Whole Person Fertility Program
         The Whole Person Fertility Program is a powerful mind-body process that helps women and couples discover and work through emotional and psychological barriers to conception.
         Niravi Payne leads you in a step-by-step journey through your mind and body to help you connect with your inner self and understand the underlying problems behind your difficulty in conceiving. The program process is available in person or by telephone nationally and internationally.
         The Whole Person Fertility Program is totally respectful of the fact that one's reproductive capacity is a private and precious part of a person's personal and gender identity.
         The Whole Person Fertility Program challenges the ageist-based dictums, statistics and charts that tell you you are too old to conceive. We know that conception has more to do with how you feel about yourself as a sensual, sexual and fertile being and less to do with age and statistics. And ... how we feel about ourselves today is largely influenced by unexpressed (often unconscious) thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors based on unfinished business from childhood. Those who have successfully conceived and birthed healthy babies after years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, discovered that fertility is, in the broadest sense, a lifelong relationship with ourselves.
         "For a long time researchers have known that chronic stress can cause unhealthy elevations in heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure and muscle tension, and can weaken the immune system. Now, they believe stress may dampen fertility too, by reducing egg quality, delaying release of eggs, preventing implantation of a fertilised egg or lowering levels of hormones needed for an embryo to thrive."   -Shape March 2001
The Whole Person Fertility Program has realistic goals:


  • Enhance your natural ability to conceive

  • Hold a pregnancy to term

  • Increase the effectiveness of natural and medical fertility treatments

  • Breakthrough age barriers

  • Have additional children

  • Heal if no pregnancy occurs

  • Enrich your life
The Whole Person Fertility Program will benefit all aspects of your life:


  • Learning how your mind and body "talk to each other" affecting the process of conception and holding a pregnancy to term.

  • Resolving emotionally-based issues and becoming more receptive to conception, pregnancy and childrearing.

  • Heightening the effectiveness of medical fertility treatments.

  • Learning how to communicate, bond, and nurture the unborn child
    "in utero."

  • Relieving the anxiety and frustration of "trying" as you "team up" with your partner to conceive and raise a healthy child.

  • Resolving issues about the birthing process affecting the quality of the delivery.

  • Increasing interpersonal relationship skills.

  • Creating a more relaxed and joyful state of being.

  • Healing family relationships.

  • Healing if no pregnancy occurs.
Review the Program Details
         "When it comes to getting pregnant, your "programming" about fertility is critical. The emotional energy of conceiving is one of being open and receptive. You have to come from this very trusting, almost vulnerable place in order to conceive. You must honestly believe that it's possible for you to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby at any age. This is the best way for you to maximize your chances of getting pregnant."
         "Niravi has courageously led the way to the creation of a whole new language and approach to fertility. This language examines how and why unexpressed emotions and unfinished business from childhood affect fertility...Very often when individuals and couples really engage in the transformational work Niravi presents here, a child indeed comes into their lives."

-Christiane Northrup, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. renowned Gynecologist, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom .

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