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Information about Family Guardian


In their own words, Family Guardian is a non-profit Christian religious ministry dedicated to protecting people and families from extortion, persecution, exploitation, socialism, divorce, crime, and sin. They advocate personal liberty, personal responsibility, constitutional, SMALL and accountable government, sovereignty, and religious faith.

I first came across the Family Guardian website back in 2007-2009 when looking for answers to how to get a US passport in a different way to what one normally does.

My Visa Waiver had expired in 2003 in my British passport and I had relied on an organization to sort out the pending expiry before it did. Unfortunately they were not able to do anything and I was left high and dry in the country without any 'legal' standing. In took me until 2007/2009 to find the information that Family Guardian have but due to circumstances I was not able to implement the knowledge in time.

Even though I was never able to implement the knowledge that I found on Family Guardian's website, I am putting a link to it here because the information it contains is VAST.

Whatever situation that you find yourself in you will most likely find the knoweledge that you need to deal with it at this website.

Due to the structure and size of the website I have put a link here that will open the site in a new tab, otherwise it will be very difficult for you, the user, to navigate.


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