BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED, and at least the amount of fraud is documented, see this FOX NEWS REPORT. which is actually a total white wash, they blow right past the obvious like a party balloon caught in Irma.

Do you think Trump can drain that swamp? NOT HARDLY, that swamp needs to be drained with the second amendment.

A lot of people are posting advice for the hurricane

Many people are trapped where they are, and can't evacuate even if they want to. Here's my advice with that, which is basically tornado advice.

Obviously with a hurricane there is more warning. Tape your windows off at a minimum. It won't stop them from breaking, but it will help control flying glass (for whatever that's worth, which will amount to what a piece of tape can do against a hurricane.) If you can't get wood to board up your windows, thick cardboard over them will be a lot better than nothing, and it will have to be nailed like wood. Find small pieces of wood at least, and nail through the small pieces into the cardboard so the wood will hold the cardboard.

Some people won't be able to do even that. If you can't get to a shelter and are stuck in your home, stay away from ALL WINDOWS. When a storm breaks a window, it is not like Hollywood. Your window won't start cracking to give you a warning, it will instead suddenly explode into thousands of tiny shards (unless it is broken by flying debris, which is actually better than having it explode.) The shards will fly faster than wind speed and stick in everything. The bottom line is that you can't be near windows at all.

If you are alone and can't get below ground, one of the safest places is to lay down in a first floor bathtub (if the house is coming apart). Obviously it can't have glass shower doors if you do this. It would be best to find a way to cover it in case there is falling debris, but it is still fairly well protected. The bathroom is a small room that is stronger than the larger rooms. If you have a bathroom with a door to the hallway and no windows because there is a bedroom between it and the outside, the bathtub in that bathroom is the safest place in the house. Being in it won't do any good if you have to share it and can't lay flat, on the bottom of it. If two people can lay sideways together and stay below the top, that's OK too. But you can't just sit in it with your head exposed.

The next safest place would be a hall closet. Then the hall. Then the bathtub in a bathroom that is not in the center of the house if the house has no hall. This might be somewhat equal to a bedroom closet which is not a very good choice because it is not much stronger than the rest of the house.

Zero trailers will survive Irma anywhere near landfall. All houses will be destroyed or damaged also. So your survival plan will be one which takes into consideration that the house will come apart. The last thing to go is always the bathtub.

Cut your own power

Don't wait for the power to go out by itself. When the storm is obviously getting nasty, go to the breaker panel and cut the power yourself. That will prevent a catastrophic death of the grid from sending surges to everything in the house and destroying everything that way.

Make plans in case you get lucky and have a few walls or more standing. If that happens, the fridge might still be there. So right now, turn your fridge and freezer to the coldest setting to give it a head start and help it through an extended power outage. Freeze as much water as possible. Load the shelves in the fridge as much as possible also, to weight it down (for whatever good that does, but it might help)

If it is there after the storm, when you get something plan ahead and be ready to grab whatever you want quickly so the door is not open any longer than it has to be.

Fill all empty containers right now. If you don't usually drink city water, it will still be better than puddles.

Turn all propane tanks off, at the tank. It would be good to put anything that can cook with propane, (plus the tank) in an area you think will stay safe.

There are little butane stoves that fit in a small back pack. They are the best for survival. They look like a small single burner stove. If you come across one, get it and a couple extra cans of butane. The butane cans don't look like Coleman canisters, they look like big cans of hair spray. The stoves are the ultimate in portable, and work great.

I had connectivity problems today and on top of that made a couple errors that kept the page stuck with old posts. That's why it was not updated for a while.

I posted about the earthquake last night at 1:30 but made an error that made it not show up. I don't have much to say anyway.

8.1 earthquake Mexico

I did not feel anything at all. It happened in Chiapas at 11:49 CST. Apparently it was strong enough to scare people in Mexico city, which was 500 miles away from the epicenter. It was not man made because the depth, at 22 miles, was wrong for that. Tsunami warnings have been issued for a tsunami of up to 10 feet. Where the tsunami has struck so far it has been a little under 3 feet. Hawaii might be a different story, it could be bigger there.

Earthquake lights

There were none. Everyone who "saw them" said they happened During the quake. But the quake was 100 miles out to sea. That means it took at least 1:45 for the shaking to reach land. By then the quake triggering event was over. That equals, no matter what, no earthquake lights if people saw them when everything was shaking. All people saw as "earthquake lights" was power lines touching, and other mayhem in the power grid.

The so-called "earthquake lights" are a recent phenomenon, with nothing recorded in historic text that mentions them at all. They most likely happen as a result of an eletronic warfare system ionizing the atmosphere as it couples with the ground to trigger a man made event. This quake happened 22 miles down. That does not match the man made quakes, which seem to always happen at 10KM depth or less. If the actual quake happened out at sea, and the lights showed up when people felt the shaking, the lights are not from an earthquake machine or any geologic phenomenon. They were simple shorting out of the power grid reflecting off the clouds and nothing more.

MORE ON THE EARTHQUAKE LIGHTS: The claim is that earthquake lights could be seen over Mexico City. That's B. FLIPPING S. The earthquake happened over 500 miles away from Mexico City, plus in the ocean. If anyone saw anything light up, it was caused by electrical lines shorting out against each other when shaken, and subsequently reflecting off the clouds. This would subsequently be relayed by IDIOTS as "earthquake lights". FINAL ANSWER.


IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Here's why white crime stats are up by a LOT

Take a look at this list of top 10 most wanted fugitives in Texas. ALL are listed as white. 9 out of 10 are illegal immigrant hispanics!

The elite can't get what they want against traditional white America legitimately, so they have re-classified non whites as whites in the crime stats!

There are 7 nuclear reactors direcly in the path of Irma

The first to get hit will be Turkey Point, which has two 700 megawatt reactors. It is on the southern tip of Florida, directly in the path of the eye with the current forecast cone.

The second to get hit will be St Lucie nuclear power, which has 2 1.002 gigawatt reactors. This is also directly in the path of the eye, while the eye is still strong.

The third to get hit will be the a training reactor in Gainesville is rated at 100 kilowatts which means it is not a toy. It is obviously smaller than the other two, but could still make a mess. Many training reactors only have 100 watts total potential, which means the one in Gainesville is quite large for what it is.

The fourth to get hit will be Vogtle nuclear in Georgia. It has two 1.2 gigawatt reactors. Irma will probably still be a category 3 when it hits, but I would not expect much to happen.

All the nuclear power facilities are designed to withstand hurricanes, so I'd say there is nothing to worry about OTHER THAN STUXNET. Let's hope no one has plans to use the hurricane as cover for anything.

Sep 6 2017


You won't find all this information in one article anywhere.

Israel claimed to have attacked a chemical weapons facility in Syria. However, Syria has stated it was a scientific research facility. Low and behold, it was also where Russia's S-400 air defense system was permanently based.

Israel is also now attacking multiple targets in Syria, while staying outside of Syrian airspace by flying right on the border and firing guided weapons and missiles from the aircraft. Such weapons can have considerable reach.

There is some disagreement with whether or not Russia successfuly shot down an Israeli jet. I doubt it. However, there are some people saying that Israel never even entered Syrian air space with their jets, instead, they targeted the facility and other targets with guided weapons from a very high altitude and steered them into Syria without actually flying into Syrian airspace. That way, if Russia did shoot one down, Israel could find a way to complain about it.

I believe Israel still has a hack on the S-400 which won't permit it to engage an Israeli jet. This became known about when Russian made Iranian S-300 systems were deployed in Syria. They could not get the system to fire on Israeli jets, because it flagged them as friendly and could not engage. So I doubt Russia successfully shot down an Israeli jet, but it could be true.

The most certain thing in all of this is that it was not a chemical weapons facility as advertised. Even Israel said it was an attempt to shut down manufacturing of Iranian made missile systems, which also conveniently targeted Russian assets Israel is not talking about. The attacks are also targeting weapons caches held by Syrian forces.

This will probably be updated.

I thought this had to be a hoax, it is not!

DO NOT let your kids subscribe to Teen Vogue, and petition to get it removed from your school if it is there.

Teen Vogue is supporting a new gender type: Ecosexual, which involves screwing trees and sexually frolicking with grass. You'd think it would be a joke, but it is not, they are actually pushing this. SEE THIS it really is for real. It is as if think tanks are assigned to come up with the next great lunacy and peddle it off on young minds, to distort them one step further every single day.

You can no doubt thank the CIA for this.

Flying cars in Barbuda

Imagen news did a broadcast where they interviewed people in Barbuda. They said it was surreal, with cars flying over houses and "people's heads". Irma threw cars seemingly without effort. The people being interviewed were still stunned by what they witnessed.

Their tesimony of "over people's heads" can happen without anyone getting blown away, it all depends upon where the cars were when the wind picked them up, and how sheltered the area was where the people were.

Moral of the story: If you are in Irma's path and have more than one car, drive whatever you can out of there because you might lose it if you don't, people in Barbuda (numerous people) claimed to witness cars flying high in the air like litter in the wind. And oh, you are driving out of there, RIGHT???

NEW UPDATE to the below:

The second link did not put it in the right place either, even with coordinates. So zoom in on the globe and find the right spot. You'll see the fourth hurricane. INTERESTING NOTE: When you see the entire globe, the real action is happening between Africa and Antarctica, there is a WHOPPER going on down there that absolutely dwarfs Irma. But no one cares about that part of the world . . . . .

UPDATE: The earth wind map link below did not zoom correctly.

Click here if you can't find what I am talking about below and hopefully this link will work. The hurricane on the left hand side of the screen is Jose. The new development is in the lower right hand side.

There is a FOURTH storm system developing behind hurricane Jose

Take a look at the winds in this Earth wind map. In the lower right hand corner, you can see a new probable future hurricane beginning to form. The rotation is obviously there. Very interesting map.


Just a few hours ago there was one hurricane, a tropical storm, and a tropical depression. So I went online for the nightly post, and there are now 3 hurricanes??!!??

Katia will be the one to watch. Katia is heading straight across super warm carribbean waters and will build strength faster than anything. I'd bet that by tomorrow (Thursday morning) Katia will be a category 3. Jose will not be as strong as Irma. Katia could easily become the strongest of the 4.

How do I know? EASY: Because hurricanes never hit record breaking levels without crossing the Carribbean, and Katia was born in the Carribean, is already a hurricane, is near shore, and headed out to sea. Carribean hurricanes are worse than Atlantic hurricanes. Irma is only record breaking in the Atlantic. Katia has a lot more heat to build with. The movements are perfect. Katia will be the worst.

What if I am wrong? Will I be guilty of a false prediction? ANSWER: Do you stop listening to the weather man after he screws up 900 times? I can be wrong about the weather once!

Tomorrow morning before 9 AM (or when the next subsequent NOAA update is given: Katia - winds between 95 and 110 mph. Before 6 PM: Katia, winds between 110 and 130 mph. I bet I am right!

Irma a category 6? NOT HARDLY!!!

Irma may be the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record, but much stronger hurricanes have hit Mexico after warming up in the Carribbean. Ditto for typhoons, which are hurricanes in a different geographic area.

Irma is obviously hurricane armageddon, but it is not a worldwide record setter by any means. Even a brief look at the topic pegs hurricane Allen as far larger, with a far lower barometric pressure and stronger winds, and hurricane Allen was not the worst. So when you read stories about how IRMA is the worst ever, keep in mind there are people after click bait who won't spend even 5 minutes to get their story straight.

Hate to be that blunt about it, and by all means if Irma is on it's way to you, GET OUT OF THE WAY, I am not saying Irma is anything casual!


The source of all the ISIS "threats" to poison people in America by poisoning food in supermarkets is none other than Site Intelligence Group, which produced all of the early ISIS beheading videos.

In an era of fake news, I thought nothing at all of threats from CIA created ISIS, because what's there to worry about? Aside from a couple dupes with an IQ of 18 that the FBI baited into setups and then claimed to be ISIS, there has been no ISIS activity on American soil AT ALL. SO WHY BOTHER WITH IT. Well, there could be a reason to at least mention it.

The reason? The source, - Site Intelligence Group, which means it's all a double triple quadruple pile of steaming dung as close as possible to the source of that dung. You'd have to be a horses *ss to believe it, now that SITE is involved. And that begs a question:

They said ISIS was going to poison the food with cyanide. QUESTION: Where can you get cyanide? It is not like you can just run to Wal Mart, buy a can, and spike a pickle jar. All poisons like cyanide are so controlled and hazard labeled and licensed that THERE'S NO CHANCE ANY PATSY IS GOING TO GET IT UNLESS THE FBI HANDS IT TO THEM, TO HAVE SOMEONE TO BUST.

And when that happens, the FBI will be right there, at Wal Mart, waiting in aisle 5 to bust their patsy 3 seconds after he plants his dope, and the FBI can declare victory and have a deadly head of lettuce to prove their worth. Yep. That's how it goes nowadays, and if anyone does get nailed by anything that got spiked it will be a targeted individual they wanted gone anyway.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't fear ISIS, fear the FBI, the fact Site intelligence group is the source reporting the threats proves the government has a hand in it somewhere.

Twitter: "Don't talk bad about childhood anal sex!"

The Twitter police have suspended a popular Christian blogger for criticizing a Teen Vogue editor who published an article encouraging teens to have anal sex.

Grace Elizabeth Johnston, who goes by the online name of "The Activist Mommy," received notice last week that she had been banned from Twitter because of an Aug. 16 tweet she wrote in response to Philip Bicardi, the digital editor of Teen Vogue.

In July, Teen Vogue published a "tutorial" for its young readers on how to have anal sex. The article by "sex educator" Gigi Engle was titled "Anal Sex: What You Need to Know," and featured instructions on the dos and don'ts of consensual sodomy-never mentioning the fact that many of the magazine's readers are under the legal age of consent.

"This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk," Engle wrote, describing anal sex as "a perfectly natural way to engage in sexual activity." Among other helpful advice, Engle offered counsel regarding which lube to use and instructed her young readers how to insert sex toys into their butts to "warm up" for "larger objects." She also advised them to get over their natural abhorrence with coming in contact with someone else's "poop."

So there you have it - if you are a concerned mom that does not agree with your kids reading this type of thing, YOU ARE BANNED on Twitter! There's a lot more to this confirmed true and disgusting story here

The full report for the above capture is Here

There is a large CME heading towards earth, so the aurora ought to be good tonight

If not tonight, the aurora will probably be good tomorrow night. The flare that is sending this CME was only an M5, (there have been much much larger flares than this over the past years, ) however due to how well it was directed at earth, we ought to notice something. I doubt there will be any blackouts but the aurora may be good. If there are blackouts, you'll know why.

Todays connectivity issues have been somewhat alleviated by dredging up the oldest of the old and slow modem I have, for some reason it is connecting better than the newer ones but it is still not normal, updates are slow.

Here's something interesting . . . . .

Breach of Amazon server revealed thousands of top secret documents

Thousands of files containing details of US intelligence operatives with Top Secret clearance have been breached. 9, 402 documents were found on an unsecure Amazon server without the protection of a password.

The files, discovered by a security analyst at the California-based cyber security firm UpGuard, were found in a folder called 'resumes'.nThey contained the CV of thousands of Americans currently in jobs in the US Department of Defense and the US intelligence community. They included information such as their home addresses, phone numbers, work history and email addresses, as well as security clearances, driver's license numbers, passport numbers and at least partial social security numbers.

According to UpGuard, at least one of the applicants claimed he was charged w/transporting nuclear activation codes & weapons components. Other documents revealed sensitive and personal details about Iraqi and Afghan nationals who have worked w/US military.

One applicant described his employment as a 'warden advisor' at the Abu Ghraib black site near Baghdad where prisoners are known to have been tortured. Another applicant said he was involved in 'enhancing evidence' against Iraqi insurgents during the war. NOT GOOD.

The breach also includes details of a former UN worker in the Middle East, a parliamentary security officer in Eastern Europe, an active Secret Service agent, a Central African logistical expert, an ex-soldier tasked with providing security in war zones for TV news crews and a police chief in a southern state.

SEE THIS and if it was on Gizmodo, this has probably been white washed and is probably worse than said.

I am having connectivity issues. If updates are slow, that is why. I don't think it is anything anyone is doing, the connection is just bad right now.

Hollywood has had a declining box office for several years straight

Recently it has been widely reported that "hollywood is in trouble" because of declining box office revenues. And the talking heads pretend to walk around in circles not knowing why fewer people are going to the movies. I think I have an answer:

Biggest reason: Movies being used to push agendas. Maybe hollywood actually believes a majority of America voted for Hillary. Maybe they really do live in a bubble where they don't realize the election was rigged from horizon to horizon in favor of Hillary, and she still lost. Maybe they don't realize that there does not need to be an obligatory black guy, or homosexual, or transvestite, or whatever in every movie. Maybe they don't realize that a lot of America has grown tired of having a liberal slant to everything. And it goes beyond that -

I used to like Adam Sandler and Jim Carey, and a few others, but now the only two I can really stand to watch are Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise. I can handle those two, because they have not stood up and made outrageous public statements that go against common sense and decency. I don't want to go to a movie and watch the same sick degenerate fools who openly hate America push yet another line on me, and even if they happen to not do that, I don't want to see their faces anyway. So movie options are limited when so many of the so-called stars turn my gut.

Another big reason the box office is failing: TOO MANY SUPER HERO MOVIES. Come on now, if you have seen one you've seen them all and there is nothing in a super hero movie that won't be in a Sunday cartoon. How many times can they keep trying to dredge the same old worn out themes? What's wrong? has the intentional dumbing down of America limited their creative options because no one can think of anything new anymore?

You know, The last movie made that I know of - the only one in the past two years that was truly original and good all the way through was Angry Birds. Nothing in that movie was a re-hash of past themes, and it was a great movie on top of it. AND MORE: It was done by Sony and made in Finland if I remember that right, which means it's NOT HOLLYWOOD. That's worth a chuckle.

Another thing killing hollywood is downright stupid: Re-makes of movies that can't be beat. DEAR HOLLYWOOD: If you can't do a re-make that is at least as good as the original, DO NOT DO IT. How about the Karate Kid remake? Perfect examples of "inclusiveness" and re-make that just did not cut it.

Anyway, when Hollywood sits and wonders why the box office is not turning great results anymore, it only has itself to blame, people don't want politics, degenerate actors, inclusiveness (that does nothing to help the story line) and tired out themes. I'll certainly go see Over the Hedge 2 and Angry Birds 2, to see what they did with those two greats and maybe the next Tom Cruise flick. There's nothing else on the horizon that is of any interest to me.

Irma's winds are now 180 mph

The trajectory cone has been revised. Miami may get a near direct hit.

September 5 2017 9:15 AM CST:


Go to the latest USGS update and take a look. Irma has exceeded expectations. Obviously Irma could be natural because hurricanes like this happen, but I'm having my doubts.

The storm path is unbelievably perfect for max strengthening and destruction. Irma popped up out of nowhere from tropical storm straight to category 2 before anyone could take any in between measurements. And now the max sustained winds are 175 mph???!!! when I went to bed they were 132 mph. How did that happen overnight?

There is no escaping a hard reality: It's gonna be BAD.

Ok, so let's say you are stuck in the damage path and you are south of the U.S. border. There is a cheap brand of tools in Mexico called Lion. They have awesome tape. Use their tape to tape your glass if you can't do anything else. Don't use scotch or any brand from wal mart. I confirmed with the CD's while mailing them that the clear packing tape from Lion is stronger and stickier than any other tape I have ever seen. That's for Mexico. In the U.S., you had better get going preparing, everyone pays attention to the max wind speed at the eye wall but if you are in a zone where the winds are 120 mph or less, you might get through this unscathed if you board up your windows NOW.

KEY POINT: Irma is getting SO NASTY that you won't have to be anywhere near a direct hit to have everything get ripped up. Don't just watch where the eye is going, even if it looks like you are not going to get a direct hit prepare anyway, Irma might be the storm of the century.

What will Irma do if it makes landfall with 200 plus MPH winds? Here's what: The grass in your yard will be gone. Tornado zones call this "scouring", where the storm is so bad it actually rips the earth up. This type of hurricane actually digs dirt. It strips off everything, there will be no trees. Wooden houses will look like an F5 tornado zone. Irma might be the type of storm that strips everything bare to the ground. Skyscrapers will handle it with broken windows. But even cinder block buildings will be blown over. Having a "brick house" won't cut it. Even if you are lucky enough to have a house made of solid concrete, the windows will be gone and there will be no place to hide from the wind as it rips through broken windows, throwing glass everywhere. Closing the bedroom door in the "one last safe room" probably won't work, because the wind coming through the windows will probably break the door.

Don't be a storm chaser with Irma, because you'll be dead. Unless something radically weakens Irma, you'll be dead if you stay where it makes landfall. It won't matter how good your observation area is.

Let's just hope I'm being doomy with this, but I'd bet I am not!

Remember: I call B.S. on fake hurricanes with good accuracy. I have done it 3 times now. There is absolutely no reason this time around to conclude Irma is fake. Irma may not be entirely natural, but it sure is not fake.


Just as important: A large number of Antifa are registered with a major Bolshevik organization.

Someone hacked Antifa, and got the entire list of people available for antifa activities. They then posted it to 8-chan. I saved it off of 8-chan as a text file because it probably won't last. It is a massive list with thousands of names and they are heavily weighted with college professors, school teachers and programmers. More important, it proves it is the Bolsheviks doing it, because it is heavily loaded with people from a major Bolshevik association. The list proves that the destruction of America really is being done by the same Bolsheviks that took down Russia. It proves the Bolsheviks have totally invaded education and heavily invaded tech. You did not expect them to just shrivel and go away, did you? They did not!

The list of these social perverts is far too massive to put on this page, it is the size of a medium sized town phone book. I have it here as a text file, SEE THIS and please note: It will take some computers a while to open this and start running smooth. ALSO: Use the arrows to scroll the list because the slider skips huge sections - this file is too big for the slider.

One final note: Hundreds (if not thousands) of the names are associated with their facebook pages and professions towards the bottom of this file, before it gets into the discussion that was taking place below it. This is an epic bust!

Nothing will happen as a result of the NK nuke test

It went just like I said - Russia and China will not tolerate American action against Korea even after they did that test, including even sanctions. That puts the writing on the wall - the U.S. leadership had best simply sit down and stop hyperventilating. SEE THIS

Melania's fashion critic revealed

HA HA HA, normally I'd never mention something like this, but this is just too stark.


Just one look at her could leave a vulnerable child scarred for life! I don't usually cover this type of topic, if you want the details the original report is HERE

The SPLC knows the people it attacks are not hate groups

SPLC exposed: It is nothing but a racket to destroy anyone they politically disagree with

From Pj Media

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has gained traction in recent weeks, but contrary to media reports, the group does not exist to "monitor hate groups" but to destroy groups that it targets for "strictly ideological" reasons.

The SPLC "mortally embarrasses" groups by equating mainstream conservative, Christian, and other organizations with the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists. Make no mistake, this is not a "hate group monitoring" organization, it's a far-Left defamation racket that exists to target any group it disagrees with politically.

"We see this political struggle, " Potok added in his 2008 Vermont speech. "We're not trying to change anybody's mind. We're trying to wreck the groups. We're trying to destroy them. Not to send them to prison unfairly or to take their free speech rights away, but as a political matter to destroy them."

In yet another 2008 speech, Potok explained the SPLC criteria for a "hate group." The spokesman said, "Our criteria for a 'hate group, ' first of all, have nothing to do with criminality, or violence, or any kind of guess we're making about 'this group could be dangerous.' It's strictly ideological" (emphasis added)."

This was obvious, and now has been put out in the open. SEE THIS

Irma is expected to be a cat 4 by this evening.

Here's the new trajectory cone


The USGS is calling it a surface burst that triggered a 6.3 earthquake. I remember an old school nuke movie where a test of a five megaton device was done in Alaska and it created a 6.9 earthquake. Perhaps North Korea's nuke is not five megatons (seismic results vary depending upon what the earth is made of where the nuke goes off) but if it tripped a 6.3, it's NOT A TOY.

UPDATE: It looks like little Kim may have hit (over) a megaton. That's too much to f* with, if he really did that, "North Korea will stay best Korea".

If he did this and it's not a USGS hoax, EVERYONE in North Korea felt it, South Korea felt it, and China felt it. SEE THIS:



UPDATE: CONFIRMED: Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

My comment: Since WHEN has a mine explosion registered a 6.3!!??!! China and Seoul far more credible than USGS.

PREDICTION: Tomorrow we'll see a picture of Kim Jong smiling ear to ear, while desperately enthusiastic military brass clap on the front page of Drudge!

PREDICTION: Kim Jong destroyed his nuclear test site

You can't set off a bomb that big in a country that small and have any decent ground left to work with!

My opinion on what will now happen to North Korea

This is obviously only an opinion, but I'd bet I am right.

First of all, Russia condemned them, China condemned them, the Pentagon claims to have to "deal with them" and is threatening military action, and blah blah. But "condemning" North Korea has no substance, when they are a separate nation with it's own turf, and did this despite being punished heavily already, and I challenge the Pentagon to justify an attack when it is now clearly proven North Korea can vaporize LA. How would the American people respond to a nuke attack that was the result of the Pentagon stirring a hornet's nest that could have simply been left alone in the woods?

Anyone with a lick of sense will sit down, think about the consequences, and do NOTHING.

Here's a little news: North korea did not break any laws with this latest nuclear test. They never made any agreements saying they would not do it. So there is nothing to punish them for, they have a right to do whatever they want on their own turf, regardless of whether or not anyone gets mad about it.

So what will the Pentagon do? NOTHING. There won't be a war over this unless someone is off their meds at the Pentagon. Or Israel zombie runs America into doing their dirty work. If America attacks over this, it will be America that is wrong. And that's why it will spark world war 3 if America does anything. Russia and China may not like what happened, but they at least have enough sense to follow international law. And you can bet they will keep the United States in line, and force the U.S. to follow international law. Do you think China wants an American presence in North Korea? Would anyone believe China would be casual about having nuclear fallout from American nukes land on their turf? With how small North Korea is, it would ALL land in China.

North Korea's nuclear test was underground. NOTHING has ever landed in China from any of NK's tests. The same will not be true if America uses nukes to take out Kim Jong. The result won't be casual if that is done.

The U.S. is going to sit down and think. And the conclusion will be that getting China upset is not going to be a good move, and if the U.S. does attack the Norks with all the snowflakes in the armed forces, the U.S. is going to lose it's behind. North Korea is not an easy target. If you cannot nuke that target, going after that target with a bunch of snowflakes aint gonna work!.

CONCLUSION: Sit back and enjoy the temper tantrums. Nothing is going to happen. and if anything does happen, you had better duck and cover, with North Korea as your last worry. North Korea may be "best Korea" but China and Russia are better!

Despite them being upset, they are not going to let America go in.

All CD's shipped

I will put this on top later. A total of 7 sold before Ebay stopped letting me sell more. I have to set up a new account to sell more but have not had time to do that. The CDs shipped via registered mail. Surprisingly Mex Post had that as an option and I'd bet it works a lot better than just dropping them into a black hole. I will send people the tracking numbers through Ebay tonight or tomorrow.

Additionally, I did the customs inspection at the counter and they got a special tag saying customs should ignore them and let them pass. I then asked the lady if she could do the same thing for the colloidal silver, to keep it from being stopped at the border and she said yes!!! So I am really surprised by that. The way to stop problems is to use Mex Post, send it registered, and do customs on the spot, before it is even shipped. She also said that if it is sent via registered mex post, the chance of it vanishing into a black hole is greatly diminished.

I also asked if I could send flash drives and memory cards with files on them, and get the same customs sticker to allow those to just blow through, and she said YES, except to Cuba, Venzuela, and Guatemala. So the key to all of this is to have it inspected at the counter, and I could then send out larger data. That will be important if I do the Tula Giants or pyramid reports, because they will have large HD video files that eat a ton of space a CD would never hold, and have it all work when people actually get them. I concluded that even a DVD won't hold the pyramid files.

So the key is, DO NOT USE FEDEX, DHL, or anyone else that is not the state, because the state can do customs on the spot, in front of you, and things won't simply subsequently vanish. They nailed five kilograms of cesium chloride (a cancer cure) from me that way. Key info for shipping out of Mexico!

To people who ordered the colloidal silver - notify me again, and I'll do it the right way this time, you'll get it.

U.S. sets scheduled patrols of the south China sea!

China is not going to be happy with this. This is the equivalent of China setting scheduled patrols in the Caribbean. The U.S. has as much right to do patrols in the South China sea as China has a right to do patrols in the Caribbean. Or the waters between the Hawaiian islands. Or you name it! Additionally, the U.S.S. John McCain had just finished doing a patrol of the Sout China sea when it got rammed. Coincidence? Or payback? SEE THIS

Irma weakened, and then got stronger than ever before.

If Irma strengthens at the same rate it cumulatively did today, it will be a cat 4 early Sunday. The stronger Irma gets, the more Irma will determine it's own destiny, unless it is man made, then all bets on whatever happens are off.

President Trump under "House Arrest"

I was skeptical, but it appears true. So many staffers that supported him have been expelled that only enemies remain, and no one from the outside can talk to him. Additionally, it is finally confirmed by a good source that Ivanka and Kushner are now enemies of Trump, and are destroying his efforts. I said all along, Kushner is the leak, and it appears confirmed to be so.

See this from Breitbart:


Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow spoke to journalist Mike Cernovich on Breitbart News Daily this morning discussing the Trump presidency, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's influence, and the possibility of President Trump being held under "house arrest."

Mike Cernovich appeared on Breitbart News Daily today to speak to Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow about issues surrounding the Trump Presidency. Cernovich has a running series of posts called "Dispatches from Trumpland” that were at the center of their discussion.

"There's some pretty explosive stuff in your report, " said Alex Marlow referencing Cernovich's recent Trump Dispatches, "and so I just wanted to unpack some of it with you, the first place where it starts in your dispatch is that Trump is on house arrest and you cite John Bolton who people thought was under consideration for National Security Advisor, for Secretary of State who can't even have access to the President right now and this is a pretty big departure from campaign trail Trump."

"Exactly, so I'd heard from people that Trump is on house arrest, " replied Mike Cernovich, "I thought ‘oh c'mon, the President of the United States, that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard', but I kept digging into it and I kept hearing the same thing over and over again and then, of course, John Bolton wrote his column for National Review and he's begging people to retweet it, he said ‘this is the only way the President is gonna see it, ' and I'll say Alex, I don't really understand, how can Trump not see who he wants to see? This is something I don't really fully comprehend within the White House. I have talked to a lot of people, it's a very weird situation."

Marlow agreed, "it is a very weird situation, and this is something that I'm afraid is systemic of something that's happening inside, people that listen to the show know that I'm not a huge 'Javanka' fan, " referencing Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, "and Im just seeing the numbers here Mike and the people inside the White House, you've got Kushner, you've got Ivanka Trump, Gary Cohn, Dinah Powell, H.R. McMaster, who I know you were really the first person to call him out as a big threat to the MAGA agenda. And it's just overwhelming and now with no Bannon and with no Gorka, just where is the President getting information that can tie him, connect him to his own base?" There is more of this report on Breitbart HERE

My comment: We now have de-facto proof Trump has probably been drugged and is definitely sidelined. A full blown coup is the only way they would ever get away with isolating him. How can they stop the President from talking to someone? That would happen only if he has become a totally controlled puppet that is SO controlled he can't even talk to old friends. So it is not Trump now. He's hijacked.

Jared probably has Ivanka drugged to oblivion, the honey pot has spilled.

Europe to ban all vacuums over 900 watts

This appears to be a popular topic. I'll say it like it is.

I don't care. Here's why.

900 watts is more than the strongest Kirby ever made has, self propelled and all.

Vacuum cleaners in general are extremely inefficient noise making heaters.

Kirby out does every vacuum out there by a huge margin, and does it with 1/3 the consumed power. The top most powerful Kirby has a 7 amp motor. It will BLOW AWAY vaccums with 12 or more amps. 7 amps at 120 volts is 840 watts.

Vacuum cleaner makers know it is cheaper to turn cheap parts with an over powered yet inefficient poorly wound motor than to make a nicely wound motor and hook it up to something real, so they up the amps and spin under sized parts with power wasting motors far faster than efficiency allows.

Ever wonder why Kirby's are so quiet compared to other vaccums? It's because they are not inefficient garbage.

The kicker? A lot of cleaning contractors want the old Kirby heritage series because they have permanent bags and never need a paper bag - you just clean the cloth bag (and Kirby made that really easy to do). The Heritage series still delivers far better performance than all other vacuums on the market (outside the super elite vacuums from other brands, which might match it) but the Heritage series only uses a 4.5 amp motor. Even the elite from the competition pushes crap parts too hard and consume 12+ amps trying to keep up. To this day no manufacturer has anything that will beat a modern Generations series Kirby with a 7 amp motor. So do I care if Europe bans inefficient vacuums? Well, inefficient vacuum cleaners have annoyed me for decades. Even despite being against government intrusions, I'm having a hard time caring. They could drop the power to 300 watts and if the vacuums were not garbage, no one would notice.


The trajectory cone is at present leaving all possibilities open, with the greatest chance of Irma hitting the East coast. However, it could also still go into the gulf of Mexico.

Irma could hit Washington DC as a strong hurricane. If that is forecasted to happen (eventually) they should evacuate regular people, and tell the politicians to "shelter in place!"

There is a report about how CPS is actually a kidnapping ring

BUT WHEN I CLICKED ON IT, IT GIVES A BOGUS ERROR THAT ACCESS IS FORBIDDEN. That report is here but from where I am, it is FORBIDDEN. YEP. Probably for you too.

Most people know that CPS, in all regions, disproportionately takes white children, and then sells them through Dyncorp and wherever else. Years ago, this web site did a major report on the child snatching. I don't know where that report is specifically, but I do remember the name and location of a PDF that was associated with it, and it is probably very similar to the report that is being blocked at Hmm, let me look for that.

Ahh, HERE IT IS! The woman who did this was very emotional but it is well done, extensive, and BANG ON - states get ENORMOUS piles of cash for every kid they take, probably as payoffs from the elite who then use the kids for whatever.

QUESTION: Why is it that when white kids get taken by CPS, in VIRTUALLY ALL CASES the parents are never allowed to see them or contact them in any way whatsoever ever again? "They" say it is for the best interest of the child. I SAY YOU CAN'T CONTACT A KID WHO'S BLOOD HAS BEEN SERVED UP IN MATZO BALLS!

You also can't talk to a kid who bled out through a rectal rupture or got sacrificed to Molech. Anyway, we all know it. Too bad we can't do anything about it with Google, the CIA and whoever else snuffing out any attempt to shut it all down.


I believe it will be essential to make a huge push for funding that can be saved because many people are biting the dust now, and this site needs to have a financial reserve that will help it get through the problems that are on the horizon for everyone, not just this web site. So the donation requests are going to remain open, and I am going to go through whatever resources I have to drive it.

Forecast: Conspiracy CD volume 2 will have pictures of a report so "bad" I can't even mention it. I've been holding onto these since 2008. They are precious. I did a background check on the source of the report, and yes, it is accurate but if I utter a peep about where it came from, it could cause severe backlash from the ---------- community. This CD just has to get sent out without much fanfare and no indication of what is on it. I found this at the home of an extremely conservative politician who had huge influence and slowed down the fall of America. Because these were released in a publication, some readers of this site may have them already, but I doubt it. On that note, they will also shed light on a decent publication that will probably get subscribers over it. I'll say this - they mentioned the Daily Stormer, but they won't mention this publication because it is as banned as I am. They are deathly afraid of it.

Conspiracy CD volume 3, (if I can dredge this, ) will have an inside look at Occupy LA, which proves it was not a leftist movement, instead, leftists moved in and provided so much funding and resources that it basically shut out the dominating initiating influence - grass roots conservatives, who were upset about the facism we are all seeing rear it's ugly head today. They were predominantly pro-life and Christian, and were amazingly conservative.

Obviously loss of control and infiltration would happen to any conservative movement - if you want to take anything over, and George Soros is around, just ask him for a little pocket change and anything can be yours. That's exactly what happened at Occupy LA, and I HAVE PROOF. it was not a bunch of hippies. Volume 3 will also show the CIA in action in a way that practically no one captures.

Conspiracy CD volume 4 will (probably) feature the Tula Giants, which appear to prove that there was a civilization in North America that was in some ways on par with what we have today. The Tula Giants are stone carvings that are thousands of years old, that show (in Aztec style) a military regiment holding weapons that look like they belong in Star Wars. There is nothing from their time frame that matches or gives a reason for such weapons, and it appears to be done as a warning. There is nothing any good on the web that really frames it the way it should be, so I would like to take a trip there and document them for real.

Volume 5 will feature very strange statues that are all over Mexico City that show beautiful human forms that have their brains cut off. You would not think the New World Order would be so brazen about it, but these statues are everywhere and appear to clearly show a future agenda of a greatly dumbed down population. On the same visit, I'll try to get out to the pyramids and document them very well, all the pictures on the web are simply no good and don't show anything at all. I did not photograph these sufficiently and have to go back for it. If I find enough with the statues, the pyramids will be a separate CD.

Volume 6 will have a large mix of assorted conspiracy files that are great as individual files, but can't hold a release to a specific topic. By then I'll have discovered enough for volumes 7 and 8. If I even get that far, I'll call it lucky because the crack down on the web is happening so fast now that I can't see how much of anything will be left by then.


Irma jumped straight from practically nothing to a category 2 before anyone got a chance to measure it as a category 1. That's basically impossible, unless NOAA is lying, or someone flipped a switch somehwere and "turned on" a hurricane! I'd bet someone flipped a switch.

Check out this storm tracking map, you can see here that Irma went from nothing of significance to a category 2 like someone simply flipped a switch!

Look folks, Hurricane Irma is an impossible anomaly

If you live anywhere a hurricane can strike, now is going to be a good time to go out and get hurricane supplies, while they are cheap, BEFORE they run out.

Comb Craigslist or whatever other source to find used plywood so you don't have to pay an enormous price once your home is in the target zone. Get the minimum needed, so your home is not cluttered up with crap if it does not hit your area. Just get at least basic protection for as cheap as possible. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT, Irma is clearly an anomaly, this happened WAY TO QUICK. I do not believe this one is natural AT ALL.


None of the news agencies have picked up on this yet, because it was such an ambush.

10:10 AM CST August 31:

CONFIRMED: Irma is now a hurricane

IN ONLY 10 MINUTES, tropical storm Irma went from 70 mph sustained winds, straight to 100 mph sustained winds. It was like an ambush, it was not supposed to intensify to hurricane until this week end!

This is the type of anomaly I look for when determining if a storm is man made or not, this change was actually unnatural, and it is absolutely real, straight from NOAA SEE THIS it is real folks! 100 MPH sustained winds already??!!??

Hurricane Irma is impossibly far to the East to be as powerful as it is. The tropical depressions that become Atlantic hurricanes form off the west coast of Africa, and usually stay at either storm strength or remain depressions until they are at least twice as far off the African coast as Irma is now. This one could be a whopper. I doubt the sudden strengthening, which defied predictions, is natural. I still think Harvey was natural but am beginning to think they played with Harvey after landfall. This apparently will not be the case with Irma.


I heard about this possibility yesterday, but did not post it because I have a lot going on right now.

Here's what happened:

The chemical plant got submerged by floodwaters (obviously). The power went out (obviously) and they had large amounts of chemicals that had to be stored below a temperature where they would become unstable, and explode all by themselves. After enough time without power to provide refrigeration, (this happened after the back up generators ran out of fuel and could not be re-supplied due to the flooding) the chemicals exploded. It went worse than expectations, and the entire skeleton crew that was left behind, (that was only supposed to number 15 people) got hurt, including even more people for a total of 21. Final rumor tally (no one is in agreement) is 21 injured (from fumes), 2 seriously, one dead. If the evacuations had not been done, it obviously would have been worse than that.

This situation is ongoing, and a lot worse than this can happen.

Harvey weather mod:

What looks like a radar anomaly happened, when a beam, originating on land, went straight into Houston. Normally it would be called a simple radar glitch, but mysteriously after it happened the rain immediately intensified. That's something to make note of no doubt.

My guess is that Washington DC has a city under it that is several miles down.

It has been there for a while, and was probably built to give Washington DC a way to survive a nuclear war. It was probably built in the 1950's and 1960's and has probably been expanded and upgraded significantly since.

Earlier I said that 35 years ago was when I noticed the vents. It was actually more like over 40 years ago. Back then I thought nothing of it and only noticed how the homeless people would sleep on them because they were warm and always blew warm air out. But back then, life was good and there was "no such thing as conspiracy" so I thought nothing of the vents. Times have definitely changed.

So I'll speculate, based on all the cumulative things I have seen, from all the different times I have been in DC (so many I can't number them)

The city is at least 6X10 miles. That's 60 square miles. I do not know if that is all continuous or if there are pockets, but the way these vents are spread out, it has to be that big. They are along the highway, in neighborhoods, and really concentrated in the heavily used government areas. These vents are in areas that are not even populated, out in the woods wherever woods are in the DC area.

It could be a scenario where the city is only a few square miles, but is built in separable sections connected by tunnels. 60 square miles sounds like a lot, but to that end, WHERE DID ALL OUR TAXES GO? They'd certainly pay that particular bill if it is that big. But I bet it is a max total of 20 square miles.

However, there is no question whatsoever that there is something enormous under DC, with exactly how enormous being irrelevant for the most part.

All enormous underground facilities have to get rid of excess heat. All the lights, appliances, and whatever else cumulatively generates enormous heat that has to be shed to the surface or over time the whole thing will become a boiling pot. This is noticeable even with skyscrapers. So the steaming vents are an absolute dead giveaway that there is something huge under DC, and I'd bet it is miles down, where even the earth's heat has to be gotten rid of (miners know this, when mines get extremely deep they get hot) and it would not surprise me at all if whatever is under DC is so far under that heat from the earth's core is an issue.

At any rate, there are pictures of these vents on the conspiracy files CD. Originally they were for a facility designed national defense and survival, but with the garbage that has infested the government of late, all they will do nowadays is ensure the survival of corruption.

The CD now shows up on Ebay. Use the links in the top portion of the pag to go directly to the appropriate CD.


This is what the message window looks like in ONE DAY if it is not censored. (it is again, so there will be only 3 drunks and a mermaid in the box tomorrow)

This is 21 hours of messages (that's how long this ran from a new IP until the censors nailed it again)

, , , 2017-08-30 00:45:09, "Hi Jim! It's Walking Turtle.

Just a quick note: Found the Daily Stormer's funding node on a new service: "hatreon". Recently fired-up by a pis't-off & defunded former "patreonite" in the wake of Patreon's clampdown on their own work and so many others.

So is the roster page. Might be worth a looksee on your own part if you haven't already heard of it from others. Heartfelt thanks for all you do online in this world , as always! And that is all. 0{;-)o["

, , , 2017-08-30 00:44:, "Jim, this was an engineered storm....

look at the patents involved.....

w w w dot you tube dot com / watch?v=WzHSuT1z-I4

five keys take care .........."

, , , 2017-08-30 00:14:49, "CNN/CIA -- I forgot to mention he also said the CIA KILLED 40, 000 (forty thousand) people in Chile during the coup there using the "extraordinary rendition torture" he says actually began in WWII and the US/CIA has MANY places/countries/outposts in which it is done."

, , , 2017-08-29 23:58:53, "Can I suggest for your ebay auctions:

Your site will be sending folks to ebay- looking for your sale

Why flag it any more by labeling it a conspiracy file in the eBay system?

Knowledge base one ( or anthing under your name) will get the traffic to your buy button

Just a thought Jim.

Being Blake"

, , , 2017-08-29 23:22:34, , "Important re CNN/CIA reporting on Cajun Navy efforts --- on ForbiddenKnowledge and I think also BIN yesterday --- --- Kevin Shipp, former career CIA Counterterrorism Specialist -- this is not his 2016 speech, it was just given this July and greatly expands his revelations which include that the CIA co-opted the WashingtonPost and CNN from its inception, explains how the CIA and ALL NSA et al operations are illegal and felonious as against our US Constitution. I clicked out of it until I read what Alexandra wrote about it on her Forbidden Knowledge TV site and realized it's a new speech."

, , , 2017-08-29 22:58:20, , "I love your cd idea! I will be a regular buyer, certainly. Good luck on all your endeavors, I know you prob get down and frustrated, you are have the stamina and character that very few in the world have, and I appreciate all you do."

, , , 2017-08-29 22:52:13, "Texas law allows people to protect personal property under "castle law" does it not?


, , , 2017-08-29 22:28:09, "12345"

, , , 2017-08-29 22:10:58, "Jim, you commented about the reports of 'A weird mist in England. A very strange mist blew in off the ocean in England and sickened a bunch of people . . '

I have been swimming and sunbathing on that coast all day yesterday and today. The weather has been fantastic and the tides are perfect for afternoon swimming and sunbathing. There has been no wind and the sea exceptionally calm. This is unusual for this coast and resulted in the water being very clear. I enjoyed long swims and sunbathing both days and stayed at the coast until nightfall both days. Yesterday there was some sea mist but nothing unusual. None of the many people I have spoken with over these two days have even mentioned this reported mist.

Tonight, 29 August, the air is warm and I noticed three lightening strikes at or beyond the horizon, one followed by a deep rumble of thunder. I expect we shall have heavy rain overnight.


, , , 2017-08-29 21:41:17, "Most of us can read DVD's."

, , , 2017-08-29 21:06:06, "

You might enjoy this. It sure cracked us up."

, , , 2017-08-29 20:57:45, , "Hi Jim

That is a good idea about selling your CD info. What about a DVD full? I've noticed Youtube is shuting down lot's of user's channels that were showing the truth. eg Peekay Truth, Kearnsy '74. I wish I had archives of some of their stuff.

I was wondering if you could promote the idea of all the Truthers somehow setting up a "Truthtube" type site. Something crowdfunded or such, then people censored on Youtube, would have a platform. They can take some people off, but they can't take everyone off. Just a thought. I would be grateful if you could put that idea out to everyone.

Blessings from Scotland.

Cheers, Stephen (S)

PS See Zerohedge about Cuba sonic weapon supposedly used on US staff."

, , , 2017-08-29 20:29:47, "I'm sure you know about this:"

, , , 2017-08-29 20:27:19, "N.....o....t....h....i....n....g...o...n...e...b...a...y...y....e...t. "mystery steam vent in dc""

, , , 2017-08-29 20:23:44, "conspiracy file volume 1 cd not on my ebay yet?"

, , , 2017-08-29 20:09:32, , "So, it begins, the all-American race war."

, , , 2017-08-29 20:03:24, , "Jim,

If you recall a couple few years ago right around the the time of the ebola scam, I was in contact with you regarding colloidal silver. You said you would send me some (you even included a photo of the stuff on this site) and I sent you $20.00 for it.

It never arrived to my mailbox in AZ.

So I doubt any CD that you might send out would make it to anyone's house either.


My comment: Those got sent out, if you send your address I'll try with Mex post. If anyone else did not get theirs, I'll try again. they could have been blocked at the border as a not permitted food item.

, , , 2017-08-29 19:47:49, , "Not sure where else to get the video but on secureteam YouTube channel there is a satellite radar where you can clearly see an explosion taking place on the western edge of the hurricane. Shortly after that hundreds of cloud formations appear seemingly out of nowhere. Maybe the hurricane wasn't engineered but something did make this one extra wet."

, , , 2017-08-29 19:43:14, "Hi Jim - I sent you $25 a several days ago thru PP - see if you got it. Sharon"

My response: Nope, that did not make it and I actually needed it. So goes for alt media amid facism. I am not alone in my worries this time around.

, , , 2017-08-29 18:30:10, , "People who choose to live at sea level near an ocean are not too bright."

, , , 2017-08-29 18:02: "Jim ... A "natural hurricane"? C'mon. Check this:"

, , , 2017-08-29 17:56:41, "Bizarre Radar Anomaly Over Corpus Christi Texas 2 Days Before Harvey Landfall Indicates Mass Weather Modification Took Place - With Warnings Of 'The Worst Still Yet To Come', Is This Proof The Catastrophe Was 'Man Made'?"

, , , 2017-08-29 17:40:38, , "if memory serves, were not many of the deceased after Katrina found to have been shot and drowned? Could mercinaries be reemployed here?"

, , , 2017-08-29 17:08:26, "the Stormfront server is currently still running, only DNS is not working. I can access it by adding the following to my hosts file:



(found via"

, , , 2017-08-29 17:00:28, "If they didn't cause Harvey, they're sure as hell not doing much to stop it! Either way they play a hand! Hang time seems awfully un natural."

, , , 2017-08-29 16:52:47, "Jim,

I see some evidence that Harvey was affected by strong electromagnetic pulses.

The timing suggests a lessening intent, as opposed to a magnification or worsening intent (which we saw under previous admins).

I believe it would have been worse, sans interference."

, , , 2017-08-29 16:22:59, "I think you are totally wrong about hurricane Harvey not being created and controlled totally by man made weather manipulation equipment. I guess all the reports of nexrad blasts were all faked on people's cell phone radar apps. I suppose you think the US patents on weather controlling are faked BS also. I guess you don't believe there was a government counsel set up well over 10 years ago to oversee the use of weather modification. Explain away the patents and the counsel as just being lies. I am open to any "proof" you have that weather manipulation is just more fakes BS.

All the flights in and out of Houston were cancelled and I noticed no planes in the skies. Then I happened to hear a jet plane and I saw it flying below the clouds on Friday. Planes flying in that area are never flying that low. No other planes except that one in the sky. I can only guess what that plane was doing and I bet it wasn't up to any good. BTW my area was hit hard by Harvey and the rains kept coming my way. My house had just started taking in water when the rains let up or I would have been flooded big time.

Yes I do believe Harvey was caused by weather manipulation. Now Harvey is being loaded up again to devastate LA and reports expect the storm to go all the way up into Kentucky. I am finding it hard to believe hurricanes travel 1000 miles and still draw moisture off the gulf. Get fricken real! I guarantee nexrad blasts will be seen on radar guiding this storm all the way and the storm will continue to be energized and fed by weather manipulators.

I am really wondering about your reporting as being just more misleading propaganda BS."

, , , 2017-08-29 16:17:58, , "svanburen sent 50 usd on august 12th, quaentchen at inbox dot lv, Transaction ID 2TX78681N0109032P

thnx for all you do."

My response: As far as I know, this is missing. I will have to confirm this was not masked by Fundrazr.

, , , 2017-08-29 16:13:01, , "Looters are shooting at Harvey rescuers? Sounds like the USS Liberty, when the Israeli Navy and AF shot up the lifeboats filled with the American wounded trying to escape that Jew made hell."

, , , 2017-08-29 16:10:53, , "I think there is a man-made aspect to Hurricane Harvey. Maybe it didn't start out that way, but HAARP took over once it got near Houston. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, watched the weather forecast maps and radar repeatedly. Each time the Low supporting Harvey started to move away, it was like a giant invisible hand pushed it back over Houston. Then it got sent back to the Gulf to recharge, and WHAM, it hit Houston again.

Damn strange behavior for a natural hurricane.

Add in that Houston is the #1 oil refinery spot for the USSA, which will make gasoline, oil and heating gas products jump and someone stands to make a fortune off this disaster."

, , , 2017-08-29 16:06:08, 12345"

, , , 2017-08-29 15:53:07, , "RE: Congress passed warrantless searches.

Whereas the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, an interstate compact agency of the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the State of Maryland, provides transportation services to millions of people each year, the safety of whom is paramount; Whereas an effective and safe Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority system is essential to the commerce and prosperity of the National Capital region; Whereas the Tri-State Oversight Committee, created by a memorandum of understanding amongst these 3 jurisdictions, has provided safety oversight of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Here's the trespass part:

In performing its duties, the Commission, through its Board or designated employees or agents, may: Enter upon the WMATA Rail System and, upon reasonable notice and a finding by the chief executive officer that a need exists, upon any lands, waters, and premises adjacent to the WMATA Rail System, including, without limitation, property owned or occupied by the federal government, for the purpose of making inspections, investigations, examinations, and testing as the Commission may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this MSC Compact, and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass.

Apparently a rail line is being built for commuters, and inspections need to be done ADJACENT to the Rail System, upon any lands, waters, and PREMISES, which could mean homes, but usually the word DWELLING is used to define homes. PREMISES could be all encompassing, but I doubt it, and it is only on land, water, and PREMISES, ADJACENT to the Rail System. NOT THE WHOLE COUNTRY!

Here's my responce, which sounds racist to Antifa, but I'm only kidding, and more importantly, the Trumpster didn't tell me to say it.

We all know who lives by the rail road tracks, so some homey/BLM, (read Black Lies Matter) with an EBT card gets a shakedown occasionally, by inspectors who want to see if his tar paper shack is falling apart because it gets rattled by the train when it passes. Sooner or later he's gonna get busted for selling crack anyway.

Thanks for all the work you do...


, , , 2017-08-29 15:44: "Hello Jim, this piece of garbage is going to be in my state. Ask her a question? I have lots about Bengazi, Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, her involvement with the death of Vince Foster and so on. That thing is there to sign copies of a book that she didn't even write. Costco should ashamed of themselves and be boycotted. Only in Amerika.

Hillary Clinton is coming to town

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Time: 9:19 AM

Do you want to ask Hillary Clinton a question? Well, here's your chance...

Hillary Clinton announced on her website that she's be making appearance at Costco on Federal Road in Brookfield, Connecticut on September 12 at noon to sign copies of her upcoming memoir on last year's election."

, , , 2017-08-29 15:06:23, "Huh? Harvey was weather warfare at its 'finest'... and directed at Texas... an enemy of the deep state.

Sometimes you have yer head up yer ass, Jim. Just get it together! Not at all hard to see this!"

, , , 2017-08-29 14:30:13, , ""Congress passed warrantless searches" - true, but not nationwide. DC, Maryland and Virginia, if memory serves me well."

, , , 2017-08-29 14:23:18, "The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism. The Masonic bankers (Soros etc.) are fanning racial tension to discredit the right. We have seen signs of this hoax in Charlottesville where the "Unite the Right" rally was organized by a leftist Jew, Jason Kessler. An eye witness said Antifa and KKK arrived on the same buses! Patriots need to find a way to resist the America's slide into Communist tyranny. I'll give you an example: People should join to start an agency to fund lawsuits against Internet companies that censor free speech. We need to fight for freedom, for sanity and for our children's children's future.



, , , 2017-08-29 14:06:54, , "You failed to tell people that Neptune is in the sign or Pisces. That is either too much water or not enough.

You failed because of your limited scope.

You have failed your followers. You have no plan to exterminate Jews either. All you say is just filler."

, , , 2017-08-29 13:14:35, , "Trump will not tell the truth about Jews and 911. He is therefor a traitor. If you support Chabad surrounded Trump you are a traitor. Stay in Mexico."

, , , 2017-08-29 12:45:21, , "hurricane was from the eclipse"

, , , 2017-08-29 12:18:12, "....a terrifying new environmental modification device (ENMOD), developed by Rostec..../

As to why Tony Podesta is attempting to criminally destroy all evidence linking him, to Russia, this report explains, is due to the company he owns with his brother John Podesta (known as the Podesta Group) having grand jury subpoenas issued against them, last week, by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigation them, for their ties to Russiaand that, also, caused Tony Podesta to register himself to the US government last week, as his being a foreign agent of Russiaand that under US law, he was required to do, last year.. This report concludes by noting that the Security Council will continue to investigate the issues surrounding Rostecs fearful ENMOD device, and its deployment near Cubabut as of yet, their coming to no decision, as to if it should be placed under the full control of the Ministry of Defenseand who have now labeled this ENMOD device, as a weapon of mass destruction. - - Want to know more? Click HERE. - - // Other reports in this series include:

Weather Weapon Breakthrough In Russia, Prompts Worries, About War Crime Charges August 14, 2017

August 28, 2017 EU and US all rights reserved. - August 28, 2017 - Catastrophic Hurricane Harvey Confirmed, As Russian Weather Weapon Retaliation Attack - ......................... They are stuck in Cuba, due to airline, aircraft problems, land 4 days later in Canada - ( because of Harvey ? ) **

Defense Minister Shoigus concerns/worries about this new ENMOD device, this report explains, involved Rostecs testing of it, on 29 May, over the Moscow region, that caused the most powerful and deadliest storm, to hit this city, in 150 years, resulting in the toppling of hundreds of trees, massive flooding, and the deaths of 16 citizensand that was quickly followed, by its experimental use, by two Aeroflot commercial flightsthe first being an Aeroflot flight to Berlin Schnefeld Airport (Berlin, Germany) on 29 June, and the second being an Aeroflot flight to Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris, France) on 9 July. Exactly like occurred in Moscow on 29 May, this report notes, when this powerful ENMOD device, was released on 29 June over Berlin, it caused the heaviest rain in a century, to pummel that cityand that, likewise, occurred in Paris, when it was released over that city, on 9 July, and caused the highest ever recorded amount of rain, to hit that city, in its entire recorded history. .....(...)

On Wed. 23 August, this report continues, Rostec deployed two ENMOD devices, from their modified Aeroflot aircraft upon/within this weakened tropical front off the western coast of Cuba, from their flights to Havana, originating from Brussels (Belgium) and Dublin (Ireland)and that nearly immediately upon these ENMOD devices, being deployed, and exactly like had occurred in Moscow, Berlin and Paris, in its previous tests, this minor tropical wave, exploded into a storm of fierce proportionsand that the blocking fronts couldnt contain, thus sending this now Hurricane Harvey, towards a collision course, with the State of Texas. ( it was to relieve that Caribbean island nation, from its catastrophic drought of the century.) ..... .....the historic, and catastrophic, Hurricane Harvey, currently wreaking havoc and chaos, throughout the Gulf Coast Region of the United States, was caused by the conscious and deliberate use of a terrifying new environmental modification device (ENMOD), developed by Rostecand whose use was approved by Chairwoman of the Council of Russ.Federation Valentina Matviyenko, in a believed to be retaliation, for the devastating firestorm, created last week, in Rostov-on-Don, caused by what are being called criminal American profit agents. ....... the initial report on the Rostov-on-Don fires, states that they began on 21 August, and lasted until the next day, destroying nearly 120 buildings an injuring scores, including 1 known deathand that in an investigation opened under Article 167 of the Penal Code ......alleges their being started by real estate agents, working for a shell company, partly owned by an American named Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, linked to Hillary Clinton. .....many in the Security Council, are questioning what retaliation the Russ.Federation could be facing, from the United States. //"

, , , 2017-08-29 12:03:00, , "I don't think Harvey was engineered I think it was only enhanced that should be given a factor especially with the recent news coming out of ROOSKA ..! No not the idiot sorcha fault but still there has been some ENmod that's happening and those criterias; particularly in regards to Cuba must be taken into consideration prior to an assessment given that it's the slingshot effect that Harvey had particularly with the vapors numbers. This could be a completely natural anomaly but the enhancing factor must be taken into consideration particularly when it got close to Austin. Obviously the ENMOD report can be seen on sorcha ..! But I think we just witnessed our 21st-century weather wars and It cannot be rulled out no matter how normal of an anamoly it is..!

Ps You should've been on the magrav technology a few years ago"

, , , 2017-08-29 11:24:01, , "NK missile went 340 miles up. That means they were in space and then they reentered the earth's atmosphere. Previously MSM reported that NK has no ability to reenter.

Or, is there something more to it?

MSM said, US and SK and japan could have shot the missile down but chose not to.

Also, they say the missile was not able to carrying a payload.

So, what is the truth?"

, , , 2017-08-29 11:00:26, "in Australia, we are getting news stories of S.Korea preparing to make attacks on the north, and have battle plans up ready, and are prepared to do it alone... i.e. no US input? so I ask myself, what are the US troops on the Ground in Korea do, in such a scenario? the S.Koreans are planning a major paratrooper airdrop on the north, as well as air attacks... Also had Shinzo Abe, on TV going off his head Re. yesterdays single missile that overflew Japan, by 1200 Nmiles & landed in sea. the day before, Japan test fired a Patriot missile...its heating up Jim. Best Regards, Bod."

, , , 2017-08-29 10:14:14, "Jim..

Since you have been letting everyone know about Orangewebsite, why

not a affiliate link to add a lil extra to the funds?


My response: If I add the affiliate link, they jack the price too much. That's not helping!

, , , 2017-08-29 09:58:01, , "Jim,

With regard to Harvey, check out for clues as to what might have been used.


Note on the next one, it is NOT SPAM, and it is interesting.

, , , 2017-08-29 09:53:06, , "Nationwide shortage of the beta blocker Atenolol. he companies give no reason for the shortage. Tablets&st=c&tab=tabs-1

Estimated Resupply Dates

Major has atenolol 25 mg tablets on back order and the company cannot estimate a release date.

Mylan has all atenolol in bottles on back order and the company cannot estimate a release date.

Sandoz has all atenolol tablets temporarily unavailable and the company cannot estimate a release date.

Teva has all presentations of atenolol 50 mg and 100 mg tablets on back order and the company cannot estimate a release date.

Zydus has all presentations of atenolol 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg tablets on allocation.

Almatica has Tenormin 100 mg tablets on back order and the company cannot estimate a release date. The 25 mg and 50 mg tablets are on allocation.

This is a good way to help eliminate the population that depends on this heart drug. They also want to drive up the price for more PROFIT!

Don (1PatriotStanding)" , , , 2017-08-29 09:43:13,, "Jim.. this is unclear. It appears its NOT for the entire Republic of the

States United.. but only 3, as is stated in the bill.. Also, you forgot to

also mention that Mr Trump SIGNED IT into law.

Personally, I agree with your previous comments.. "Locked and Loaded"

and take out as many as possible while able once they breach one's home!


Congress Passes Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches in VA, MD & DC & Trump Signs It Only 5 Reps Opposed

http://ussanews com /News1/2017/08/26/congress-passes-bill-allowing-warrantless-searches-in-va-md-dc-trump-signs-it-only-5-reps-opposed/

also.. Upon reading your post about what took place at berkeley, I was literally

shaking and in tears!! I've had enough Jim, they are out of control and all

400 of the soro's gestapo in black should be arrested and or beaten with

nailed bats!!

Deep breath..

Thanks for all you do.


, , , 2017-08-29 08:51:23, "everything trump said is golden; everything he does is rotten . is he the savior ?"

, , , 2017-08-29 08:02:55, "jim,

re: "I disagree" (harvey being geo-engineered).

you know a lot of things, which is great, but i think sometimes you should learn from those more experienced than yourself in certain areas.

please visit and see the magnitude of weather manipulation they are both capable of and willing to carry out. there's also a good video there about how harvey was geo-engineered too."

, , , 2017-08-29 07:20:39, , "Hi Jim,

just wondering if you think Stephen Hawkings (Meat Puppet) is just a wax figurine. There's no way he could have lasted 30 yrs with MND. His handlers just type some pre recorded message that they want to promote so it looks like he is exposing a certain view on the universe, global warming blah, blah. I think he died years ago and the elite roll out a wax figurine like Madam Toussads creations.

What to you think

Rudi from Australia Sydney Fagtown"

, , , 2017-08-29 07:16:21, "Dear Jim, thanks for putting the Message Window back. This month looks to be critical as Alex Jones & Roger Stone on the Aug 24th & 25th Infowars shows said Trump should be indicting Democrats for past crimes NOW & Jones says arrest anyone that threatens Trump immediately. They believe Trump needs to act before it's too late. Evildoers said they'd get rid of Trump within 2 months a month ago.

Jones also compared what's happening to the 1917 Bolshevik Communist Russian Revolution & thinks they may be copying the timetable where the initial Overthrow Victory was on October 25 or November 7 depending on which calendar you use. Mass protests are planned for November 4 I believe

So, I need to send you my plea to the Elites for you to post before all this happens. As the prospect of Civil War or worse becomes very real & it seems there's no way out, this is where Miracle Cures from the Biblecode changing the hearts & minds of Evildoers suddenly seems very viable.

Please keep the Window open. Hopefully I'll get it to you soon.

Sincerely Jimmy biblecodecure@biblecodecure"

, , , 2017-08-29 07:12:48, "You say that this storm was totally natural. Then why didn't the powers that be not shear off the top of that hurricane?

Lots of Love"

, , , 2017-08-29 05:35:51, "Aussie medical breakthrough ( cough cough) 3d facial imaging helps determine susceptibility to Autism... Masculine features share shown to show higher prevalence. Testosterone suspected to be a determining factor. Like WTF

Not good outlook for manly men? ;)

Rgds bod."

, , , 2017-08-29 05:17:11, "Hey Jim,

stef here,

I'm using a phone to read your site. The AI that anticipates what word you want begins offering possibles with the first letter.

When I hit "p", phone, physical-"pr", probably, problem - "pre", premeditated, pretty- "pres", President shows up; when I choose, President the suggestion immediately offers Obama. Last night it didn't offer Trump until "p."

And right now as I attempt to report to you about the petty refusal to offer (OMG!) Trump as the next word, it has miraculously moved Trump to the front of the line.!!!

Yikes- it's freaky to watch it happen in real time.

I gotta go. Rat bastard Nazis!!

stay safe!!


, , , 2017-08-29 05:17:11, , "Hey Jim,

stef here,

I'm using a phone to read your site. The AI that anticipates what word you want begins offering possibles with the first letter.

When I hit "p", phone, physical-"pr", probably, problem - "pre", premeditated, pretty- "pres", President shows up; when I choose, President the suggestion immediately offers Obama. Last night it didn't offer Trump until "p."

And right now as I attempt to report to you about the petty refusal to offer (OMG!) Trump as the next word, it has miraculously moved Trump to the front of the line.!!!

Yikes- it's freaky to watch it happen in real time.

I gotta go. Rat bastard Nazis!!

stay safe!!


, , , 2017-08-29 05:10:16, "jim - chemtrailsplanetdotnet 'begs' to differ w/ u ...uh - i dunno ___ buttt USAF has Many Patents re weather manipulation / claims owning weather 2025 ... Long List / may be 'scrubbed ' by now ... 0u__"

, , , 2017-08-29 04:44:42, "Wow, your window here is back up? Hope you are more challenged by puzzle solving than irritated with all the jerks causing your site grief!

1. Old cars wanted off the roads? Yup! Somebody just rear ended my 1999 Ford Escort 4 door and AAA is telling me I have no choice but I MUST TOTAL IT even though it only needs new bumpers! Just one person CAN make a difference, though. An adjuster came out to evaluate the car in person, found it to be in perfect condition so worth more than the main adjuster told me, and he has approved the paper work to have it fixed at my auto body shop of choice which is not an AAA approved facility but is the best around. He agreed they want old cars off the roads. And the main adjuster had the gall to tell me "Good news, I have approved the waiver of your deductible!" Taking credit where it's not due. I wrote her that was NOT a special favor, it was not my fault and I should by law not have to pay it. I am disgusted with AAA policies now, they are totally NWO.

2. Eminent Domain for the Public Good? No! Frank Gehry's understudy of many years how has his own giant firm in LA and is running an LA Gentrification project where they are destroying all the charming old little bungalow homes along the river, displacing all the poor Latinos, Blacks and Whites, building very tall 4 story condo cities! The only good element is that they are bringing back the river to what it was before the flood control project, but we have done a lot of that here in SB without displacing anybody.

3. Loss of Critical Thinking? A friend's husband made an interesting observation. He is an electrical engineer both software and other. He said the jobs available now and in the future are very different and absolutely REQUIRE critical thinking and common core is destroying it, so the kids of today will not be employable? By design??? Probably!!!

Good luck with your site projects. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy Claudia and your family!


, , , 2017-08-29 04:26:42, "The vote fraud links were broke yesterday but appear to work today. The lawsuit against the SLPC was announced this morning for defamation, the list having been used to block fundraising at Amazon Smiles. My Jewish friend clicks on them, and lo and behold now they work. The speed at which the ground shifts, in this AI war is really amazing."

That's what 21 hours of normal messages looks like, EVERY TIME

Normally I would not post all of those, but there was no abject trollage, so to make a point to the censors, I posted ALL OF IT. What you do here is OBVIOUS, and to pull your pants down all I have to do is re-route to a new IP. Chances are, you'll miss it for long enough to prove a point.

Jim Stone Conspiracy Hard Drive Files

All of alt media is being de-funded whatever way the communist left, which wormed it's way into many tech positions, can accomplish it. They still have their fake word and image to uphold though, and that can be used (for the time being) to keep things going.

Paypal has for the most part shut down E-mail donations. They cite no reason for doing so other than "recent policy changes". YEP. But there is a way, with their policy to make it all work, And it is a way I think my readers will surely enjoy

Introducing the Conspiracy Hard Drive files.

The conspiracy hard drive files consist of many conspiracy files only I have, plus the best of the web, that were stored on back up hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. I have GOBS AND GOBS of these files, far more than any web host would ever allow to be put on a web site. And it is time to make use of them!

Now available: Conspiracy files volume 1 CD

Volume 1 is centered around a GREAT folder I came across that was saved from the documentation camera I had a few years ago.

Feature 1: The Hearst tower in Charlotte North Carolina

I came across this skyscraper in January of 2012. It was very suspicious, and appears to be a massive monument to freemasonry and molech worship. Conspiracy files volume 1 features close up photos of this tower that are far more revealing than anything on the web.

These were taken with my documentation camera (all of conspiracy volume 1 was) because that is what I had with me the first time I saw this building, (I returned later with a professional SLR) and got better photos but did not come across those photos in this file dredge. Not to worry, the documentation camera I always carry was good enough to clearly show what is going on. The freemasonry symbols are all over this building, even on the surrounding man hole covers, the doors, the walls, and the entire building looks like it was loosely made in the form of a giant owl. Additionally, it has really creepy "devil horn" ornaments on the prominent corners. It looks like pure evil, and I'd bet beyond all doubt that this particular building is home base for a large amount of the world's evil.







Feature 2: Mysterious steam vents in Washington DC, which prove there is a massive underground city beneath Washington DC.


These were also taken with the documentation camera at night. They are not as clear as they could be if I had more than my documentation camera when I figured out what I had come across but they are still clear enough. There are only a few because most were too blurry. These photos clearly document that there has to be something massive under Washington DC that needs to get rid of excess heat, and expels it through vents. I realized that these vents, (which I first saw in Washington DC more than 35 years ago) had to be heat relief for something massive underground when I again saw them in 2012. There are only a few photos of this, but they are enough to show that these vents are spread out across a very large area, and reveal that there has to be a giant secret under DC that spans many square miles.





Feature 3: The Alamo

I recently did a report that proved the Bush family wants to rip the original Alamo out, leaving only the church standing, and that they want to tear down all the walls and put up glass walls in their place. This is for historical revision, the "new vision of the Alamo" will be a politically correct historically biased ornament, rather than real history. They also want to destroy historic buildings that are across the street from the Alamo.

LOW AND BEHOLD, in this same folder from the documentation camera that had the Hearst tower and the DC vents, I had very nice photos of the Alamo, at the time of a re-enactment of the battle of the Alamo.

Despite not making it a point to get great photos of the portion of the alamo that will be destroyed, (because I never thought that would ever be done) it happened as a matter of course, and I got very revealing photos of not only the walls of the Alamo, but also the historic buildings across the street that will be gutted and re-made into a Bush family created playground, as they see fit.

Due to the threats against the Alamo currently underway, I see these photos as an important reference that proves beyond all doubt that the Alamo is in PERFECT CONDITION and there is no conceivable reason whatsoever to tear it down, other than to wipe out history.

Feature 4: Some conspiracy videos saved from Youtube. Some of them clearly show far better building fires than anyone made a note of in relation to 911. These videos clearly prove there is no way the fires brought the towers down. There's also a few David Duke videos on race mixing that Youtube may or may not still have, but they'll be expunged so it is best to have them. There are a couple other conspiracy videos also that have probably been wiped off Youtube by now.

Conspiracy files volume 1 features 3 different topics covered by detailed photos that have never been made public. It can be had for any donation amount over $50 (via a sale on Ebay) and will be mailed out via Mex Post. Mex Post is notorious, and they themselves said nothing arrives sooner than 3 weeks.

Whatever, this is how Paypal blocking donations has to be circumvented. If I put these conspiracy files on Ebay and sell them, it is a legitimate sale that "by paypal's current policy" they won't block.

Conspiracy files volume 1 will be mailed out twice a week. If yours does not make it, let me know and I'll re-send, burnable CD's are cheap, and Mex Post is cheap. I will post the auctions as "buy it now" on Ebay this evening, and will link them tonight. The CD will be a burned CD in an envelope with hand written in sharpie "conspiracy files volume 1" It has right around 550 megabytes of files.

I have GOBS AND GOBS of similar conspiracy files, I can keep doing this with fresh stuff on new CD's for a LONG TIME.


Yesterday I posted the twitter account for looters bragging about looting white people in Houston. I was a little bit skeptical they would be that brazen about it, but today we have confirmation that it is the case.

Yesterday afternoon looters opened fire on the cajun Navy, which consists of hundreds of people from neighboring states who drove to Houston with their boats, to go through the flooded areas and rescue people from the floodwaters.

Facebook has not been kind, and has removed all references to these shootings from the Cajun Navy's web sites, citing that they are "racially insensitive." However, even CNN picked up the story (because they can't bear the hatred they have spawned and "made up for it" by telling the truth for once.)

The Cajun Navy is now on standby with holes in a few boats and no one injured. Their method is going to be to arm themselves and go out with guns to defend themselves.

Clyde Cain, a member of the Cajun Navy told CNN the conflict came as the group sought shelter.

"I can't even begin to think of a punishment that would satisfy justice for looters that are trying to shoot people in rescue boats. Absolute insanity to try and kill the people doing their best to save lives. People are dying in Houston due to flooding, and we have idiots running around trying to kill people.

These people will hopefully be stopped, captured and brought to justice. I can't imagine how much hatred must be in a man's heart to bring themselves to fire on the people trying to save lives.

Hopefully they quickly learn that bullets are fully capable of flying in both directions. "

My comment: Cnn spawned that hatred. It is 100 percent the result of lies and propaganda spewed by CNN and others of their ilk. And then CNN has the audacity to interview you as a "friend"??!!???

Cnn needs to be routed and burned to the ground. They are a subversive enemy agent, and the results of their spew just showed clearly when it spawned attacks on rescue workers just because they were white.

A few quick things

Congress passed warrantless searches

Under the new law, your door can be kicked in without warning at any time whatsoever and you can get stormed by police. That's just perfect for gun confiscation.

Two dams above Houston may break

One of the dams that is holding back 180, 000 acre feet of water is experiencing a 500 year flood scenario. The other will probably hold, but if Harvey does anything more of significance to the Houston area all bets could be off.

A weird mist in England

A very strange mist blew in off the ocean in England and sickened a bunch of people. No cause for it was in sight. And it is being called a "meteorological event" - a normal weather occurrence. My guess is that a large chemical tanker vented it's tanks while out at sea, and somehow the fumes stayed concentrated until they reached land. No one is talking.

Some people are claiming Harvey was engineered

I disagree. I think Harvey was just a natural hurricane. And anyone who has read this web site for any length of time knows what I said about the other hurricanes. This time, the hurricane was 100 percent real, and not engineered. I don't see anything in the behavior of this hurricane that indicates in any way it is not simply a normal strong hurricane.

North Korea launched another missile

This time over Japan. This news is getting old. Yawn. Oh, it has been proven the Pentagon lied about the previous three tests being failures. Yawn. I don't care anymore. Little kim is in a sandbox. If he leaves the sand box, big daddy will take care of things. North Korea is a problem you have to go to, and always will be. If you don't cross the ring of dirt the dog made at the end of his chain (after running in a circle for years) you won't get bit. That's North Korea.

Antifa violence at Berkeley was permitted AND SET UP by police!

Here's what happened at Berkely last weekend:

The following is a summary of several reports and social media posts.

There was an anti marxist/ anti communist demonstration by conservatives. When approximately 2, 000 legitimate anti communist / conservative demonstrators arrived, (a number the media won't admit to but you can extract if you read between the lines or get eyewitness accounts) 400 police disarmed every single one, confiscating skateboards and even items like umbrellas that might conceivably be used as weapons before allowing them to enter a fenced off area that police had tightly controlled via a single entrance choke point. Things were fine for several hours, and then, at 1 PM 100 antifa protestors showed up.

CITING SAFETY CONCERNS, THE 400 POLICE DID NOTHING AT ALL TO DISARM THE 100 ANTIFA PROTESTORS, AND INSTEAD LET THEM GO INTO THE FULLY FENCED OFF ANTI COMMUNIST DEMONSTRATION THAT ONLY HAD ONE ENTRANCE AND THE POLICE THEMSELVES COMPLETELY DISARMED, and the police then just stood by and watched Antifa beat the crap out of the completely peaceful protesters who were cornered in a fenced off area, with golf clubs, pipes, and nailed baseball bats.

So once again, just like Charlottesville, the police played a pivotal role in making it happen. And these are the same police Trump decided to allow to have access to military weaponry again!

Contrary to reports being stated in the scamming MSM, the conservative anti communist demonstrators numbered over 2, 000 and did nothing at all wrong. Then approximately 100 Antifa arrived, and started bashing the peaceful demonstrators. The scamming MSM then says the police "lost control of the hundreds of people and all hell broke loose" but as usual that is a lie, in reality the police lost control of nothing and simply let a comparatively small group of invaders have their way, completely unopposed all the while they could have been easily stopped at a well controlled choke point. In the end, for show, the police arrested 13 people, but there is absolutely no word about whether or not they arrested violent antifa, or if the police arrested people who found a way to defend themselves. I'd bet Antifa was untouched.

At least SFgate has an accurate headline, but the devil is in the details here, in reality the conservatives outnumbered the violent antifa by about 20:1 and could not defend themselves. They simply had nothing at all to hit back with. Obviously the police set this all up, and played an active part in making Antifa's attack go off without a hitch. And that is precisely how things go when communists subvert a nation.

Don't be fooled by the MSM now "turning on Antifa", that's a hoax, the two are one and the same. But now that antifa has become unpopular, the media has to distance itself.

Math is racist?

Math is "Unjust and grounded in discrimination" educators moan

The following was found HERE (I have edited this down considerably)

Two national organizations of math teachers are on a mission to prove that math education is "unjust and grounded in a legacy of institutional discrimination."

In a joint statement, the groups complain that making students "master the basics" leads to "segregation and separation, " and call on math instructors to adopt a "social justice stance" in the classroom.

While the organizations hope that math can be used as a tool for social justice in the future, they also believe that math has historically perpetuated "segregation and separation, " asserting in their joint statement that "mathematics achievement, often measured by standardized tests, has been used as a gatekeeping tool to sort and rank students by race, class, and gender starting in elementary school." "In practice, children placed in "low" groups experience mathematics as an isolating act consisting of fact-driven low cognitive demand tasks and an absence of mathematics discourse opportunities, " the statement contends, attributing the condition to "a pervasive misguided belief that students must "master the basics" prior to engaging with complex problems [sic] solving." The groups also bemoan the "white and middle class" workforce of math teachers, fretting that it may not appropriately "reflect" the demographics of the communities in which they teach, such as immigrant or racial minority communities. Social justice could be the key to solving these issues, they say, calling on math teachers to assume a "social justice stance" that "challenges the roles power, privilege, and oppression play in the current unjust system of mathematics." My comment: Do I really need to comment on this, and say the obvious? I think I'm gonna puke.

Clearly, clearly, the agenda is to destroy civilization altogether.

Trump will lift restrictions on military gear for police

This story has been making the rounds lately, and all I can say is that this will make it possible for the police to crush the American people with no help from the military at all. You won't even need martial law for it to happen if the police become the army. Just like Kim Jong.

Some people speculated that when Bannon left the white house, that Trump had been compromised so badly that Bannon gave up, and people also said that Bannon saying it would not be the same presidency meant Trump was turning to darkness, rather than taking off the gloves. I still am not sure what is going on with Trump, but if he's heavily arming the police I can't think of an omen that would be worse.

Shocking: Harvey Loot Crew hashtag on Twitter

There is a group called #harveylootcrew on Twitter, posting pictures of stuff they are looting from "white crackers" on Twitter. It is surreal, you really should check it out. There is one post with a bunch of looted dildos I doubt is real, but the rest looks legit.

The flooding from harvey is not any worse than anyone expected, but when the apocalypse was expected, that's not saying things are going well!

I am stunned that people can sink to such lows as what is shown on #harveylootcrew, they are bragging about what they are doing but only come off looking like absolute trash that justifies every stereotype ever uttered.


August 28 2017

Here's what happened: When I am in combat mode, anything I put up on the web site can be read by a middle man on the way into the window below. So I tried to post the following in combat mode, only to get a kick back saying the links to the quoted web site were not permitted. A middle man said no. I DELETED THE LINKS, ONLY TO DISCOVER THE TEXT WAS BANNED ALSO, A MESSAGE CAME BACK SAYING THE TEXT ITSELF WAS ALSO NOT PERMITTED. WTF, OVER!!!!!!! So I then opened an encrypted connection, and it went up fine.

I then decided to put this on the top of the page here, because it has got to be important.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: In addition to being denied permission to post this on my own server by a man-in-the-middle freak (probably a weaponized AI,) the Google analytics script hung (and continues to hang) this entire Christian web site, and the only way I was able to read either of the two quoted reports was by getting them from the page source after they permanently hung on a white screen even after being completely loaded!


Important: large Christian groups are suing the SPLC for good reason, and the war on the web is real. What happened when I tried to quote and link to a Christian source proves the war is real!

The banned Christian reports (which blow the whistle on vote fraud) follow, and the fact they are banned is DAMNING:

Vote fraud:

The minute Colorado agreed to hand over it's voter registration logs, hundreds of people in every district canceled their voter registrations. Obviously because they did not want to get caught scamming multiple votes through.

Unfortunately this did not make it to the MSM, unfortunately and very unsurprisingly.

This is where I put the first link, and it jammed and kicked back a message that it was not allowed! Here it is

The second part which quotes a different report from the same web site that was also banned follows:


I did not know that. Google is also blocking this very important report from the same Christian group from loading via it's analytics script. It appears to load a blank page, and you have to rip it out of the source.

Here's the most relevant text:

"There has been speculation on the topic of voter fraud swirling over the last presidential election. Recent news of voter fraud in an overwhelming dominant Hillary-won state has many officials and voters alike scratching their heads.

As it would turn out, the ACLU is suing the state of California because of the fact that they trashed upwards of 45,000 ballots on the day of the election. "Why?" you might ask Well, according to the official ACLU website, officials were throwing away vote-by-mail ballots if they weren't sure if the handwriting didn't match the signature on file for the voter. In other words, they are very easy to manipulate.

The kicker here is that there is nothing in the law that specifically states that voters need to sign their ballot envelopes a special way. At the same time, officials in charge of the voting process are not obligated to tell voters that their votes are being thrown away.

This is a big problem because in this case, voters never even knew that their ballots were tossed and had no chance to fix their mistake. Many people cast their vote, and they were never accounted for, one way or the other.

A stunning 60 percent of California's votes in 2016 during the general election cycle were sent in by mail. Furthermore, over half of the state's voters set their status to vote-by-mail for life. This means that across the board, there is room for voter fraud if over half of all ballots can be simply tossed in the trash. The elections can be manipulated to go either way."

MY COMMENT: If 60 percent are set to vote by mail in, it means that 50 percent (or so) of the vote is entirely fake. That matches the number "permanently set to vote by mail in" perfectly. I had no idea California was frauded that badly, and in reality then, California's population probably always votes against the leftists but you'd never know it. All the leftists will do is sub out the legitimate votes with their frauded mail in votes. I am convinced at this point that any blue state is a rigged state. There are probably no blue states.

This is an important report, and Google is not allowing it to be read (at least from here) because the site admins were not wise enough about Google scripts and how they can be used to sabotage. If you want to try,Here is the link to the second report, that I managed to get to post with an encrypted connection.

We will know by the end of Monday how bad the rains from Harvey will be.

Stormfront got shut down

It was not a site I frequented or ever found anything useful on. But it must be noted: I never saw race hatred at Stomrfront, and they let the trolls run amok, posting counter posts to everything. I can't see how in a million years taking Stormfront down was justified, other than as symbolism and proof it can be done. Granted, I never went off the current news page, but you'd expect to see bad behavior in all sections if the site really was bad. 4chan was a LOT LOT "worse."

The left, which has gained control of most web providers, is proving what true facism is all about

If they took Stormfront down, everyone is targeted now. The left will just keep inching forward until all opposition is removed from the web. It will probably take less than a year for them to kill almost everyone off. They have accomplished true facism, where corporations play the role of government. And that is just perfect for the left, which lives via hypocrisy and always accusing their opposition of being that which they in fact are - I gotta say, if they are getting the job done via web providers and not court orders, that is FACISM ALL THE WAY - that is precisely what facism is. The future is now clear. The writing is on the wall

Probable final Harvey update

As of 9 AM CST August 26

Harvey went straight inland and is already weakened enough to not be a hurricane. It hit land as a category 4, and everybody (all weather channels) recorded it as a category 4. However, because the government is supreme in anything official, the max the government recoreded was 132 mph winds, which is not category 4. So we'll have to see how that plays out in the end. One career storm chaser who managed to stream almost to the end of the incoming eye wall had an anemometer reading of 170 mph. Storm chasers have good gear (as good as the government) so the reading is likely to be a good one. He said goodby to his wife "for the last time" 20 minutes before the feed actually got cut and the storm only intensified from there. He might have gotten a higher anemometer reading but was not able to stream it.

Now it will be a matter of seeing how trashed things actually are. A lot can survive 170 mph. This was not an earth scouring hurricane. It was a very strong one, but not the apocalypse.

From this time forward, there will be lots of downed signs and trees and that's about it, the hurricane has weakened far enough to not be extremely dangerous. And the rains are probably going to be what would normally be expected from a large hurricane, because all the tracking maps were wrong. They all had Harvey going out to sea for a second hit, and all Harvey did was plow straight inland and die. The current storm tracks have Harvey dying down to 40 mph winds even if it does head back out to sea, it won't be a hurricane again. If Harvey stalls there could be more to come in the form of flooding, but I am starting to doubt it will stall because all the storm tracks were wrong.

___________________________________ ___________________________________

The storm chaser is in Rockport, right in the worst spot. He has an anemometer that just measured the winds at 170 MPH. If that was sustained it would equal a category 5.

Harvey's winds are now over 150 on land. A famous storm chaser who is right in the worst spot just told his wife goodbye on Periscope because he does not expect to live as everything is coming apart around him. Everyone is wondering how the cell tower is even still working.

Harvey is now stronger than Katrina, and will get worse.

Harvey's winds are now 130 mph on land.


With winds on land already over 117 mph, if you did not bug out it is probably too late. You had better have a basement.

There really is nothing that can withstand winds that strong, unless it is solid concrete and then built to take it.

Hurricane Harvey is currently at 946 millibars and dropping. GET OUT!

I am going to once again repeat my hurricane warning

Hurricane Harvey is going to be BAD. I have not said this about other recent hurricanes, see the main report on this farther down this window.

If you EVER wanted proof of who is fighting to destroy America, it could not get one bit more clear than this Fox news report

Usually the Jews are a LOT MORE CAREFUL than this about concealing their activities. Not this time. GET THIS: The Jews are requesting donations of $100 for every conservative Christian that shows up to a prayer rally in San Francisco a prayer rally who's organizers have clearly stated they are not white supremacist, nazi, or affiliated with anything at all yet the Jews are sicking the ADL and SPLC on them, just for having a public gathering to express the importance of prayer!

To those who will use this post to de-fund this web site: The Fox news report clearly states it is the Jews doing this. If it is the Jews, it is irresponsible to say it is the local dog catcher's union, horticultural society, or simply not saying anything at all. It is not anti-anything to state the facts, and if the facts look bad for a particular group, SUCK IT UP.

So now, to be a "Nazi" all you have to do is have a formal prayer gathering somehwere! Read the Fox news report, and how the Jews are responding to the prayer rally! They are screaming Nazi! The writing is on the wall folks, and it is OBVIOUS who the scribe is! And they are trying to raise $100 per person who shows up, to fight them with, all the while the people not showing up to pray are posting pictures of nailed baseball bats!

And if anyone who is a Christian does so much as throw a popsicle stick in response to seeing 50 people de-brained, the Christian will be the terrorist.

Hey folks. Gofundme thinks it is just great to support people like this, all the while they deny funding to anyone who speaks up against it! Gofundme had this site pre-banned, before I ever even tried to set anything up there! I tried to set it up, and it refused! Why??? Good question!

And look at what else is going on related to this:

Mainstream leftist wants to kill people who show up to this prayer rally:

He has this nifty baseball bat all ready to go:





About the Kindergarten Transgender incident in California

Here's what went on, in case you did not read this somewhere - this is a synopsis of several reports.

A school teacher read a new weaponized book about transgenderism to a bunch of 5 year olds. Some of the kids panicked, worried they might become boys (or girls) and were very surprised that could happen, so obviously the book was very nefarious. After reading the book, a planted boy in the class that everyone knew was a boy, entered the classroom dressed as a girl, complete with makeup and the whole 9 yards. The teacher then held a ceremony, celebrating the conversion of boy into girl. The children freaked out, scared to death it would happen to them.

The kids then went home and told their parents what happened in school. The parents were pissed, and complained to the school, which simply turned around and basically told the parents to stick it up their @__es. This happened at a Rocklin Academy, a "charter school" in California.

The ruse given is that the 5 year old student who transformed from a boy to a girl in front of everyone gave the teacher the book, which the teacher promptly read to everyone. ANYONE WITH A LICK OF SENSE WOULD KNOW THAT IS B.S., this was a staff driven action supported by an underlying agenda, to test the waters, to see what would happen. And they expect us to be stupid and believe it was all innocent!

And they are using this line to justify it all!

"When we head in the direction of banned books or book lists, or selective literature - that should only be read inside or outside the classroom, I think that's a very dangerous direction to go"

My comment: Ok, then I'll write up a list of suggestions for reading in your classroom, and if you don't read them you are are heading in a "dangerous direction".

How about a few debunks of the holocaust? How about the Anarchist cook book? How about some real chemistry that seems to be banned now? How about a pamphlet that goes into great detail about how to cook meth in the kitchen? All of those would be better than reading a book to young children about how to become a girl or boy! When it comes to the classroom, you need to select what the kids are exposed to. You don't just haul off and read books about screwing dogs, buttholes, and changing sex to a bunch of 5 year olds! That school district should be shut down, and the staff should be jailed for this.