Whole Person Fertility Program
Two Visualizations
from The Whole Person Fertility Program: A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process To Help You Conceive.* Three Rivers Press, 1998
SIDE ONE: Nature's Ode to Conception

Relaxing and releasing any tension you may be holding in your body, increases the blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout your system; particularly to the endometrium, the mucous membrane lining the uterus, essential to nourish and sustain the quality of the fetal blood supply. Use this tape to also increase your state of relaxation before and during medical/surgical procedures.

SIDE TWO: Riding The Wings of the Butterfly

Celebrate yourself as a sensual, sexual, fertile being. Metaphorically, the butterfly is seen as a symbol of your real true self, emerging from a closed state and opening into the vastness of the universe.

How Relaxed Are You?
Mind-Body Tension/Relax Meter Biofeedback Card
The kit includes a Mind-Body Tension/Relax Meter Biofeedback Card. The card aids in monitoring and releasing tension held in your body, optimizing circulation essential for general well-being and reproductive health. Deep breathing and relaxation excercises are also included. You can prevent tension and anxiety from draining you of vital energy by utilizing the Biofeedback Card to monitor, measure and release tension in your body.

As you relax and release any tension you may be holding in your body, you will feel more alive and whole, enjoying a sense of inner peace and healing, whether or not you are attempting to conceive, are pregnant at the moment, or just want to feel more deeply relaxed.

The Books
The Whole Person Fertility Program:
A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process
To Help You Conceive.

* Three Rivers Press, 1998
The Fertility Solution:
A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process
To Help You Conceive.

* Thorsons, U.K., 2002
The first mind-body program that helps women and couples to discover and work through emotional and psychological barriers to conception. The book's unique techniques of self-analysis help women and men become conscious about what they need to change their minds and their lives to reclaim their natural fertility, conceive and give birth to a baby.

* Editorial Atlantida, 1998

* Scherz, 1999

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