1. Christopher Bollyn - 9/11
  2. Christopher Story - Financial Intel
  3. HIMAC Research
  4. Niravi Payne - Whole Person Fertility
  5. Jews Must Live
  6. Jim Stone - Real News
  7. Judge Anna von Reitzinger
  8. Larry Hall
  9. My Aspartame Experiment.com
  10. One-Heaven.org

This section of the site is complete and contains mirrors of sites that:

a) I have known about and which have now disappeared from the internet (Niravi Payne's site, MyAspartameExperiment,com, Christopher Story's site, HIMAC Research, One-Heaven.org) but which I consider very valuable

b) Are still around and I have got permission to mirror them (Christopher Bollyn's info on 9/11, Jimstone.is, Judge Anna - she encourages people to mirror her info)

c) or I have been asked to provide a page for someone (Larry Hall)

Victoria Innes-Brown's site, myaspartameexperiment.com, contains a LOT of valuable information. After she died of aspartame poisoning I copied her entire site and mirrored it on my site. It has been here ever since (from approximately 2008/2009). I have found that there are various people out there who prefer to charge for this information, Dr. Mercola being one of them. In fact I used to belong to his forum and when I posted the URL for this info I was told to not post the URL again otherwise I would be banned! I refused to abide by that unethical requirement and I was even lied to by Dr. Mercola when he said that he had been asked by 'the author' (Victoria Innes-Brown - who was dead by this time) to ask me to remove the info and not post it publicly, which I refused to do and was promtply banned!

Needless to say I have never been back to Dr. Mercola's site as he is highly unethical, basically a money grabbing liar, doing the same pay-for-info with Dr. Rebecca Carley's info (on vaccines and how to prevent your child getting vaccinated) charging $39 for a 5-10 minute audio from her on how to do this.

Anyway, I have a passion for information and recognize how good information is being hidden, wiped out, suppressed, or outright destroyed so that it cannot be re-discovered. So I keep those sites here. If you have any sites that you feel need to be mirrored please let me know.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what is here!

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