Whole Person Fertility Program
     Women are almost never told how their family histories, beliefs and emotions can affect their fertility. Knowing this information can be very empowering. Niravi has courageously led the way to the creation of a whole new language and approach to fertility‚Ķ.Very often when couples really engage in the transformational work Niravi presents here, a child indeed is conceived.

-Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

     The Whole Person Fertility Program is a unique book, the first in the field of reproductive health to call for a broader vision of fertility than our culture has now, a vision that goes beyond biology and whether or not one has a biological child. Fertility is not a medical condition: it is a lifelong relationship with oneself.

-Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author of A Woman's Book of Life

     It is wonderful to come across a book that so poignantly expresses the human desire to heal the self of physical and emotional wounds. The Whole Person Fertility Program is a wonderful self-help companion for anyone seeking emotional and psychological insight, especially those who want to conceive.

-Diane Feen, HealthMap Magazine, September/October, 1997 issue

     The Whole Person Fertility Program is full of wisdom: a gift from a wise woman to a generation of younger women struggling to create lives of meaning, relationships, and fertility‚Ķ.Whether you are seeking to bring a new soul into being or just give birth to your true self, this book can be an invaluable resource.

-Bethany Hays, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Women to Women Clinic

     I had three miscarriages in a year. My work with Niravi Payne has allowed me to transform my view of my body, my health, my life and my relationship with my husband. As my husband and I indentified and resolved toxic family patterns that had blocked feelings of self-worth, love and creativity, we raised our "upper limits" on happiness and our right to have a baby.

-Julia and Kenny Loggins, Authors of Imaginable Life

     I was put in touch with an incredible woman, Niravi Payne, who I spoke to twice a week. She's a therapist who specializes in fertility issues and is author of a remarkable book, The Whole Person Fertility Program. She believes many fertility problems can be traced back to experiences in the womb and in childhood, which have blocked you. Until these experiences are released or acknowledged you may not be able to conceive. One of my sisters is physically and mentally handicapped, and I realized that I was holding on to a lot of fear about that - it was something my mother and I didn't talk about. Niravi was brilliant when I was going through the intensely medical procedures over which I was starting to get very upset. I don't think I could have gone through it emotionally without her support. I was able to release a huge amount of stuff I'd been holding onto all my life without releasing it. While our talks were traumatic for me, they also made me much more calm. Yes, I did have Flo's wonderful support, but I needed somebody who knew what I was going though and who also knew, ahead of me, the emotional hurdles I would have to overcome. Counseling is not just needed during IVF treatment, but afterwards. I knew that if it didn't work this time, I would desperately need Niravi to help me accept it and to move on or try again.

-Alex Kingston British Actress, ER Marie Claire Magazine, UK, March, 2001

     Niravi Payne changed our lives. During our work with her, we birthed two beautiful babies and deepened the bond in our relationship. She is a dedicated warrior and a brilliant pioneer in the field of infertility.

-Julia and Kenny Loggins, Authors of Imaginable Life

     As I read your book, The Whole Person Fertility Program, for the first time in my life I feel there is hope. I'm 44 years old and I have been trying for approximately six years to conceive. I was diagnosed with "unexplained fertility," or told my eggs were too "old." I've always known that the high tech methods we've tried wouldn't work, and that somehow my infertility was based on an unconscious level. I was never looking for a miracle, but only a fighting chance. I believe your book will give me just what I am looking for.

-Received via e-mail over America Online

     Working with Niravi helps to put fertility-related issues in the context of past and present experiences. Life's experiences are not compartmentalized, but intimately related to each other and thus also to fertility. One becomes more conscious of the unconscious processes and beliefs that are at work to prevent pregnancy. In the male dominated world of gynecology/obstetrics it is comforting to be heard and understood by a woman.

-Barbara Moser-Mercer Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Some complementary therapists claim they can aid conception

     Niravi Payne, a psychotherapist and pioneer of mind-body fertility therapy in America, believes that stress is only one of the factors that can prevent conception. "Our endocrine, immune and nervous systems are all intimately connected and influenced by every thought we think and every emotion we feel," she says. "When something significant happens in our lives, the emotionally charged experience gets stored in our brain. Memories and experiences are also simultaneously stored biochemically and electromagnetically in various organ systems. Negative emotional experiences can throw off the finely tuned hormonal balance necessary for ovulation and sperm production."

     After four years of infertility, the actress Alex Kingston had a child after having IVF treatment. During the treatment, Kingston also worked with Payne. "One of my sisters is physically and mentally handicapped and I realized that I was holding on to a lot of fear about that," says Kingston. "With Niravi, I was able to release a huge amount of stuff I'd been holding on to without realizing it."

-London Times, June 2002

     Wanted to say how much I love you and your fabulous book, "The Whole Person Fertility Program." I am 41 and still hoping to have a child (my last two pregnancies at the ages of 38 and 39 ended in early miscarriages). I found your wisdom and hope inspirational and freeing. Thank you for sharing.

-Received via e-mail

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