1. Christopher Bollyn - 9/11
  2. Christopher Story - Financial Intel
  3. HIMAC Research
  4. Niravi Payne - Whole Person Fertility
  5. Jews Must Live
  6. Jim Stone - Real News
  7. Judge Anna von Reitzinger
  8. Larry Hall
  9. My Aspartame Experiment.com
  10. One-Heaven.org

I have included Mr. Story's site (which no longer exists) because I got to know him on a more than casual level, providing him with material which may have led to his demise. I believe the information that Mr. Story had discovered/researched, and is listed below, was/is vital to understand today's financial landscape and European situation. Ultimately he was killed for providing this information to the public, being assassinated by poisoning and dying on July 14th 2010 after a valiant effort to not succumb to it.

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