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July 25 2018

What if Trump was the "curse" of the blood moon tetrad?

Remember the blood moon tetrad I talked about a few years ago?

It happened over 2014-2015. It was supposed to be doom for Israel. What happened right after the blood moon tetrad? Trump got past the election rigging that has traditionally been done by Jews and took the presidency.

Make no mistake. The Jews despise Trump. The virtually totally Jewish owned media obviously hates him, the TOTALLY Jewish owned tech industry, with Google, Twitter, Faceplant all hate Trump, there's no question he's their bane despite him rattling the cage at Iran and giving Israel a bunch of army toys. They HATE HIM. And what has happened since he took the presidency?

They have had everything exposed. He walked right in like an untouchable god and totally derailed concerted and organized attempts to destroy him. What if Trump was the "curse" of the blood moon tetrad? It sure fits.

It is the Jews that want Europe and the United States dissolved under a wave of un-checked third world migrants. And the world has woken up to it. Now they are facing severe opposition, AFTER the blood moon tetrad.

The Federal Reserve may bite the dust, during this presidency which happened right at the end of the tetrad. And what about the supreme court? What about the TPP? How about the efforts to ruin America via foreign government subsidized trade wars? And now, their holy grail of abortion is even about to be spilled. What if Trump decided to screw Iran and suck up to Israel as part of his game of (insert number) dimensional chess?

They say Trump's not popular. They say he "popped" to 45 percent approval lately, and that it is his highest approval ever. How short do they think everyone's memory is? After Trump canceled the nuclear treaty with Iran and gave Israel a few toys, they said he was over 50 percent, (52 percent if I remember right) and now his all time high is "45 percent"? Yeah. Fake numbers. Always fake fake numbers. You can't get anything real, it is always fake, and THE BIGGEST DOOM OF THE TETRAD HAS HAPPENED: FAKE DOES NOT CUT IT ANYMORE.

What was it that I heard once upon a time - that motto of the Mossad - "By way of deception thou shalt do war"? We have seen it. We have seen it as the media lies about Trump, as Twitter lies about Trump (by blocking positive comments) and as Faceplant lies about Trump via rigging of feeds and Google lies about Trump by blocking everything positive and only allowing a negative view - doing so is not honest, it is WAR BY WAY OF DECEPTION. If that is the motto of the most prized agency the Jews can muster, and that motto is failing it's end objective - to get rid of Trump - despite all efforts to make it come alive, what does that mean? What does it mean, while Trump remains the bull in the china closet despite their full application of that motto?

It means they are probably screwed. Out of NOWHERE Trump came, and wrecked their "pedovore" orgy. He came right out of the moon and landed like an alien with an invincible weapon, one their lie factory can't shut down. One their tech factory can't shut down.

Let's all watch while the curse comes to fruition. No matter how much they blather in their fake media, they can't combat Trump effectively because the lies simply are not working. They failed across the board, 100 percent. Maybe they will get full censorship going to allow them to ram their deception through the heart of Western civilization, as they have planned, to get it all under control, to zombie march everything to it's death. But at that point there has to be a big question asked: If they succeed in total censorship did they accomplish it too late?

July 24 2018

A big piece of the wailing wall fell off

It smashed a hole in a platform below. Obvious liberals who are "safety first while we perform this abortion and to hell with your faith" are saying the area should be closed for "safety reasons", but I disagree. One look at the wall shows the reason for the falling piece, the wall, which is over 2000 years old is in GREAT SHAPE, with no legit risk to anyone standing below it that should not be expected of anything that old.

Here's what actually happened: A nicely cut square block that weighed many tons shed a piece of it's surface, which fell onto a platform and punched a hole in it. Granted, it is a big piece but the majority of the block is still in the wall, and there's positively no danger of anything of significance happening. If they are not going to go over the wall carefully and at least epoxy the cracks due to historical reasons, they should just conduct business as usual. Another piece will fall in 50 years and it will be no big deal for anything that is as well built as that wall.

The following shows what happened quite clearly: Yes, a stone that would destroy a Volkswagen fell off and punched a hole in a walkway. However, the next photo puts it all into context. Why on earth would anyone worry about more falling off an ancient wall that is in such great condition?

The only caveat with this is that the piece fell on a spot only the rich people go to.

As you can see, the wall is in overall great shape, considering it's age. My obvious (conservative) answer: Conduct business as usual. People don't stay inside just because a bird might poop on them. Granted, a boulder is a lot more than that, but I'd have more relevant things to worry about. I'd pitch a tent by that wall and sleep easy not worrying about boulders until a more likely problem happened, like security telling me to leave.

Now confirmed, Trump invited Putin to the White House (it finally hit the U.S. MSM)

Mexican media reported three days ago that Trump invited Putin to the white house. I was a little bit cautious because there was not a peep about this in the American MSM. QUESTION: Why such a large delay on this in the U.S. MSM? I don't know, but consider the following:

Trump to Mexican media: Obrador is an absolutely exceptional president elect

Last night Diez en Punto again reported very positively on Trump and went to great lengths stating how President Trump has complimented Lopez Obrador, and how Trump called Obrador an exceptional president, great man, the whole 9 yards. And it was sincere, Trump's representatives figured out what I knew and said all along: Obrador as president of Mexico is going to greatly improve U.S. - Mexican relations, at the same time he gives a huge boost to Mexico. There was ridicule of Obrador among many alt media bloggers as well as the MSM.

But if Trump thinks Obrador is great, what does that mean? I'LL TELL YOU: SOMEONE TRIED TO FRAME UP OBRADOR. They want to wipe him out the way they tried to wipe out Trump, because he really is Mexico's Trump. Here's what happened:

Remember those big earthquakes Mexico had a year ago? Obrador's Morena party got in touch with thousands and thousands, (and I mean many thousands, probably about 20,000 families who had homes that were damaged and destroyed by the earthquakes.) Virtually all that were affected. He set aside political party funds, and also took up donations like Hillary's Clinton foundation did for Haiti, promising Mexican families he was going to help. only, Obrador is not Hillary so this story is distinctly different from what Hillary did with Haiti.

He published every dime he got for this, and the global elite tried to frame him for stealing it all the way Hillary did.

The hopes was that post-election they could get rid of him for corruption, by throwing him in jail for stealing. They then encountered a huge problem:

After selecting a thousand or so random people the funds supposedly went to, they sent out an army of people to every one of those homes, to ask if they got the money with the hopes of digging up a reason to frame Obrador and oust him. 100 percent of the households questioned got 100 percent of the money, as stated by the Morena party, and as a double slap, all of them loved Morena for being the only one that really helped. They then did a top down analysis of the entire aid project, and could not find a single error or discrepancy. Every peso went exactly where it was supposed to, with pinpoint attention to detail at a level that would be extremely difficult to accomplish in any public assistance effort.

So they were baffled, and Lopez Obrador smelled like a bed of roses. HA HA HA, libs are so damn corrupt they never thought Obrador (who is in fact not really liberal, he's just a decent guy) could possibly pass a sniff test because they know they, themselves never could. Liberalism is in fact just a scheme where corrupt people think of ways to take money from people, steal most, and deliver a few droppings to whatever cause they flaunt. Conservatives are a lot less likely to do that, and Obrador, who by all rights and not definitions is in fact conservative, made them eat lint just by being decent.

So when Diez en punto, (which is closet hillary liberal) reported this, they sounded audibly pissed and in disbelief by how it failed. After all, if Obrador could be ditched legitimately, mission accomplished. I got the impression they were required to report this truth by law, and it was fingernails on a chalk board all the way through it. HA HA!

The bottom line is that Mexico is going to do well with Obrador. Hopefully the New World Order won't try to destroy Mexico over it. But anyone with any sense knows how that typically goes . . . .

French Police messed up Tour De France with tear gas

If it really was tear gas, I thought that was banned by the international community. Anyway, they screwed up the race with some sort of spray while trying to deal with protesting farmers, and even messed up the guy that was winning. See this.

The dam that collapsed in Laos was obviously modeled after Oroville

GET A LOAD OF THIS!!! If Fox News posted the correct picture of this dam, they are damn near identical!

The dam in Laos held back approximately the same amount of water as Oroville (5 billion cubic meters, which equals 4.1 million acre feet,) compared to Oroville's 3.5 million, the dams really were similar. The dam in Laos collapsed for the exact same reason Oroville almost collapsed. The different outcomes for the dams were probably because of the way America handled the situation. However, it still begs the question: Are enormous earthen dams really a good idea? How much less safe are they than solid concrete dams?

Now official: Russia grants sanctuary to South African farmers

After receiving a few (numbers on this range from 30 to 150 families) to "pave the way for the rest", Russia is now taking in 15,000 white South African farmers. There are lots of conflicting reports on this, but all agree now on:

15,000 people will be accepted initially, they are all white christian farmers, and as I reported earlier, the families that were supposed to pave the way for the rest already arrived.

I don't know if this is just a political move by Putin, but he gave them some of the best land in Russia (just North of Moscow) and he looks great for this. My only additional comment to this effect is that I doubt this will backfire on Russia, it appears to me that this was a great way to capture the top tier of what was once a decent country and use it to boost Russia. Great move for the future of Russia, whether or not Russia realizes it at this time.

Rand Paul calling for revocation of security clearances

I once called Rand Paul Ron Paul's "prodigal son". But Rand is actually a pretty good senator, pretty much in line with how all senators would be if none were compromised.

Rand Paul has been demanding the revocation of the security clearances of Brennan, Comey, and many other deep state intelligence actors. The only anomaly in all of this that I saw was that they had their security clearances any more to begin with. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THEY ARE NOT ALREADY REVOKED? RIDICULOUS!!!

At any rate, Rand has pretty much proven himself, despite my initial distaste (which I never talked about much because of my respect for Ron Paul). If everyone in Congress was a Rand Paul, America would be in much much better shape.

Bitcoin has clearly stabilized and is making a comeback

I don't have to say much, the chart says it all. And if you look at the one year chart, Bitcoin never fell to where it was this time last year, you can clearly see the rise and collapse was just a spike in the overall upward trend.

Israel shot down Syrian plane


Whatever the story is, I already don't believe it. Because . . . . . you know, . . . . . Israel.

July 23 2018

Fox News did eventually cover the "Lisa Page Doom", but they still don't get a pass from me after how they covered the Helsinki summit.


Rather than destroy Trump's marriage to Melania (she did indeed stress it) Stormy Daniels has had her own husband file for divorce.


Gee, I wonder what the "violation" was.

SGT report was one of the better alt media sources. I don't link or use Youtube much, so I did not have a lot of their stuff here, but they were very popular and very important. Their removal from Youtube just confirms my warning: If you are alt media, you had better self-host or you can and will be wiped out on a whim.

Trump may soon take control of the Federal Reserve

This was on CNBC, so if they are saying it, you know they have to.

"President Donald Trump has multiple reasons as to why he should take control of the Federal Reserve. He will do so both because he can and because his broader policies argue that he should do so. The president is anti-overregulating American industry. The Fed is a leader in pushing stringent regulation on the nation. By raising interest rates and stopping the growth in the money supply it stands in the way of further growth in the American economy.

First, He Can

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is required to have seven members. It has three. Two of the current governors were put into their position by President Trump. Two more have been nominated by the president and are awaiting confirmation by the Senate. After these two are put on the Fed's board, the president will then nominate two more to follow them. In essence, it is possible that six of the seven Board members will be put in place by Trump.

There is a lot more than this in the CNBC report, which much to my surprise absolutely shreds the Federal Reserve. You can't expect real reporting from them so this is a real surprise. Perhaps after Lisa Page killed the whole Russian thing, they are scared.

A WORD OF CAUTION HERE: JFK got killed around the time he was doing what Trump plans to do now.


The first prediction (which is below this prediction) is about Julian Assange, and I'll peg that at 100 percent probable. This prediction I'll put at about 65 percent probable:


Why would I say that? Easy answer: Because Erdogan is converting Turkey into a Shia Islamic religious state, and has now jailed Adnan Oktar.

Who is Adnan Oktar? He's a so-called "Islamic televangelist" with his own communications infrastructure and transmitters, who has "sex kitten dancers" and male members he calls "lions". He can't possibly be a real Muslim. I strongly suspect he is a crypto Jew because of the behavior he fronts "in the name of Islam". He is strong on creationism and has written hundreds of books in over 70 languages.

Despite the fact he's a strong creationist, it can't excuse his broadcast behavior with women, where they appear in super sexy clothing and no hijab and do private dances right in his face ON TV. Erdogan gave him the boot straight into a jail cell with his latest crackdown and efforts to convert Turkey into a shia Islamic state

Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire. Though Iran was never part of the Ottoman Empire, Shia is Shia, and with the current stresses being put on Iran and Turkey from the West, intolerance of a figure like Adnan would be a definite precursor to the full conversion to real Islamic rule, and once that nation is fully transformed, heck, Iran is right there, at the border.

Iran may not be able to go it alone against the United States, but remember, Turkey still has over 50 U.S. nuclear weapons on their soil, with 1960's guts in them, so Turkey could definitely trigger them without any codes. What will happen if Turkey siezes them all the while Iran has the rockets needed for delivery to at least Israel? Nice pinpoint accurate rockets, that can target individual buildings at full range, and not merely low class Scud missiles like Saddam had?

If you want bible prophecy to happen, it is not as hopeless as you think!

How advanced is Iran, anyway? ANSWER: many times as advanced as North Korea

Iran is one of only six countries in the world that has successfully launched animals into space (in this case multiple times, including their own "astro chimp" and returned them to earth unhurt. One of the missions had a full time live stream on television, showing the animals alive all the way through launch to landing. Iran has rockets that are capable of putting B-61 nuclear weapons into low earth orbit permanently, let alone do something far easier - get them anywhere in the world on a ballistic missile. Iran even has it's own spy satellites. So an Iran/Turkey alliance would make a partnership much much stronger than Israel, if you called 50 nukes "enough". Iran did all of that, despite commissioning it's space agency in 2004, having nothing of substance before that and while coping with sanctions that prevented them from getting parts. It was all done "in house".

Iran's president has been running his mouth lately about wiping the U.S. off the map. Though I totally think he should watch his mouth because that clearly won't happen, I can also say that Iran is not Iraq, and should not be underestimated. If an alliance ever is formed with Turkey however, watch out, it will not be a day in a strawberry patch dealing with that.

Assange will not be removed from the embassy. He will instead be "removed from the embassy".


I have frequently stated I do not make predictions, or do not like to make predictions. This time I will happily make a prediction, and say it is going to happen just like I said.


Assange has not been at the embassy since his "internet was cut" in 2016.

The Ecuadorian citizenship granting and revoking was just a ruse. If they really did give Julian Assange an Ecuadorian passport, he'd have slipped out during the night like anyone with any common sense would. That balcony is not too high to jump off of, he'd have easily circumvented the cops. But that's beside the point when his internet "got cut" within a few hours of Pamela Anderson bringing him a poison lunch. Who cares if she supposedly "returned", she's a deep state actor who would go to an empty embassy and fake it.

BOTTOM LINE: No balcony appearance equals no assange. He still has never stepped out on the balcony, which is something he'd do occasionally before. What made the big difference? Certainly having no internet would improve the chance he would, and not eliminate it. Ok, so that's the history. Here is what is going to happen now:

Ecuador is tired of the ruse. So they "want him out". Only, there's no Assange to be out. LOW AND BEHOLD, we have Assange "being released" right when there is video software being released where you can turn anyone into anyone via AI and produce fakes that can't be debunked. ONLY, they CAN be debunked, and I'll tell you how.

Here's the prediction part - the conditions under which Assange will be "expelled from the embassy":

1. There will be no crowds and no witnesses from the general public.

Having crowds and witnesses will require the production of hundreds of live videos from many many people from many many angles, all with their own distinct nature. Software can't do that yet. Perhaps it never will. so since software can't do that:

2. Assange will be released "in the dead of night" and it will be announced "after he has been removed from the embassy". AT THAT POINT:

3. We will get a video or photo of Assange in interrogation, and it will look real. They have enough video samples to know what he looks like. The actual video sessions will be of a real person, but the software will convert the appearance over to that of Assange. It will not be an animation script, it will be a real video where the appearance of Assange will simply be inserted via AI into a real, already existing interrogation video. It will look real.

4. All videos and photos of assange will be released by "media that is not fake" and all of it will take place in closed controlled sessions to explain why no one from the outside ever posted their own cell phone video of Assange to Youtube or anywhere else. If there are any "cell phone videos", they will be staged, few in number, and not very clear.

Knowing how corrupt these people are, I would not put it past them to launch the career of a video blogger no one ever heard of who will be some sort of video hero, "to prove it is all real".

5. At no point ever will Assange be paraded before a large gathering of the general public, who would be able to witness for themselves that he is real. If there are any videos from the "general public" released, it will be done with small tight groups that are within the realm of what could be accomplished cheaply and be kept a secret CLASSIC: There will likely be a video where reporters from the fake, controlled media eager to be paid well to front a lie are shouting questions at him, but the general public, aside from a few plants to fake it, won't be there.

6. The court hearing will be a closed, controlled session with ONLY CONTROLLED MSM ALLOWED, not the general public. Once again, these people will happily front a fake for the deep state and fat pay. What they have done to Trump, ONLY TRUMP, as a single sole example (let alone the rest of their crap) proves it.

7. Here's a thought: If assange is "expelled from the embassy" in front of the general public with a crowd present, he'll have his head in a bag. They could also fake a mask, but at that point it becomes complex. They probably won't, too much could go wrong. But a bag would definitely do the job. One major problem with a mask would be that the actor would actually still have to be just like Assange, and be able to fake his facial expressions and act like Assange. Assange was not generic, that job would not be an easy one, too many people will be able to point out that "the face physically looks similar, but Assange's personal expressions are not there," - his expressions will be those of someone else. So I doubt they will do a mask, but they might do a bag, IF they bother with doing anything at all, why bother with it when he can just be "taken without announcement THE WAY THEY DID IN A BLACK ARMORED VAN THAT PULLED UP TO THE EMBASSY, COMPLETELY BLOCKING THE DOOR FOR TWO HOURS, THE EXACT NIGHT AFTER PAMELA BROUGHT HIM A POISONED LUNCH.

They already got him out of there once, why fake him getting out of there? Just "show him in interrogation" and be done with it.

Do not forget: All the top people at Wikileaks died within a month of when Assange first "got his internet cut". There is no such organization anymore anyway. No one who was around when Assange supposedly got cut off from the world is now around to confirm if it is him or not, and the general public simply does not know him well enough. The deep state hated Wikileaks, all the originals are dead, and it would be foolhardy to believe Assange was not taken out with them.

Especially after the Pamela/black van/"suddenly no internet" episode.

July 22 2018

A few quick headlines

Former playboy playmate McDougal BUSTED

Notes about affair with Trump written 10 years later than claimed

Supposedly she penned a story about a relationship with Trump while it was happening in 2006. That's what everyone remembers, and this is the story that caused Melania to often appear openly pissed at Trump. However, now it has come to light that those notes were written on stationery that was not produced until 10 years later, in 2016, and is still in stores now. This stationery featured art by fashion designer Izak Zenou, whose name appears at the bottom of one of the pages. He got into the business of creating office supplies in 2016, and the notebook was not available for sale on Amazon until March 2016.

Obviously then, the McDougal story is not as implied if these notes were penned over a decade ago, and now, like all the other accusations against Trump, it has fallen apart.

Hawaii's big island recorded the last magnetic pole flip

I am not going to link the report where I found this because it was written by someone who could not get their facts straight, however, upon checking, the basic premise is real. So I am going to type this up right.

At various places in the earth's crust, there are magnetic signatures in the rock formations that prove the earth's magnetic poles move. These happen in zones where lava with magnetic materials has come up through the ocean floor and cooled, and when this happens they align themselves with the earth's magnetic field, thus recording whatever orientation it was in when they cool, because once they cool and harden, they can't shift to a new position.

As it turns out, Kiluea had a very rich iron eruption 700,000 years ago, and when that iron cooled it aligned with the earth's magnetic field, and made huge iron magnets which are now far below the ground, buried by many subsequent eruptions. These magnets are powerful enough to confuse a compass and make it impossible to navigate via compass. There are other places in the world where this happens, but nothing is as pronounced as Kiluea, which, despite having these deposits buried very deeply, can still fool a compass. Hawaii's big island may have the best proof in the world that earth's magnetic poles were recently (in geologic terms) opposite to what they are now. Contrary to what some are reporting, this is not a recent discovery, this would have been known immediately the first time anyone who had a compass climbed the mountain, most likely in the year 1778.


Nothing about this on FOX, which proves they are the opposition. And don't trust The Hill in the future just because they decided to report this one right (and the fact that they are the only MSM outlet to touch this)

Here is the key portion of the great anointed limited hangout piece:

July 21 2018


Chrome appeared to despise me when I tried to do a report about "pedophobes" or to be more clear people who are "pedophilephobic" which is the new term the left is using to justify hatred towards people who are against pedophilia. As soon as I went into this topic, even Duck Duck Go delivered the "aw snap" screen. What's up with that? Stuck with chrome on Knoppix. That's a downside to Knoppix I guess. ANYWAY, about those "pedophilephobes"

I always knew, right when the term "homophobe" was launched, that it was a manipulation to slander clear thinking people. Now, the term "phobe" is attached to many things clear thinking people may be against. And in all cases, it has a ring to it: Homophobe: eew, that must be bad and they have escalated it to really decrepit things like "zoophobe", EEW, you are against sex with animals, you're a BIGOT. However, it only hits the psyche when it has a nice ring to it, and "pedophiliaphobe" does not have a nice ring to it, they might have difficulty making that one stick. You can't say "pedophobe" because technically that's just being afraid of kids, and that matters to "them". So what will the actual term be once they normalize pedophiles, as they are trying to do now? Who knows.

Anyway, there are lots of people concerned about this, and clearly, clearly, acceptance of pedophelia is going to be rammed down everyone's throat as the next great thing. Here's a nice Reddit post that pretty much sums up where people are with this now, BUT REMEMBER THIS WHEN READING THE FOLLOWING: In the past, people used to think about homosexuality the exact same way this guy is talking about pedophelia. So we really need to stop the attempted normalization of pedophelia RIGHT NOW, or in a few years we'll be watching predators with kids at Wal Mart the same way we can get an eyefull of two guys kissing in public now. This guy misses a key point, and it is called incrementalism - the frog in the pot thing - take baby steps into depravity and no one will care, as long as the steps are small.

This guy has obviously been put under pressure somewhere if he is asking the question "Is it OK to be a pedophobe."

The fact that question got asked at all clearly indicates all is not well with society.

From Reddit: Is it OK to be a Pedophobe?

"By "Pedophobe" I mean someone who dislikes and discriminates against pedophiles. Without naming names, I have been accused of this and, as a result, compared to being a racist, sexist, etc... on the basis that pedophiles cannot help - have no control over - their urges.

I concede that these disgusting degenerate creeps are probably hardwired differently from the rest of us. Nonetheless, they KNOW what they are feeling and having impulses toward is ABNORMAL. It is a trait that is deleterious to civil society. Maybe some do not act on it, but suffer as a result of their urge. In this sense, then I am all for these people getting help - assuming help is available. They can certainly get psychological help to deal with their conflicted feelings. Further, they can seek out and obtain chemical castration. I may be wrong, but I think it consists of a shot once monthly.

But, the biological urge will most likely not go away without this sort of treatment. Further, some of these fuckers are married and have families. Thus, there will be social pressure for these pieces of dog shit not to seek counseling. Thus, we will always have these ticking time bombs out there. They know their urges are sick and harmful to others. Some will keep a lid on it, some will not.

So, yes, there are probably lots pedos lurking around who have not acted on their urges because they know they are harmful and illegal if acted upon, and who feel great shame for harboring these feelings. Boo hoo. We ought to, as a society, help these people by providing them with counseling and castration. THAT is our being benevolent and caring human beings. If they choose not to get help, then fuck 'em.

Then there are the pedos who actually do act on their urges. Should we feel empathy for these fuckers because they cannot help having these urges? Nope. They may not be able to control their urges, but they CHOOSE to act on them. Therefore, they are culpable.

Moreover, the consequences are so harmful to the victims and society in general, that these offenders need to be removed from our communities. Personally, I am fine with executing all convicted pedos. Maybe the wholesale execution of these sick fucks will speed-up natural selection and reduce the genetic fuck-up that causes this. I am assuming here that it is not a mutation.

So, is it ok to be a Pedophobe? I say yes. I also contend that it is ok to be a cannibalphobe, a rapephobe, a murderphobe, and a bestialphobe. At some point you have to draw a line, unless you are ok with living in a society that resembles a German porno"

MY COMMENT: AW SNAP! DON'T GO LOOKING INTO THIS IF YOU ARE IN DISGUST OF THE TOPIC! HA HA HA, that guy nailed the coffin of the vampire shut with that one.

And apparently Chrome was not happy about it, that's the first time Chrome EVER DID THAT, all search engines, all pages, EVERYTHING went AW SNAP! after I tried to get into a page where someone was ridiculing pedophelia.

So someone, someone very rich and powerful, or perhaps maybe just a gutter trash Google programmer may want a new way of doing things, I was stunned when Chrome did that and no matter how many times I shut the whole thing down, as soon as I went into this topic, all I got was "aw snap! So I changed out operating systems and got nothing but hacked to sh*t afterwards, it took FOREVER to finally post this.

So you know what I think

Just in case people are not aware of what is going on with the normalization of pedophelia, I'll give them a quick study: SEE THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS. Yes, it is all being done via "incrementalism".

First they started with the gays, but I was not disgusted enough, and they became entrenched. Then they started with animal sex, and I never accepted that in any form, but they did it anyway. NOW THEY ARE CLEARLY PUSHING PEDOPHELIA. Are you going to push back, or will you allow yourself to be guilt tripped into questioning yourself like that Reddit poster was?


That will be it for today, I simply have to work on the alternative income option, reports like the above will definitely get me "punished" as Google, Faceplant, Twitter and others drive the world down the loo. I fully intend to be the last one they punch out. Once I finally get everything set up, the workload can be contained to within a specific time period and I'll be able to do the site pretty much normal.

July 20 2018

Clarity needed on the 160 terabyte intelligence transfer by Putin to Trump

Diez en Punto did not say Putin gave Trump 160 terabytes of intelligence data. This story originated with Hal Turner. All Diez en Punto reported was that Putin was headed to the white house to discuss "security issues".

About the intelligence transfer:

I have zero doubt this happened, but the actual size of the intelligence transfer is in question, and it was likely not actually handed directly to Trump. This new information, which was obstructed from Trump by American intelligence is probably why there are pictures of Trump looking very distressed during the press conference after meeting with Putin.

I have to debunk a debunk here also. There are some people going around debunking the story, saying 1 terabyte flash drives do not exist. The story is that Trump received this transfer on "terabyte flash drives". A few people are saying that is a typo "because terabyte flash drives do not exist", and the actual transfer was 160 GB. Just like those who turned Hillary's 400 million into 400 thousand.

PROBLEM: All I had to do was hit Ebay, type tb flash drive, select "highest price first" and 2 terabyte flash drives came up. Granted, they are a couple grand but considering the last time I was at Computer Centro a few months ago, there were 512 gig flash drives hanging right there on the rack, 1TB would not be a stretch for ordinary people to have when you can just buy it on Ebay. Here is the magical mystical terabyte flash drive on Ebay that "does not exist". The debunkers of the intelligence transfer story have no credibility.

So where does that leave us?

There's no question Trump got a REAL, and I mean REAL intelligence briefing in Helsinki and that is why the left is freaking out. Whether or not Hal Turner got a real source on that info (plausible, I am not saying he did not) and exactly how accurate it was (160 terabytes is something Trump could never in a million years go through, so why hand him that much) My guess is that Trump got a condensed easy to digest version of the story that was complete enough to confront the most critical people, and the actual 160 terabytes of data, whatever the amount really is, is instead "available" for Trump to have people who are not compromised go through when the time is right.

One thing is quite clear: The world changed in Helsinki. It was an epic, historic event. And we will now get to see if we will win or lose, because the dark side of the equation has to act now. We are going to see what they have, and if they can be beaten.

Confirmed: Putin circumvented U.S intelligence, and gave Trump real intelligence.

Additionally Putin has been reported in Mex Media to be headed to the White House for a second meeting with Trump. Crickets in American media on this topic.

160 TERABYTES, that's with a T. It is all the communications, phone calls, EVERYTHING the corrupt U.S. intelligence agencies did to undermine the presidency and rig the election, all the communications from rigged media, and it is all in plain English. Yes, Putin and Russia were doing hacking I guess because they have the entire crime body nailed from top to bottom. Pulled the pants right off the NSA. They must have known about that vulnerability in all Intel processors and exploited it. Ouch. That would be "unintended consequences" if there ever were . . . .


That story is straight. Here's how I know: I commented to Claudia that they were reporting old news about a Trump Putin meeting. I at least understood that much. Then Claudia said, no, they are not reporting the old meeting, they are reporting that there is going to be a second meeting, this time at the white house. I understood the security part and was wondering what went on in Helsinki for that, but as it turns out, that's going to be a future discussion.

I just checked American sources on this topic and there are only crickets. But is is confirmed that Mex Media did report this, on Diez en Punto (I hate them now but that's beside the point) at least if they said Putin was headed to the U.S. that would not be wrong.

160 terabytes of the truth, while American intelligence did nothing but lie their asses off to Trump would be precisely why there is such an enormous freak out going on in the criminal MSM, criminal intelligence agencies, and criminal left in general. They now know Trump knows EVERYTHING THEY LIED ABOUT and they are scared sh*tless.

As of 10:30 AM CST July 20, the U.S. MSM has not uttered a peep about a second Trump/Putin meeting.


I have to continue preparing the "alternative income option", there is simply no choice. At least I managed to throw out a nice bone for people to chew on. I obviously cannot confirm or deny the 160 terabyte flash drive intelligence transfer, but I absolutely can confirm that Mex media said Putin and Trump would be meeting again, and soon.

I really need to put up another donation request for the amount I am short after the last request. If you remember either of the two jummmmmphillary mail addresses, you could probably sneak something through because this request is practically invisible. If anyone does, it will be posted before 11 PM tonight (the 20th). If it is not posted, please reclaim it. Many thanks to those who help!

Claudia said she wanted me to simply say what we need so that's what I will do. To get us "out of the woods" we need a minimum of $1,100 (now $593) in addition to what has come in already. Your donation will show below here for at least 3 days. If it does not show up, it did not make it, reclaim, thanks!


Duck boat disaster in Branson

Branson is a major music destination in Missourri. It is a well established tourist town. There is a dam in Branson, which holds back an enormous lake that is hundreds of feet deep. In any such destination, there are duck boat tours, where they will go out on really nice waterways after giving people a tour of the city (these boats can drive on land, and then go into the water).

A huge storm kicked up and made tall waves, which swamped one of the duck boats. Over 10 years ago, a similar disaster happened in Branson. Due to popular demand, all the duck boats have a canopy attached to the top of them, and you get on them like a regular bus. They also have enormous windows. So when the duck boat got swamped, it sank instantly because it really is just a bus, and the canopy kept people trapped inside and despite the fact they had life preservers, they could not get out and drowned. The enormous depth of the lake sealed everyone's fate.

I am only mentioning this because everywhere I have seen the duck boats, they are all the same. They will trap people and kill them if they sink, and they are basically a floating bus that won't handle problems anywhere near as well as a normal boat. I believe it should be a requirement for them to not have windows if they are going to have a canopy. They have to have an easy way for people to get out without finding the door. The incident in Branson may have a high fatality rate.


GET RID OF YOUR DONATE BUTTON NOW, not 10 minutes from now.

I have come across the exact method used to get people kicked off Paypal. due to the method leftists use to get people kicked off, it is not likely to happen to this web site as quickly because I never posted a donate button, which is a key tool Leftists use to get your site banned.

I will not give the precise details as to how leftists are getting web sites banned from Paypal because I am not going to be an education center for leftists, but will say if you don't follow my instructions on how to save yourself you're a low hanging fruit that will soon be eaten and if you don't have a team of lawyers to save you, you will be crapped from the sky by a diseased crow.


Here is how you avoid losing it to begin with:

If you still have Paypal, GET YOUR DONATE BUTTON AND ALL REFERENCES TO PAYPAL OFF YOUR PAGES. That is a key tool the leftists use to get your Paypal banned. They need the data in your donate button to activate Paypal's machine based banning system.

After removing your donate button, then, a couple RANDOM DAYS a month, for short periods of time, post an e-mail based donation request the way I do and babysit it. When you do that, any lefist that wants you banned won't even see anything about how the site actually gets funded on your front page when you don't have a request up, and leftists are TOO LAZY to keep hitting your site, to pounce on any requests you put up for a short time. NOW HERE'S THE ZINGER, THAT WILL FLOOR THEM:

When you do post your request, do it with a random mail address, run the request for a limited time, and a few hours after you take your request down, delete that e-mail from your Paypal. If a leftist sees that address by dumb stupid luck, it is much harder to do anything if both the donate button and mail address have been dis-associated from your Paypal.

When the leftist tries the much harder "complain about an e-mail address" route, it is much harder to get anything done because people, and not a machine, then have to handle it. They will check their system, see no such mail address is associated with any accounts, and then it gets difficult.


Paypal is not the one going out hunting for people to delete. It is leftist activists doing it, and they are doing it by exploiting the administrative weaknesses in the Paypal system. By denying them your Paypal data, they have nothing they can work with, and their job becomes thousands of times more difficult because people, rather than a machine, then handle the process and if they ever succeed in getting through even then you have a much better chance because people will realize they are full of shit with their request to get you banned and then politics and/or common decency have a chance of saving you at that point.

There is a lot more, a very detailed and precise process leftists are using to trick Paypal's system into banning innocent people. I went through that process, and found their weak link. It is the donate button. The process itself is complex enough so that I can mention they use the donate button, because that button itself is not enough to do it. However, they have drafted a step by step procedure complete with generic paste in lines that works, and a monkey could do it. All they are doing is fooling a machine that does not ask questions or fact check anything. That machine needs your donate button. Once they don't have that button, people have to get involved, and then it gets difficult for them to actually ban you because they have to explain why they want you banned, with more than just a generic paste in line.



There is a new type of yeast that has characteristics totally different from normal yeast, that is causing problems in hospitals. Natural yeast have always been fairly benign, and do not behave like tissue eating amoebas. But that's what the new yeast is doing, and I know exactly how that could happen and the MSM will never utter a peep even if they knew, and if my hypothesis is accurate.

There's nothing different in this world now that could spawn an entirely new species of yeast, all the antibiotics and chemicals we use are part of the earth, (antibiotics are actually naturally derived) so it is not believable to me that somehow totally new genes showed up in a new killer yeast as a random act of nature. This is not the type that attacks people with aids, this new killer yeast can get anyone. And I bet I know how it came to be.

Many of the modern vaccines use genetically engineered yeast as a medium for growing viral strains. You can't get a virus to accept yeast as a host unless your yeast really is not yeast anymore. It has to be so modified it appears to a virus to be human, or a dog, or whatever. And this yeast is only showing up in hospitals now? HMMMMM . . . . . let me connect the dots.

At location x, genetically modified yeast is used to produce a product hospitals use all the time - vaccines. How hard would it be for normal yeast to hitch a ride out on a box, or a syringe, or a bottle, or someone's shoes? Probably not all that easy, but there's another catch:

Unlike normal yeast, this yeast can survive harsh environments. If you left a pack of normal yeast out on the front steps and the sun hit it, or it got too cold, it would be dead. This yeast does not care at all what the temperature is, how dry it is, how wet it is, it does not care about anything at all and persists EVERYWHERE it lands. And because this yeast can persist anywhere it lands, it would be very easy for it to get out of a manufacturing facility if any mistakes were made.

The following article mentions nothing about the possibility of this yeast being a product of the vaccine industry, but I bet a dime to a dollar that it is, and the fact that it is predominantly a problem in hospitals for me, pretty much cinches it. See this from Wired: The strange and curious case of the deadly superbug yeast

Obviously Wired won't get to the bottom of the truth with this, their bias and overall ignorance would prevent them from connecting the dots. But at least they can tell you how the yeast behaves and what it does.

Here is a key quote from Wired, where only a brainless fool would not be able to draw the connection to the vaccine industry, which as a practice, uses genetically modified yeast constantly:

"Yeast is a fungus, but C. auris is behaving like a bacterium ó in fact, like a bacterial superbug. Itís a cross-species shift as inexplicable as if a grass-munching cow hopped a fence and began bloodily chomping on the sheep in the pasture next door.

MY COMMENT: It is not inexplicable at all when the vaccine industry produces enormous amounts of genetically modified yeast. This is probably already case closed, but the case will never actually be closed because certain people who can prevent people from knowing it's origins would love to have a superbug wipe out lots of people, in addition to absolutely loving their weaponized vaccines.

Man carries out 675 ritual satanic murders in Ghana

I wonder if this is a toe dip of the topic for public acceptance - a man in Ghana carried out hundreds of satanic ritual child murders in Ghana for luciferian sects there. Well, luciferian is luciferian, and this is part of the parcel. see this. The children were brought to the ceremonies and it was his job to kill them.

They probably allowed this to surface because it happened in Ghana. What I want to see is a report about whoever is in charge of doing this in Westminster.


I don't know how the left can possibly hold on. Now the (white hat) NSA has jumped ship on them

An analysis of the stolen DNC files showed that they were downloaded at a rate of 49 megabytes per second. Now former NSA directo Bill Binney is saying the internet cannot do that, because the connections people have simply cannot hit 49 megabytes a second from one personal computer to another personal computer. It might be possible to accomplish that from a very good server to a computer with an extreme connection, but even then, over the web it would be unlikely.

The only thing that is possible for the download speeds recorded and embedded in the files (that was a big oops, but the files had that data this time around, probably because Seth Rich was their data director and he got it right) and the only thing that can hit those speeds is a high performance (not a normal flash drive) but a very high performance flash drive plugged into a USB 3.0 port.

How fast is 49 megs a second? That's MUCH MUCH faster than the fanciest professional 4k camera shooting the lowest compression 4k video it can possibly shoot. It would take very high quality memory to go that fast. 49 megabytes a second is several gigabytes a minute. It would require a 400 megabit connection at a minimum, if the connection was perfect. It is a real world USB 3.0 speed. And that has totally screwed the Russian narrative, because it means the DNC had a great computer, and Seth Rich had a great flash drive. It means nothing else, no hack did that.

Google hit with $5 billion fine

My comment: The fine is useless. All it did was penalize Google for pre-installing apps in android devices and pressuring manufacturers to not modify Android. What good will that do when the real problem is ads, spying, and censorship?

Well, they got spanked for comparatively nothing, see this.

No crack in Yellowstone, An OLD, and I mean OLD HOAX report has hit Drudge

I am only posting this to tell people not to worry, after Drudge ate a hoax hook line and sinker. This all started out when an obscure web site posted about a "100 foot crack right by the Yellowstone Volcano", which forced a park closure. Here's the hoax part:

Yellowstone national park and Grand Teton national park are two different parks, and though they touch each other there's no Yellowstone volcano to speak of in Grand Teton. If the crack is at Grand Teton, it is a normal geological crack where a mountain is slumping or some other normal geographic event that has nothing to do with volcanism. And it is even more silly than that -

The crack is not 100 feet wide, it is 100 feet long, a few inches wide, and it is in solid rock. the closures are only happening because they don't want rocks falling on hikers, not because there is any threat of a volcanic eruption. This has been going on for a month now, and Drudge just posted it today because a tabloid picked up the story and figured they could use it as click bait. They are calling the crack a fissure, which brings to mind fire from the ground. Yes, all cracks are fissures, and no, there won't be any lava.

Here is their headline, OOH, SPOOKY:

The article goes on to talk all about how bad it would be if Yellowstone erupted. Yes, it would be bad, and no, this crack is irrelevant in that context. All reports on this that even mention the volcano part are nothing but classic click bait. The danger, if there is any, is that there might be a landslide.


How did I know that so long ago when no one else reported it.?

Here's the truth about Hillary's server: It contained many gigabytes of the most classified, beyond top secret military tech the U.S. had, including all the engineering and tech info that would allow China to make copies of it. That's why they suddenly lurched ahead. Don't worry, they can't create anything new and the U.S. has all their blueprints because the U.S. created the blueprints. That means via countermeasures afforded by the fact the U.S. knows all the weaknesses and the fact that the U.S. has an ability called NEW INNOVATION, the U.S. has already put them 10+ years into the past.

Alt media getting whacked.

Here is the letter Paypal sent out to numerous alt media sites. I have not received this yet. However, I would be rock stupid to not handle this by trying to independently fund this site.

The "elite" are about to make their move to take down Trump and they are isolating sites that could potentially report on their activities. Interesting it is how this coincided with Helsinki.

I am livid with the server downing. It's not going to hurt long term, but it is going to be a hell of a job fixing that.

I have already tried to set up alternative financing, and was not successful because of the site. I am surprised Paypal is still working (very shittily) but at least working for short periods of time when babysat.

Here is the real problem, in a nut shell:

No one can set up an independent bank, because the tribe has infiltrated all aspects of the regulation aspect of this and if a bank provides help to un approved media, they will be whacked out of the system. If you provide ads to the wrong sites, they will shut down the financial side also. All of the monopoly laws are being totally violated in all of this, but the government has disintegrated to the point to where nothing gets enforced.

So we have a situation where the government did not shut anyone down directly, it was all accomplished completely by the private sector, which had key components totally bought out by THE TRIBE.


After major backlash by the left, now Putin wants to exercise an existing treaty which allows extradition of criminals, to try top U.S. intelligence officials and Hillary Clinton in court, IN RUSSIA, for the $400,000,000 transfer into the Clinton's campaign, which was done illegally according to Russian law.

According to treaty, the U.S. HAS TO hand them over.

FINALLY THE REVERSE OF: You can't make this stuff up, WAY TOO GOOD!!! SEE THIS.


UPDATE: TRUMP THREATENED, Google is playing the middle man somehow, and more.

When clicking links on web sites, a Google screen occasionally pops up and tells me the request did not go through. This is without ever accessing Google at all, and Google not being in the (supposed) path in any way whatsoever.

Additionally, once Putin said what he did, other web sites started reporting Paypal problems, with Paypal reporting back that the recipient is not able to receive and/or is blocking payments. That's a lie, but that's how Paypal is playing and it is not just this web site affected.

Today, Trump (probably at gunpoint) said the U.S. intelligence agencies were correct about Russian meddling in the election. He knows that's not true, and has definitely been threatened. There's no way around that. He has definitely been threatened, but there is a way out of that statement, and that is: Russia interfered on Hillary's behalf. They did. We know that now, no ifs or buts.

The left is going to act with physical force now, it will take armed Americans to keep Trump in power. If Trump was actually forced to say Russia meddled in the elections and U.S. intelligence agencies got the story straight, the only thing after this is to oust him from power and put Hillary in. It is showtime folks, to sum it up:

Google is playing middle man.

ONE of my servers got killed, but fortunately there are others in other countries. It was the AMERICAN BASED server that bit the dust and they will not re-enable it no matter what.

Paypal suddenly started blocking payments to others, others just started noticing this today. If you are alt media, you had better give this a look.

AND, Trump was forced to lie about Russian interference, in a way that threatens the presidency. things are getting real folks, be vigilant, be ready to LOCK AND LOAD.

If the deep state left ousts Trump, that will be the ONLY OPTION. We are going to see a power play now. Today did not look good for our side at all if they could actually threaten the president the way they obviously did. They even cut the lights on him during his address. The "trigger point" will be a successful removal of Trump from office.


UPDATE: I LOST A SERVER BECAUSE OF HILLARY REPORT. At first I thought it was because I let it expire, but this story is a lot bigger than that. THANK GOD I HAD MULTIPLE SERVERS.

Yeah, they can STICK IT. They canceled it and refused all requests across multiple calls and effort to circumvent this. Any donations sent (do not donate right now) will be used to get another server, (I still have 3 and can re-build the lost one), they really can STICK IT. Too bad that was the #2 most important server.

Even Iranian media is not reporting Hillary's $400,000,000.

They are total idiots. They hate Trump and figure they'd have been better off with Hillary. NOT, but really, if it is not an Israeli topic they are really ignorant. NO TALK OF HILLARY, BUT GEE, THEY BEAT GERMANY AT VOLLEYBALL.

NOT A PEEP ABOUT HILLARY ON FOX NEWS FRONT PAGE. That means we now know they are fake opposition for certain.


NOT A PEEP ABOUT THIS ON BREITBART, NOT EVEN ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS. Though they have a positive tone, they did not deliver the news. I always suspected Breitbart was fake, they are the last ring of deep state containment. We just got our litmus test. Nothing mentioned equals FAKE.

Nothing on Rense yet. Not surprised.

Even super mainstream conspiracy forums are issuing blanket bans for posting about Hillary's $400 million. So who's real? Let's get a short list here . . . .

It will take a while for everyone to wash out, because due to the massive censorship, even alt media will lag. For now:

These came out clean and are at least trying to be real sources:

THERE ARE TOO MANY TO LIST. Here's the deal: If any news source fails to cover this, seek other sources. Why pay attention to watered down crap and outright lies?


Vice has issued a report saying the election was stolen by Russia via remote access software installed in vote tabulation centers and compared it to leaving blank ballots on Russian street corners. Now that the truth is out there, they are pulling out all the stops to get rid of Trump, because if they fail to, THEY ARE GONE. SEE THIS.


They are busted and will definitely resort to killing. We are going to enter the hot phase now, regardless of what anyone wants. The news cycle is going to be hectic and virtually PURE LIES. I am going to take a look at what is going on, now that I know that server really is gone. Anyway, they are going to kick off the show with a huge attack on Gaza.


Here's the deal: Out of nowhere, Nut Yahoo announced an attack on Gaza and has pleaded "for the full support of the public". This probably means they are going to wipe Gaza off the map. The timing of this is obviously to distract the public from HILLARY'S CONSPIRING WITH RUSSIANS TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION. In case you do not know this, leftists use a tactic they call "displacement" where their own evils are directly accused against a totally innocent opponent. Once people's attention has been "displaced" to someone falsely accused, the heat is off the real offender. They did this to Trump, to cover for the fact it was really Hillary doing it.

Now that the ruse is blown past the horizon, and the full sun is shining, the "elite" are considering committing a heinous crime to cover it up, and they have at this time set their sites on Gaza. There will be absolutely nothing the inhabitants of Gaza can do except just sit there and take whatever comes.


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I still need additional donations to get over this current problem. Please wait, I cannot set up a new mail account from where I am.


July 17 2018

Ron Paul is one of the good guys

Ron Paul: Trump is going the right direction in Helsinki, See this.

The deep state will be very dangerous now, Putin delivered what may be a death blow yet the deep state is still in place. The Helsinki summit went far beyond "cannot possibly be any better".



There is not one peep out of Fox News over Putin saying Hillary got 400,000,000 put in her campaign by Russians. NOT ONE PEEP, even after Time Magazine itself published it. Instead, Fox is talking all about how Trump is the enemy for visiting Putin. THAT NAILS THEM, I was right about FOX all along. They are the "limited hangout" that makes the public feel like it has an ally, only, the public has no MSM ally. Not mentioning this statement by Putin singles Fox News out as FAKE NEWS.



The left is freaking out because Putin destroyed Hillary:


This transcript was done by Time Magazine. OUUUUCHHH!!!!

Putin: "For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder, in this particular case. Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia and never paid any taxes neither in Russia or the United States and yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. They sent [a] huge amount of money, $400,000,000, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Well thatís their personal case. It might have been legal, the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal. So we have solid reason to believe that some [US] intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions. So we have an interest in questioning them.

My comment: This is the end of the left. They can't overcome this. Helsinki was an unmitigated disaster for them, and the only thing they can do now is lie about everything, about how Trump committed treason for teaming up with an enemy and all the other nosense and then hope people believe it because there's no recovery from a statement like that, Hillary and the lying MSM, as well as American intelligence are finished.

Here we have: Hillary was the one guilty of Russian collusion (as those with any wit already knew), that corrupted Russians helped Hillary, and that American intelligence was involved also. We have Russia wanting arrests and questioning over it, thus proving it was not done officially so Putin is off the hook and Trump is off the hook. This one is BAAAAD folks, it is an un-quenchable un-stoppable catastrophe for Hillary and the rest of her ilk.

You can't accept foreign funding for a campaign like this, even for that reason alone HILLARY IS TOAST. And that huge sum of money probably ties straight into Uranium One, and if it does not it is even better because it will mean there is an even bigger Hillary scam no one knew about.

Keep an eye on who is ignoring this statement by Putin, and is instead bashing Trump. No matter who they have claimed to be, if they are not hopping on this statement from Putin and blowing it to the corners of the earth, they are the ENEMY, NEVER EVER FORGET WHO IS DOING WHAT NOW.

Litmus test time.

If Putin went on the record the way he did, and flatly stated Hillary received $400,000,000 in campaign contributions from RUSSIANS, it means the end is near. JUMP HILLARY!!!

"If that bastard wins, we will all hang from nooses" - Hillary Clinton, 2016

There are a couple more comments below the "new island" in Hawaii post.

New island formed by Kiluea eruption

If the sources you have seen on this topic are still saying it is only 30 feet long, they are off. The island grew significantly and is now about 200 feet long. Reports that have a picture of the larger island are still saying it is only 30 feet long. I do not think it will stay as an island, I think it will fill the gap between it and the main island and simply become part of it.

The island is said to have been caused by an upwelling in underwater lava as it flowed from fissure 8. This would be a nice island to swim out to if it stayed an island, but it probably will not.

Helsinki summit going well

Trump and Putin(tm) hit it off well. So we'll have to wait a day and see what actually came of it. So far so good.

Here is the out take in a sentence: Liberals are going bonkers, calling Trump a traitor, yet Ron and Rand Paul think Trump did absolutely great. Here is a comment from Infowars that really sums it up:

" Fox News is covering this event and the comment section is exploding with leftist propaganda, so fast you can't even answer any of it. I told others to not expect responses from people who live in India typing out a script.

My comment: That's funny, but the left is losing support so quickly that I doubt they could con Soros into paying people in India to leave comments, no, that is probably a Google AI doing that for "free". "fight fake comment bots" Google and Twitter and Faceplant no doubt deploy them abundantly and Fox is seeing the wrath.

Just like Trump: Obrador has put in place a presidential pay cut for even himself

The U.S. presidency is a position where pay is a requirement. If I remember right, Trump, who wanted no pay at all, set his pay at 1 cent per year to meet the requirement of being paid. Obrador throughout his campaign said he'd cut the Presidential pay, for himself and all subsequent presidents.

Obrador is going to need enough to get by on, so he can't cut his pay to one cent. But all through his campaign, he trashed the presidents of the United States and Mexico, and called out Obama BY NAME in his commercials, saying the pay to Obama and the Mexican presidents was outrageously high, and he would change that. Interesting it is, he did not rip Trump, because Obrador obviously knew Trump rejected the pay.

As I have said before, there are very strong parallels between Trump and Obrador, so much so that Trump likes Obrador very much and has, in private (public enough for it to be reported) called Obrador "Juan Trump". At any rate, in case you do not remember, Trump rejected his presidential pay, and Lopez Obrador will be cutting presidential pay by 60 percent once he is inaugurated. He has to make at least something, and 40 percent of the regular salary is still decent, but I would not call it excessive for that position.

Trump does not call Obrador "Juan Trump" for nothing. Obrador is EVERYTHING I have said he is. If Obrador gets a two term (12 year) presidency in Mexico, and Trump gets an 8 year term, kiss the NWO goodbye for the rest of your visible lifetime, and there will actually be free and FAIR trade between Mex and the U.S. The flood of migrants will also stop with Obrador as president.

CAUTIONS: The European portion of the New World Order and the American "elite" are going to fight back hard and try to destroy Mexico economically over an Obrador presidency. He's the last thing they ever wanted, and they will try to Chavez him. But he's not Chavez, and Mexico's economy is diverse. Mexico does not get by via the exploitation of a single resource the way Venezuela had to exploit oil, Mexico has industry that makes everything from shoes to jet engine parts, and because of that it is going to be difficult to hurt Mexico the way the elite hurt Cuba and Venezuela. Mexico really does have the ability to trade on equal terms with the U.S., and that's an enormously strong position for Mexico to be in if Trump likes the new president.

China is also itching like an alley dog to get manufacturing set up in Mexico, but all of China's efforts were blocked by previous administrations. Obrador is set to let them in, on the condition that they employ Mexicans and do not simply import 5,000,000 chinese laborers. China would try to do that. If Obrador can work a deal without allowing China to bring large numbers of people in, it again would boost Mexico enormously.

The bottom line: Obrador put Obama in a negative light and that is something an elitist would never do. If you could just hear his campaign commercial where he mentioned Obama's pay, and the tone of his voice when referencing Obama, Ha, you'd laugh. I sure got a chuckle. That commericial aired repeatedly. Obrador knows what is going on in the world, and is definitely on our side of the equation.

Ultra leftist college admissions drop

Leftist colleges are feeling the heat as white students abandon them. Leading the pack is ultra leftist Evergreen state college, which held a day of protests against whites, where no white student was allowed on campus.

QUESTION: Can you shame whites who never did anything in their lives that would justify them being bashed into oblivion as racist and privileged? My short answer is "Anyone can take a certain amount of bullshit, but there are limits, and Evergreen just found out via a 17 percent enrollment drop, which saw a majority of it's white males WALK OUT."

I really, truly wish it was more than that. Anything less than a 50 percent enrollment drop is not satisfactory. Let's hope for the future numbers to bode more appropriately for that drainage ditch of a U.

Illegal immigrant beheads 13 year old girl

The MSM really is suppressing this story, with the only source covering it that is even close to MSM being The Blaze.

The U.S. mainstream media is refusing to report on a barbaric crime involving an illegal immigrant working for a Mexican drug cartel who forced a 13-year-old Alabama girl to watch the murder of her grandmother, before driving the child into the woods and cutting her head off.

Obviously the media will not report this, and "white America" is instead being fingered in liberal comment sections, despite they guy clearly being Latino. No facts stated whatsoever by the left with regard to this, because they just can't stop lying about everything.

You know, the leftist mantra is easy to beat, because it is so repetitive. All anyone has to do is have the guts to take the ridicule - to be able to handle being called racist, sexist, homophobic and an anti-semite. Do you realize that those 4 things are ALL, and I mean ALL the left has in it's aresnal?

The left's arsenal has NO OTHER AMMUNITION. Facts don't support them. They have absolutely nothing to respond with other than to slander the opponent. So here's how you handle a leftist: BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING AT ALL, SAY THIS: "I know I am a racist, sexist bigoted anti-semitic homophobe. So don't bother telling me what I already know. Now, can we discuss the facts without having you blabber that, PLEASE?

Hillary Clinton accused of greatest treason in history.

Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp has accused Hillary of the greatest treason in U.S. history. Why is this not a headline? Because the accusation is only in regard to laundering of funds for Uranium one through the clinton foundation. When someone wants to charge Hillary for espionage, and selling out America's secrets via her E-mail server, I'll take note. Until then, it is all a cover up that will go absolutely nowhere.

Trump did not bow for the Queen

Trump refused to bow for that belligerent, self centered and totally arrogant hag, and I applaud him. I have ripped the queen here quite well before, she is as evil and self centered as it gets, and the immigrant situation in Britain SAYS IT ALL. Why on earth would any prominent leader of that type want her kingdom saturated with immigrants who have no sophistication whatsoever and no respect for british history whatsoever? I HAVE THE ANSWER:

Because if the totally ignorant dominate, her family will be able to rule the way it did pre-Robin Hood. It takes a very low class populace to submit to that, and since everyday brits are NOT THAT, the Queen is importing her future of unbridled superiority from elsewhere. That's the only reason, and if Trump bowed to that, I'd have petitioned for impeachment!

Rosenstein to be impeached

Republicans are so sick of the never ending Russian B.S. and other partisan actions of Rosenstein, so they VERY BELATEDLY (should have done this long ago) drafted up impeachment documents.

Rosenstein should be a LOT MORE than impeached. His actions go far beyond sedition and deeply into treason. At first I thought it had to be a joke that someone actually did something about it, but as it turns out, Fox News covered this.


So I fixed it.

This whole ruse started out with a photo of Ocasio purportedly "screwing up" and releasing a picture of herself with a sign board that made it possible for anyone to put whatever they wanted on it. This was not a screw up. They probably took 500 photos of this girl to get a picture of her out there where she did not look "NUTZ". So I fixed it. Here is the original, flattering photo. This was probably taken right after a nice hit of the perfect drug (whatever it takes to make her look normal:)

Don't worry about that, I fixed her face by pasting in how she normally looks:



Of course they never checked the vaccines, they were part of the plan to destroy the United States and Western civilization, in part via vaccines that were nothing but weapons. If they destroy the intellect of, or otherwise maim enough generations, the entire society will be erased from the history books. That was the plan all along, and they have succeeded at this long enough to seriously maim, but not quite destroy everything (yet).

Let's see what comes of this. HOWEVER, "they" treasure their weapon so much I doubt they will back down, they will do the necessary killings, bribes, and cover ups and it will be business as usual if people do not push back hard, and I MEAN NOW.


Florida cops caught framing innocent people

Here's a new low! The police in a suburb of Miami sucked at their jobs so bad they could not solve any crimes. Or perhaps they enjoyed spending afternoons with Stormy rather than work. So what was the solution to all the unsolved cases that made them look bad?

SOLUTION: Just grab innocent people off the streets and say they did it, with a full false investigation and evidence trail to go along with it. Unfinished work looks bad, don't ya know, so why leave it appearing to be unfinished when you have become so powerful and corrupt absolutely anyone you can find to accuse will do? So they did it.

From the New York Post:

A former police chief in Florida allegedly pressured some officers to frame "anybody black" for unrelated crimes so the department could boast perfect crime stats, according to an internal probe of the small-town department.

Records obtained by the Miami Herald indicate that high-ranking officers in the Biscayne Park Police Department pressured some cops to make unwarranted arrests of random black people in order to better the departmentís crime stats, one cop told an outside investigator in 2014.

"If they have burglaries that are open cases that are not solved yet, if you see anybody black walking through our streets and they have somewhat of a record, arrest them so we can pin them for all the burglaries," Officer Anthony De La Torre said he was told. "They were basically doing this to have a 100% clearance rate for the city."

My comment:!?##!*%! YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP. American police are often so corrupt they defy the creativity most people can conjure with what they do.



Mentioned because it is the top headline on Drudge, and now the filth cretins are attempting to push a lawsuit against Russia over it!


Prosecute the Russians for hacking the election. What a load of ****

GEE, GO FIGURE: The public is not buying it!

Kiluea eruption:

Over a square mile has been added to the island by the recent lava flows. This exceeds anything on modern record, with the previous record being .75 square miles added by a single eruption in 1960, and despite breaking that record the flows are accelerating, not slowing down.

As the lava flows reach the ocean, they are not visible because the tops have hardened, and the lava is flowing under the surface through lava tubes. It appears safe to walk on, but there are numerous warnings for people to not walk on the lava because if they break through they will fall into molten lava.

There was some lamentation over how many historic landmarks were destroyed by this eruption. However, I have a hunch this eruption is making many new soon to be landmarks, and that previous amazing places (such as the Thurston lava tube) are going to be dwarfed by what is left behind when the current eruptions have ended, and cooled enough for people to get a close look.

HA HA! Obrador is already clearing up government glut.

Obrador wants to return a 787 dreamliner to Boeing for a "fair price" after Pena Nieto had it made as Mexico's version of Air Force 1 for over $200 million, citing that it was nothing but an excercise in government excess. AMLO's comment: "I will never get on that plane".

Adding to the glory was Amlo's stated cancellation of a 1.36 billion dollar order for 8 U.S. made helicopters (which are spectacularly, gluttonously over priced). He'd get the same thing from Russia for no more than 10 percent of that price. I wonder who was in the payoff chain for those helicopters? 1.36 BILLION, for 8 helicopters??!!?? HOW ON EARTH COULD THAT POSSIBLY BE DONE? Granted, they were decent helicopters but what a price tag!

GET THIS: 8 choppers at 1.36 billion means the helicopters cost $170 million each. AT 108 MILLION, THE DRASTICALLY OVER PRICED F-35 cost $63 million LESS EACH. How the * did Mexico ever accept such a price tag on 8 helicopters?

Amlo can't quite see why they cost so much, so he's cancelling the order. GOOD CALL. Heck, for 1.36 billion Obrador could instead buy 120 Sukhoi SU-25's and be the superpower of Latin America.

Amlo is also planning to cancel the pensions for Mexican presidents and government officials. He's citing excessive bloat on numerous fronts in the Mexican government, The problem is, all that bloat is going to people who are potentially dangerous. So we will have to wait and see if he even survives until inauguration day. Wait and hope.

Trump is ripping it up in Europe

Europeans love him, and the government hates him. Trump is in fact getting overwhelming support from the true locals, while false flag protests that are few in number and not well manned are failing for all but perfectly placed cameras.

Trump is correct about Nato, and also correct about forcing Europe to pay it's fair share. Comment sections cannot be adequately censored to stop the overwhelming show of support for Trump from Europeans. THERE IS A STRONG POSSIBILITY THAT THE ENTIRE STORMY DANIELS INCIDENT WAS STAGED TO DISTRACT THE NEWS CYCLE FROM JUST HOW DAMN MUCH EUROPEANS LOVE TRUMP, AND HOW WELL HE WAS RECEIVED BY REAL PEOPLE.

I said it all along: Hillary's mails sold America out to foreign enemy

Now, two years later, the Daily Caller has it. At least someone does. This, from the Daily Caller, is probably a limited hangout piece that won't get repeated by the MSM very much (but to maintain legitimacy, at least someone has to report it)


From the Daily Caller

A member of the House Committee on the Judiciary said during a hearing Thursday that a government watchdog found that nearly all of former Secretary of State Hillary Clintonís emails were sent to a foreign entity and that the FBI didnít follow-up on that finding.

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found an "anomaly on Hillary Clinton's emails going through their private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except four, over 30,000, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list," Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said during a hearing with FBI official Peter Strzok.

"It was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia," he added.

Gohmert said the ICIG investigator, Frank Rucker, presented the findings to Strzok, but that the FBI official did not do anything with the information.

My comment: The Daily Caller pointed out that an "investigative reporter" discovered this. They can eat my lint.

Here it is, in a nutshell, what Hillary did, as I said two years ago:

Someone (or a group) that had very high sensitive ties took all of the plans for many of America's top technological systems and security methods, wrapped them all up like a neat little package on a high capacity storage device, handed them to Hillary, she posted them on a knowingly un-secure server, AND SUDDENLY, OUT OF NOWHERE, China's working on the same ultrasonic aircraft and quantum communications America once had all to itself.

There is a group of traitors in the U.S. government who want the nation destroyed. Soros is the king, and Hillary was to be the queen. The FBI, CIA, and everyone else from top to bottom wanted America destroyed. They expected to get away with it by stealing an election from a candidate who had overwhelming support. Then somehow, someone hacked their hack, and handed it to Trump in the most aggravating way possible.

They freaked out when they discovered they "lost" and knew someone got a supreme hack on them, in an election system they KNEW they fully controlled and were able to rig. So they have been bantering about Russia endlessly and just can't stop crying. They will hopefully end up getting toasted.

Now we have a situation where the FBI and whoever else is working overtime to cover up everything Hillary did, and recover as much of their plan to destroy the United States as possible. Hillary was supposed to finish off America, and they are attempting to turn Trump's presidency into a speed bump they can drive over and recover from.

Stormy Daniels charges dropped

She is still saying Trump had her arrested, despite that obviously not being the case. She was back at the strip club already last night.

Her quick release despite actually breaking Ohio law proves Trump had nothing to do with the arrest, and that she's privileged on top of it.


I was not able to track this down to a definitive source but it is interesting, so I'll post it.

How 9/11 Was Funded: The Man behind the Missing $2.3 Trillion

Just in case you missed it, this is totally unconfirmed and was unconfirmable when I tried, so it could be a hoax.

By Scott Bennett

Dear President Trump,

As a military officer and also contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, I was assigned to the Joint Interagency Operations Center at U.S. Central Command, where I identified, tracked, and reported on terrorists, their financial donors, networks, banks, and activities.

Part of my mission was to investigate, discover, and expose all acts of "waste, fraud, and abuse" by Terrorist Financing Operations Director Dov Zakheim who was my senior supervisor. It was known that Dov Zakheim had secretly arranged for $2.3 trillion dollars to be mis-appropriated through Pentagon channels when he had been the Pentagon Comptroller.

I was assigned the task of penetrating Dov Zakheim's terrorist financing operations, which involved his son Roger Zakheim (a lawyer at the House Armed Services Committee), an Iraqi named Abdullah Azziz (with close ties to Rudy Gulliani) and the law firm Covington and Burling.

The auditors investigating this matter were conveniently killed in a missile strike upon the Pentagon Office of Naval Intelligence on September 11, 2001. This missile strike was concealed as a "plane attack", which was a deception operation.

I briefed your attorney Michael Cohen about these matters in 2015 and 2016 - which may be one of the reasons he has been targeted by Deep State Shadow Government loyalists.

Evidence and expert testimony confirm without a doubt that the attacks on September 11, 2001 against the Pentagon (as well as the World Trade Center and the Solomon Building in N.Y.) were a well-planned, well-financed, psychological operation - a false flag attack on American soil - designed to trigger and manipulate the American people, the Congress, and the U.S. Military into a full-scale war-mobilization posture with the intent of overthrowing, scattering, and re-making the Middle East and Africa for the direct political, cultural, and economic benefit of the Zionist state of Israel.

9/11, although seemingly coherent, has led to a multi-trillion dollar nightmare for Americans. Because of your success in attacking the Deep State with your sealed indictments and other measures, and because of the failure of the DNI-CIA-FBI-DOJ "Russian Hoax" as well as great fear that your forthcoming summit with President Vladimir Putin will be a great success, I fear for your life and pray for your safety.

You are our Chief Law Enforcement Officer, not just our Commander-in-Chief. It is my hope that this memorandum, combined with the other memoranda you are receiving from other informed patriots, will be helpful to you during the Helsinki summit, where I and many others hope that you and President Putin will share intelligence on 9/11 - who did it, how they did it, why they did it - face to face.

I believe that your leadership in placing the truth about 9/11 before the public will finish the job of taking down the Deep State and the Shadow Government - it will help you shut down the pernicious Zionist/Saudi penetration and subversion of the US economy, government, and society and it will help you demonstrate to the larger public, most of whom did not vote for you, that under your leadership, the US Government can be trusted to clean house and tell the truth.

Very respectfully,

Scott Bennett

My comment: Admit it, that was a fun read. However, it is not confirmed and I cannot figure out what the actual origin of this was.

Kim Jong sent Trump a letter, and Trump tweeted it. Here it is:

My comment: There are recent reports about Kim Jong not disabling his nuke capabilities. However, there are also reports about the CIA launching a psy op on this topic, to undermine Trump, and that Kim Jong is indeed proceeding as promised. Since the truth is basically impossible to find on this topic, take your pick - I have not mentioned it before this for that reason.

(POSSIBLE) KEY INFO: Allegedly an Iphone was found by a diver after it received a text 30 FEET UNDERWATER

Cell phones are not operating the way we have been told they are if this was possible. If that cell phone actually received a text and did not simply light up to remind of a text, there's no conceivable way they rely only on radio based connections.

The only way you can send a signal that will make it through 30 feet of water is if it has a frequency of 3.2 Mhz or less, and that would require absolutely ideal conditions. More typical at 30 feet would be 500 KHZ or less. There are no cell phone systems that operate at a frequency anywhere near that low.

According to conventional tech, you need ELF to communicate with submarines because the water blocks all high frequency signals. Since subs are often more than a thousand feet down, only very low frequencies can reach them. The Navy has, historically, only communicated with subs at frequencies of 100 KHZ or less, and has (historically) typically kept the frequencies below 20 khz. This requires massive miles long antennas that are horizontal rather than vertical, and in a circle that has a radius of over a mile. Antenna requirements on the sub are not as stringent, because when submerged, subs operate in a predominantly radio free environment.

Here is the math for an absolutely ideal connection situation under 30 feet of water: 186,000x5280/30 equals 3.276 Mhz. However, since any cell signal would have had to arrive at an angle to be realistic, thus forcing it to travel through more water, even 500 KHZ would be a stretch.

It is possible the article writer did not get the story straight, but if that really was a new text, and the Iphone was not just reminding of an old text, the only connection available that would do it would be a quantum connection. The battery still having over 80 percent charge would indicate the Iphone was not trying to transmit and knew it was out of range.

Since a quantum connection is not anything we have heard of with cell phones yet, and there is no radio theory that makes it possible to connect at high frequencies through that much water, I am leaning towards "the article writer not getting the story straight" and will only suggest this report, if accurate, indicates there could be a lot more to cell phone connectivity, and therefore cell phone spying than we have been made aware of.

The big danger with the Iphone report - what we need to be wary of, is that it could be a secret warning sent out over the MSM to be understood only by "privileged" people that a new tech is in cell phones that makes it impossible to be "disconnected" come hell or high water.

In a quantum world, this is how it would be done:

Quantum communications requires a particle and anti particle that operate as a pair. There's no way to put an identicle anti-particle in every cell tower. However, if Darpa designed the quantum portion of a cell phone chip, and this tech was in fact perfected long ago (with current press reports only to make China feel good) they could have the antiparticle go into another chip, which would then be put on a circuit board with thousands of other chips, and sent to an NSA facility.

The NSA facility would handle all calls and collect all data, and the cell towers, phone company, and bills would all be a ruse. They would have to have at least a portion of communications require a "tower", which would not be needed, at least be visible to uphold the ruse because everyone knows a cell phone won't always connect. But if all the quantum components were within an NSA facility, it would allow the NSA to capture every single communication by default, which anyone with a brain knows is being done already.

Then, all you need to do is run reports about "how China is ahead of the U.S. and already doing quantum communications" and the entire operation would have perfect cover. The Chinese would feel great, be rendered unable to do anything better than what they already stole (proof of this is in the recent report about an Apple employee stealing design data for a self-driving car, which proves the Chinese can't figure it out on their own if they had to steal it) and the U.S., via the NSA, would then rape everyone with 30 year old tech we were never told about that is now refined enough to reside on a lowly $3 chip.

THAT would be a well oiled machine of tyranny if there ever was one.

Red White and Blue

I have been meaning to point this out for a while but keep forgetting. Russia's flag is red white and blue. It is no longer the hammer and sickle. This flag was the flag of Russia from 1700 to 1918, changed after the communist takeover, and is now again the flag of Russia.

Scientific study: Pre born babies react to music

A study of the reactions of pre-born babies to music and other sounds was conducted by Institut Marques in Barcelona Spain. This study, which involved 300 unborn children, showed that even at only 18 weeks 91 percent reacted to Mozart. Several music genres were tested, with classical music triggering the most obvious responses. They also reacted strongly to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Additionally, voices of strangers and Mickey Mouse were tested, with more positive responses to Mickey Mouse than the voices of strangers. So even fairly early in pregnancy, (when the baby is about 5 inches long) they are already aware of sounds and can tell the difference between voices, and react differently to different voices.

The study went as far as to separate out cultures and races, and test for reactions to music from specific cultures. When the babies were exposed to music that was prevalent in their societies, they reacted more strongly, but across all, classical music got the most and strongest responses.

The study proved, without question, that long before birth the babies not only responded to music and voices, but there were evident ancestral ties with evidence of them expressing familiarity with culture specific music, that matched the culture they were from.

Question: Would women still get abortions as much if they knew their baby was already aware enough to react to Bohemian Rhapsody? DOUBT IT. Canned parenthood and Facebook, which accomplish a huge amount of evil via disinfo and deception, won't ever give a study like this one the light of day because they know damn well what they are doing and know that any level of awareness would go a long way to curtail it.

The study is very easy to understand and is presented succintly and in a way where you don't have to be a geek to interpret the info. It is all on only 4 pages. You can see it yourself HERE.



Her lawyer is lying! There actually was, according to Ohio law, a solid reason to arrest her.

She was arrested for having "physical contact" with patrons. The above is only an intro, the actual article is HERE.



Does Ocasio look like a young Barbara Spectre, or is it just me?

Is it just me or is this obvious to others? To me, Ocasio looks like Obama and Barbara had a night together.

Last night I was furious enough with the left to toss and turn until 3.

Then I got up, had a peanut butter sandwich, and finally fell asleep.

Something new has come to light with the left, and it is that it is unabashedly, proudly evil. This evil is not only in what they will do (bestiality, murder kids, run the slave trade, abortion, overtly seek to destroy Western civilization) you know the list - that list is well known but that's not what had me tossing and turning. What had me burning last night was the hipocracy.

Here we have a group of people who proclaims women's rights, yet allows them to be destroyed by antidepressants, and promotes a lonely slave life where they defy everything "feminine" while claiming to be "feminist" and work themselves to death, only to return home to a empty silent home. "Feminism" causes it. And when after seeking answers for why they feel like shit after getting their brains beaten out by traitors who claim to be professors in college, they are told they have a mental problem and are prescribed pills that destroy them. Liberals are that evil.

On the left we have a group of people who claim free speech, but attempt to destroy it everywhere, especially if you are not into bestiality, child sacrifice, running slaves, abortion, or you do not want to destroy Western civilization. and when you take a stand against what liberals stand for you get labeled "a threat to society" and banned on Youtube, Faceplant, EVERYWHERE, even your e-mails which are now automatically scanned and censored.

You can't even widely get the truth on Kavanaugh via alt media because of this.

Kavanaugh's lynch pin issue with me is abortion. It is not good that he is a swamp creature either. HOWEVER, does anyone out there in alt media realize that Kavanaugh was the only one to dissent against it with Obamacare, or that he was the only judge to dissent and say no to an illegal immigrant who wanted an abortion? LET ME BE CLEAR: Kavanaugh is not a bishop from the year 1823. But in the context of the filth he comes from, which is the only thing Trump can choose from, there's really no other choice.

The left is satanic, which shows clearly in their behavior

Name one issue the left has been honest about. They bash the white male as being violent, yet white males are the least violent of all males worldwide. They claim and unborn child is just an un-differentiated tissue blob, like a cyst, yet rip them out of the womb clearly and obviously as whole babies, and after doing it, lie and say it is just an un-differentiated tissue blob with no form.

And back in the 90's after someone dug through the remains at the Robbinsdale clinic, many abortion facilities started throwing the bodies into a homogenizer (which is like a super fine hamburger grinder) that reduced the bodies to pink slime so "no one could ever pull whole bodies out of the garbage again". They then claimed all they were removing from women was "jelly" and they showed that "jelly" to a guy I worked with, to "prove they were not killing babies" and I argued and argued with him saying what do you expect to see of ANYTHING after it's been sent through a homogenizer? He was too stupid to get it, a classic liberal.

Choosing to homogenize the bodies after being busted, and then increasing the level of the lie is exactly what Satan would do. And now that things have corrupted even further, there is a market for the bodies so they probably don't homogenize them anymore - there's a profit to be made - time for controlled distribution channels.

In the abortion issue, we have a classic example of Satanic behavior. In scripture, what is the ONE GOAL of satan? What is the key goal? The end summation? Answer: Satan wants to destroy the work of God. Abortion is a supreme, prime example of this desire of satan. And I am also fairly certain that another issue with this topic is the fact that God can't return until all souls have been tested to where they can be judged, and Satan is trying to buy time by killing as many as possible before they are born. And in addition to it all, the abject dishonesty of the abortion industry is a hallmark of satanic behavior.

The bottom line? Kavanaugh had DAMN WELL BETTER overturn Roe V Wade.

Trump is our last chance. If he fails to fix this country, and Facebook is censoring, and everything good is under attack and slated for destruction, the alt media is going to be diminished, diminished, and diminished further, and the precise moment the left has calculated they can get away with it, everyone is going to be rounded up and shipped out.

This time, unlike other predictions like this, we have a glimpse of what the left is actually going to do. Just look at Zukerberg and facebook. If you stand against abortion, child molesting, the slave trade, IF YOU EXPOSE ANY EVIL AT ALL, YOU WILL BE DECLARED A THREAT TO SOCIETY AND GET WIPED OUT. They proved this with Diamond and Silk. They proved it with countless others less prominent.

Folks, what kind of society is threatened by having evil exposed? ANSWER: THAT SOCIETY WHICH IS RUN BY EVIL. Zukerberg, which is really just a symptom of a greater disease, already told us. If you fight evil, you're a threat to society. Only a society increasingly ruled by satan could ever spawn someone who would ever say speaking the truth and fighting evil is a threat.

And so I tossed and turned, and tossed and turned . . . . .

July 10 2018

BIG NEWS: Russia offers it's best land to White South African farmers

Russia knows a good prospect where there is one, and is offering free land and sanctuary to all White South African farmers, in some of Russia's most premium farmland. The land has been offered in the Vologda region between St. Petersburg and Moscow. 30 families have been accepted so far (in the last couple days) to lay the groundwork for the rest to arrive.

A couple years ago Putin opened up Eastern Siberia, offering 2.5 acres to anyone who wanted to settle there. This deal for WHITE south Africans who want to bring their farming skills to Russia is a much better deal. In my opinion, this is a great strategic move by Putin.


New Hurricane to watch

This is off the coast of North Carolina, and will probably become a hurricane in the next couple hours (by the end of July 10)

Facebook will never back off, the war is real.

Diamond and Silk have been severely damaged

Diamond and Silk are two pro-Trump black girls who had enormous followings on facebook and Youtube. Once Facebook and Youtube employed their thought police, Youtube de-monetized Diamond and Silk, and Facebook began censoring badly. Facebook lied, and said the resulting reduction in traffic was due to a "bug".

After giving Diamond and Silk the runaround for months, Facebook finally gave Diamond and Silk a real answer: "The Policy team has came to the conclusion that your content and your brand has been determined unsafe to the community.


In other words, Diamond and silk are a threat to satan, let's be direct here: It is clearly the goal of the elite to hand the world to satan, and before that can be accomplished good people have to be silenced. I don't know exactly how much their traffic dropped, but do know their income was cut by 97.5%

I have been noticing my own stats dropping (at least slightly), and spent some time this morning going over what has happened since Faceplant, Youtube and others have been censoring. Here are the results:

Year on year, the overall unique visitors have dropped 9.2 percent. Actual visits have, year on year, dropped 8.7 percent

PAST THREE MONTHS: THIS IS KEY INFO HERE FOLKS BECAUSE YOU CAN FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH THE CENSORSHIP WILL DAMAGE ALT MEDIA FROM THIS: Unique visitors (these are regular site visitors mixed with people who only hit the site once These fell by 17 percent over the last three months, compared to last year. HOWEVER, for the same time period, the number of total visits only fell by 8.5 percent over last year during the same time frame.

So how can the drop in total visits, and unique visits be so different? ANSWER: Among people who know about this site and go to it regularly, VISITS ARE UP by 8.5 percent over last year during this same 3 month time frame. what does this indicate?

It indicates that overall, people increasingly want what web sites like this one publish, but Facebook and others are having (some) effectiveness at censoring content, thus preventing new people from discovering anything. Sites like this one will retain their current readership, but won't grow.

As I predicted however, the future is far more bleak for sites like Diamond and Silk

These types of sites depend upon servers provided by the enemy, and whatever hits the enemy allows through. Any move by the enemy will have enormous repercussions. Youtube and Faceplant really might succeed in killing them.

The rest of alt media will be held stagnant, because if you can't send a link through a mail without it being censored, and all content is censored from search engines, there won't be a way for anyone new to find your site except for word of mouth, and who uses that anymore?

I was very perplexed by an overall 17 percent drop in unique visits, but after doing the math, the core readership is still here, stronger than ever.

Faceplant and other "MSM" internet sites are rigging the game with free cell phone bandwidth

Obviously, after such bad behavior, Facebook should be dead. That's not the case however, because at least in Mexico telecommunications companies, ALL OF THEM, have their internet configured like this:

"We will give you 1 gig for the normal internet, unlimited bandwidth to use on Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp . . . . . all the evil that is consuming the world. That's an extremely unfair business practice. Here's what Telcel does:

HOW COULD ZUKERBERG POSSIBLY LOSE??!!?? THAT is precisely how that parasite is stopping Facebook from tanking. That's called totally unfair representation and unfair competition. Mexicans run their normal internet out quickly, the phone keeps working, (so why get more airtime) and then, there's still Facebook.

That is precisely how Zukerberg plans to survive killing off truth on the web. And the phone companies will comply, because they are all owned by the same satanic elite, and are all on the same team.

Hillary is flying on normal passenger jets

In her latest flight, Hillary flew on a passenger jet. Normally people like Hillary fly only in private jets. QUESTION: Why did Hillary and Bill fly that way?

Clinton foundation asset seizure?

No one knows precisely why, but the story is not making mainstream news,UPDATE: Drudge just picked this up so people are going to know about this now.

VERY SAFE BET: It was not a campaign ploy. If it was, the liberal MSM would have been ALL OVER IT, ripping Trump for having his own jumbo jet while Hillary flies with the plebs, thus proving "she's one of us". If it is not that, then WHY?

Thai soccer team

They are out, and the method used was not what Elon Musk proposed. Evidently the cave was not completely flooded, there were numerous air pockets that could be used. So it was a matter of getting the kids from air pocket to air pocket.

I thought this was a case of a river back flowing into the cave, or something else like that. But no, it was instead a case of a cave in a mountain, and groundwater going into it due to seasonal rains.

Musk's initial idea would not have worked because the cave was not straight enough. It would have taken far too long to put any sort of tube anyone could crawl through into the cave. The kids were saved the most conventional way possible - by pulling them behind a scuba diver.

The boys entered the cave to perform an initiation ritual for new team members. There was a location in the cave they called "the beach" where they would go and mark the wall. They were actually past "the beach" where they were stranded. That ritual is probably not going to be done anymore.

Trump's supreme court pick

I am not sure of what is going on yet with this, other than that it was not a pick anyone was hoping for, and it is not final, Congress can still strike it down. Reportedly Rand Paul was very upset. My hope is that Trump picked someone he knew would be struck down.

All the headlines about dems being prepared to complain about anyone are true, this was managed by having generic signs printed ahead of time that a name could be dropped into.

I really hope Kavanaugh is not as bad as many are saying. Gingrich likes him and that can't be good. If he won't overturn Roe v Wade he's useless as far as I care, even if he upholds the second amendment. Useless because there were better options. I hope I am wrong on this, as the next post shows.

The only thing good about this is that it is not final. It does not have to be Kavanaugh.

Trump's method of banning abortion: Install a supreme court that will ban it.

Everyone was perplexed at how Planned Parenthood was not deprived of fedral funding. However, Trump's chess is coming into view. His goal the entire time was to put in place a supreme court that would ban it. That's probably happening tonight.

I have not looked into the histories of the supreme court judges before saying the following, so it is only a guess. MY GUESS: Trump's swamp draining apparatus probably has two more supreme court justices in it's sights for corruption, crimes, and whatever else. And I believe (though the MSM never reported this) that Kennedy resigned because he was nailed for exactly that. But you won't hear that, and I only guessed it. However, if that be the case, HOW ABOUT TWO MORE? That would be EPIC, and the only way Trump could swap out a huge number of phony judges for real ones.

Here's the logic: Kennedy is still able to do his job. He knows what is at stake if he quits. WHY ELSE WOULD HE QUIT?

Here is what Snopes said (not that the opinion matters, but they even hinted at this:)

They said "not proven." "Not proven" in Snopes speak means: If that judge's kid is questioned, he's GOING DOWN but CNN did not say it, so it is "not proven". I really strongly suspect Trump is going to clean the supreme court out via the wrongdoings of fake judges who should have never held the spot. Let's hope Trump is now 1:3.


Tinfoil hat attacks are back in the news

Hmm, let me get this straight. For decades, ordinary Americans were "tinfoil hat nutcases" for claiming they have been beamed, with "tinfoil hat" coined by America's very own CIA that was running the attacks against decent citizens to begin with. Yet when government workers get beamed by someone other than the CIA, they are given full legitimacy, even to the point of claming long term damage? !@##$! OFF.

Yes, now the claim is that over 200 have been permanently damaged, and countless more exposed. HEY FREAKS, I don't recall any "tinfoil hat nutter" EVER claiming permanent damage. WHAT ARE THESE GOVERNMENT WORKERS SEEKING? DISABILITY PAYMENTS? WHAT A MONEY SUCKING ENTITLEMENT HOAX!!! As if the normal pension was not enough!

This time it really is deserved: The Tinfoil Hat award goes to:

NOT A JOKE: "Hillary"(tm) really is testing the water for a 2020 presidential run

How could the real Hillary possibly do that?

Though the story is in the news, having it be the real hillary is not believable. Why don't they just have wild eyed freak Ocasio Cortez run? They'd accomplish the same thing, and if they ever did manage to steal an election where only 5 percent voted for the "candidate" they could Castro/Chavez her into power for 50 years and after that long then have someone in Hillary's condition filling the role. That is, of course, if there were at least 50 Americans left working who could be taxed 95 percent to support that parasite and Hillary is not wearing an ankle monitor. They can throw the real Hillary in jail, and absolutely would get away with running a "Hillary"(tm) that has no history, only an appointable commitment. But I still think they'd be better off appointing Ocasio.

I do not for one second believe Ocasio Cortez won anything at all. NOT ONE THING. She is anointed and will be appointed, not elected. If she does succeed in her "dream of the presidency" she'll be appointed a lifer.

254 acts of media approved violence against Trump supporters

Breitbart compiled this enormous list, which is the type of report a site like Brietbart rarely ever does. They found 254 cases of media approved violence against Trump supporters and linked every single one. Impressive. Here's their introduction:

"When not calling Trump supporters "Nazis" as a means to dehumanize us, the establishment media like to whine about the lack of civility in American politics, even as they cover up, ignore, downplay, or straight-up approve of the wave of violence and public harassment we are seeing against supporters of President Trump.

It is open season on Trump supporters, and the media is only fomenting, encouraging, excusing, and hoping for more... The media are now openly calling Trump supporters "Nazis" and are blaming Trump for a mass murder he had nothing to do with. This, of course, is a form of harassment because it incites and justifies mob violence.

Here is the list, so far, and remember that if any one of these things happened to a Democrat, the media would use the story to blot out the sun for weeks. Remember how crazy the media went over a nobody rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask, a GOP staffer who criticized Obama's daughters? And yet, hundreds of Trump supporters are harassed and brutalized and the media only dutifully report them, if at all. That is because the media are desperate to normalize and justify violence and harassment against Trump and his supporters.

And while the media openly encourage this violence against us, the media also campaign to disarm us, to take away our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves.

This list will be updated as needed. Back-filling it will be an ongoing project.

This very impressive list is HERE.

Here is a bit of unfiltered truth.

Anything less than the whole truth is an obstruction of the truth. Here's the whole truth about the attitude of abortion doctors. Sometimes the truth is hard to look at.

Hidden camera? Abortion doctors caught playing with aborted babies.

The actual video was on Youtube for less than two hours when I grabbed these frames and made a gif. Now that this is a gif, Youtube is not needed. POST THIS ANYWHERE YOU LIKE

Yes, aborted babies are FUN to play with! I would not be surprised if this video was in fact required for blackmail purposes, before these "doctors" were allowed to hold a political office.

Remember a while back when abortion doctors were caught doing a comedy skit about "eyeballs landing in their lap"? Well, the above is supporting evidence folks, they know what they are doing and have no compunctions about it.

The following happened about a year ago if I remember correctly.

Can a picture counteract 1000 hours of political bantering? I'd say yes. That is the whole truth about "un-viable tissue blobs" - the WHOLE truth in a picture you'll never hear in the MSM, RIGHT THERE.

NaturalNews has launched it's video site


The New York Times has called for killings to stop Trump's supreme court pick

From Breitbart

The far-left New York Times editorial board is calling on Democrats to use mafia tactics from The Godfather to stop President Trump from filling a Supreme Court vacancy.

Using language that appears to not only condone, but to encourage violence, the editorial board writes:

Barring some unforeseen development, the president will lock in a 5-to-4 conservative majority, shifting the court solidly to the right for a generation. This is all the more reason for Democrats and progressives to take a page from "The Godfather" and go to the mattresses on this issue.

The term "going to the mattresses" means going to war.

The Urban Dictionary accurately describes the phrase as meaning "preparing for battle" within the context of a mob war, a violent mob war involving firearms, assassinations, and bombings.

The anti-Trump New York Times describes this editorial as a "call to arms" and adds that the "fire now raging against Mr. Trump and his nominees can't be sustained indefinitely."

My comment: How much sedition can be tolerated in the press? At least they acknowledge their gig is almost up, by saying they can't sustain their attacks forever.

More from Breitbart: Here's the reason for the leftist freakout:

During Friday's Weekly Address, President Trump said that in picking a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, "my greatest responsibility is to select a justice who will faithfully interpret the Constitution as written." He added, "Judges are not supposed to re-write the law, re-invent the Constitution, or substitute their own opinions for the will of the people expressed through their laws.

One of the most important decisions a president will ever make is the decision to nominate a justice to the United States Supreme Court.

Last week, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his decision to take senior status. I was greatly honored when Justice Kennedy came to the White House to meet with me. America is truly grateful for Justice Kennedy's lifetime of distinguished service. He has given me a great responsibility to choose a worthy successor.

Last year, I was proud to appoint Justice Kennedy's former law clerk, Neil Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court. Over the last year, Justice Gorsuch has embodied the most sacred principles of the court, making impartial decisions based upon the Constitution."

My comment: At least Trump has the right idea. Let's hope he's perceptive enough to implement it.

Bruce Jenner is either a guy in drag or a "male lesbian", which means a guy in drag.

Above photo, to prove the real girl is not ugly. She looks ugly in the next photo. The guy does look ugly.

They actually look like mom and kid. I do not believe Jenner really willingly went shemale, someone had dirt on him and it is all a show. Does he still have his man parts? no one clarified that. Anyway, in the top photo the girl looks ok (if it is a girl, who knows), but that's quite an age disparity.


For over a week, there have been reports of a soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand. I did not cover this because it is not the type of thing I focus this web site on. however, now that Elon Musk is involved, it is political so here's the story:

A thai soccer team, consisting of kids from 12 to 16 years old (plus their coach) entered a cave in Thailand to explore it. When they went in, the cave was dry. They walked 2.5 miles in. When they were in, a massive rainstorm struck and flooded the cave. They can't get out because an enormous span of the cave is underwater, and none of the kids can swim. Even if they could swim, it would be way too far and it is estimated that the cave will remain flooded for three months.

By a stroke of amazing luck they were accidentally discovered in the cave by a team of British divers that were only going in for a good time. They are on a rock ledge. It is too far to take them out with divers. A Thai Navy Seal already died in a previous rescue attempt. Enter Elon Musk

Elon Musk got word of the story of the trapped kids. Not surprisingly, Elon has a tunneling company. He has experience with flooded locations. He has a plan to use inflated tubes inserted into the tunnel, that the kids can crawl out through. A long, long, long crawl out. He will arrive on Saturday to assess the situation. My guess is he'll succeed.

Erodogan considering a reboot of Ottoman empire

Jim Stone, July 6, 2018

The Ottoman empire ruled the middle east for centuries, up until world war 1. It was a great, extremely well run empire that was taken out by the West, to divide the Muslim states into small zones which were easy to control. Erdogan wants this giant pan-arab state to return, there is little question in this.

An amazingly well done piece on the Ottoman empire was aired on Mexican TV as a "soap opera", which had the full quality of a high class feature film, and was a total of at least 120 hours. It had pristine accuracy, at the same time it made the Ottoman empire look great. I was baffled by why anyone would produce such an obviously expensive production of such long duration, only to have it sent out for "free" on television. Perhaps, with Erdogan's recent developments, we have an answer.

This report from two years ago, shows the early stages of Erdogan's quest to reclaim the full Ottoman empire, with land on the map claimed as "Turkey" that does not currently belong to Turkey. But it has grown to become a lot more than that, with Erdogan now wanting to take all of Syria, and Saudi Arabia (and therefore obviously the small countries that surround Saud). Here is another report which speaks about Erdogan with regard to the rest of the Arab world (not only Saudi Arabia) but Saudi Arabia is going to be his first step, if he can do it.

Erdogan has taken big steps to get the media under control and will now proceed to crack down on the internet. His biggest opposition is Adnan Oktar, who basically runs a religious cult with "islamic sex angels". Surprisingly, Adnan Oktar claims to be an Islamic fundamentalist who also wants a pan-Islamic state, however, Oktar is totally in Israel's back pocket (despite most of the Jewish press saying he's an anti Jewish Islamic televangelist.) However, he frequently has rabbis on his program which pretty much says he is a sellout, and this would fully explain his "sex angels". I really don't know how this guy can keep a straight face with all the crap he does. Adnan Oktar has to be mentioned, because with regard to the restoration of the Ottoman empire, he's the main opponent of it unless he can do it on his own terms (and that would mean Israel's terms).

With his recent winning of the recent election in Turkey Erdogan has already re-written the Turkish constitution, allowing him far more power and control, which he will now attempt to use to restore the Ottoman empire. He is already attempting to do away with the secular government and re-establish Turkey as an Islamic state. One example of this is here. And if you search "Erdogan Islamic caliphate", it is obvious the New World Order is against Erdogan, with pre-placed accusations of Turkey becoming a "terror state" and Erdogan being a "tyrant" already becoming dominant.

The following is a map of the Ottoman empire shortly before it was broken up by the Rothschilds (or whoever else at that time) after World War 1. The countries we associate with now are predominantly not on this map. Erdogan will be met with extreme resistance to any plan to restore this map to what it was before World War 1.

New internet tax will kill Ebay sellers

A good friend of mine who is a power seller and I discussed this years ago. Despite the fact that he is an MBA and has the math side absolutely mastered, he flatly stated that there's no way he would ever survive an internet sales tax, and it was not because of the money involved, it was because he'd have to understand all the sales tax laws in every state and that would be completely impossible, with states changing laws all the time, and every offense being "worth a serious penalty".

There is a good reason why there was no internet sales tax. And that is because it would force mom and pop to out-perform the tax departments of even large corporations, which, in their own zones doing local selling would not have to know as much as someone who is selling to all zones. Here's an example:

How could anyone know the details of city sales taxes (for cities that add them) if they lived in Idaho and sold to someone in Louisiana? After the state sales tax, lots of cities have their own sales taxes. How on earth would someone online ever manage that? ANSWER: No one could. Bye bye mom and pop, the internet really will belong to Amazon, which can afford to pay 500 tax attorneys.

The giant "fireworks explosions" in Mexico yesterday were sabotage

I saw a few reports about this yesterday so I figured I would mention this -

A firworks manufacturing facility that was very well run and in compliance with all code had a saboteur destroy it. Massive amounts of flash powder were in 4 locations on site. The saboteurs first exploded one storage cache. They then waited for the place to be full of fire fighters and EMT's and a half hour later set the other three stockpiles off which blew some of the fire trucks to smithereens, and I mean totally destroyed them worse than any accident would. Obviously if that happened to the trucks they can't even find some of the people.

The place was impeccably run, with full security and extremely well marked buildings, and the incident is being treated as a security issue, not an unsafe manufacturing issue. They are suspecting employees did it because the security was tight enough to keep outsiders out.

This dominated the Mexican news and even got a substantial response from Pena Nieto.

The facility manufactured the explosive shells that go BOOM, not the pretty colorful ones.

I hope you have pitched a tent by now, or are vacationing some other way (I am assuming the majority have the long weekend this weekend, when the 4th falls on a Wednesday it is hard to know).

No big headlines, enjoy the 4 day week end, a few curiosities since you came here today

Mom shoots cretin who was stealing her SUV with TWO KIDS inside

Ok, another victory for the second amendment, but my question is: What kind of lowlife steals a car with kids in it? What, was he going to sell them too? or was he going to just drop them off somewhere, or possibly kill them? SHE NEEDS MORE TRAINING WITH GUNS BECAUSE HE LIVED. END OF DISCUSSION. SEE THIS.

LG is going to start making solar panels in the U.S. SEE THIS.

German soccer coach caught on camera itching his crotch and smelling his hand. Not exactly what you want the world to see, but it happened.

LIBERAL FREAK OUT: Bat Man and Cat Woman schedule a traditional marriage

Liberals are pissed because issue 50 does not have Bat man becoming gay with Robin, no, it instead has Bat Man scheduling a wedding ceremony with Cat Woman. Libs are upset because it "condoned traditional marriage." I am not going to spoil the episode by saying what happens.

Rhino poachers killed by lions after breaking into game reserve


UK's "Independent" paper blasted for article: "How's independence working out?"

The UK's Independent newspaper got more than it bargained for when it published an article sarcastically asking how independence from the former British Empire was working out for Americans - on the 4th of July.

The article criticized the "bulbous shape" of US President Donald Trump, the "abysmally sycophantic shape" of both houses of Congress and the "atrophied state" of the judiciary. The author also blasted Trump's so-called "Muslim ban" and wrote that the US was a land that "steals and incarcerates brown-skinned babies" in a reference to Trump's "zero-tolerance" immigration policies.

But Americans were having none of it - and they took to Twitter to let the Independent know about it. Some Twitter users pointed out through memes that a British publication should probably not be lecturing the US on that day in particular, given the fact that it was the British Empire that the Thirteen Colonies declared independence from in 1776.

Others sarcastically referenced instances of what they see as a lack of freedom in the UK, including the jailing of a number of people for offensive tweets and Facebook posts - and another incident where an elderly man with Alzheimer's was tasered by police for carrying a butter knife. SEE THIS.


The complaint now is that MEN set the air conditioning temperature too cold, and women are always freezing. I am sure that a majority of women don't think the office is too cold. However, for those that do, the problem (if it exists) would likely be solved if more women wore normal clothes to work. The complaint is that keeping the offices at 72 degrees is too cold. That's been "room temperature" for 100 plus years.

Here's the solution to the problem: Since modern computers are now energy efficient, they don't need to have the offices at 72 degrees anymore, the way they used to. They can probably run fairly well at any temperature below 100. So let the women set the temperature (where they do not already, I am sure in a majority of the places, women do set the thermostat) but in the places they do not, give them full control and if there are any disagreements, the phleghminists and "angry white males" will be out of the equation.

SERIOUSLY, this is now a "legitimate" feminist complaint, the Washington Post actually published the following:

"You can spot them. The frozen ones who come outside at lunch like sun-seeking turtles, cardigans balled up next to them, bare shoulders defrosting in the noon sunlight, no matter how wilting it is outdoors. Every single woman I talked to in downtown Washington on a hot, humid July afternoon was thawing out.

"I. Am. Fuh-reezing. Feel my hand - I'm still cold," said Ruth Marshall, 64, who was seated on a park bench, face to the sky. And, yes, her hand felt like a cold steak.

"I have to come out here for 30 minutes at a time just to warm up," said Marshall, the director of administration at a construction firm where the air conditioning is set to Arctic.

It's the time of year desperate women rely on cardigans, pashminas and space heaters to make it through the workweek in their frigid offices. And their male colleagues barely notice.

"Is your office too cold?" I asked a clutch of men - pinstripes, charcoal pants, crisp shirts with the faint outline of undershirts beneath.

They looked at me as if I spoke in Finnish, confident faces contorted in puzzlement.


"Nah, I don't know what you're talking about."

So I asked another guy in a navy suit eating a taco.

"No. It's fine."

Two dudes in matching blue shirts and red ties?

"Fine." "No." Zippity happity do da fine.

Hmm. A pattern?

Let's be scientific about this, then. How about a female-centric office? At Emily's List, which raises money for women running for office, the temperature setting must be female-friendly, right?"

The article goes on about how men are SO HORRIBLE.

The article is a clear CIA operation, making victims out of nowhere. The CIA, with think tanks finding ways to worm their way into every facet of life, to make men the enemy, and divide the country. Now men are obnoxious assholes because of the way the temperature is set. In any group, you are going to have people who want it colder, and people who want it warmer, and male/female won't make a difference. The obvious goal with this type of manipulation is to get air conditioning banned.

The article even has a sub report about how Europeans hate Americans because Americans "love air conditioning" and they can't understand why. I'll tell you why - because Europe is a cold location, that does not have half the country at Mojave temperatures part of the year. And worse? FACT: EUROPEANS NEVER GAVE AMERICAN AIR CONDITIONING A SINGLE THOUGHT, the mere prospect of them considering it is PURE BULLSHIT. When is the last time you even considered, in the least little bit, how Europeans regulated their temperatures?

Look at that quote from the Washington Post again - This kind of manipulative BUNK is exactly how the Rockefellers succeeded with the feminist movement - it efficiently and skillfully creates victims out of nowhere. There's no doubt a large number of women will get rabies over this article, when they were "just fine" the day before reading it.

Transgender Miss Spain now going to Miss Universe level.

This is just starting to creep into the MSM, for now The Metro (that free paper everyone can get in transit) has the story first Here.

A while back you may have seen the report about how transgender boys are winning girl's track competitions. Spain took it a step further, and crowned a transvestite "Angela" Ponce "miss" Spain.

So as the "feminists" destroy the fabric of society, other social engineers are working the other side of the equation, to continue handing victory to MEN who claim to be women. That fits into the liberal decision tree quite well I guess.

Don't mention the truth though, because if you do, you are an intolerant bigoted homophope who is anti transgender and "misogynist" to boot, because after all, a transgender really is a "woman"!

They used prime camera angles to conceal the fact Angela (the image to the left) is a man, so the pageant photos look decent. However, I took the camera slant out of the image to the left, and presented it "raw" to clearly show what the judges were actually looking at. Having this win against real women without question constitutes fraud on the part of the judges, who would rather make a social statement and try to corrupt society, rather than hand victory to a legit woman.





Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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