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  1. *7/7 (London bombing)
  2. *911 (Christopher Bollyn)
  3. *911 (September Clues)
  4. *The Climate Change scam
  5. *Credo Mutwa
  6. *David Brock - Media Matters Manifesto
  7. *Elvis lives
  8. False Flags
  9. Fukushima
  10. Jews/
  11. Jerry Kirk
  12. JFK Jr. & Snr.
  13. Muamar Quadaffi
  14. Princess Diana
  15. Remote Viewing
  16. Smart Meters
  17. Superbowl 51
  18. Scientology
  19. *Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  20. Telepathy
  21. The Hitler files
  22. The Jewish 'Problem'
  23. The 'Over-population' myth
  24. The Scarcity Myth
  25. Your Future


This section provides links to various videos and sites that I have found over the years dealing with a variety of topics. Some of these videos are not easily available or are hard to find now, especially from YouTube, as they are now censoring a lot of these very informative videos. I make it a point now of downloading anything that I come across that looks interesting with a view to protecting that information from deletion by sites like YouTube and Google (through not having the site come up in their search engine).

I met Jerry Kirk on the phone back in 2010 and he has now become a firm friend, even though we have never actually met in person. He is an individual who has done many things on the legal front that has been quite amazing. His knowledge of what is going on in the USA and the fraud that has occurred is quite astounding. He also has a vast knowledge of the Bible having studied it since the 1980's. Combining the two areas Jerry has been able to run rings around the the legal system up until 2013, when the legal system changed. Now his information is much harder to implement and Judge Anna's information explains why. I have included Jerry's information here on this page because I believe it is still important to understand how we are being deceived.

Everything else on this page exposes all the lies that are promoted by those who want to keep us ignorant. As a famous philosopher once said, "The easiest way to control people is to lie to them."

Some of this information may be just too shocking for people to take on board. So I would suggest that this information is taken in via small chunks. I understand it can become overwhelming, if it does take a break and take a walk outside and look at things around you until you feel better.

I hope that the information on this page is found to be useful.

And by all means let me know if there is anything else you would like to see here by emailing me.

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