Whole Person Fertility Program
The Whole Person Fertility Program: A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process To Help You Conceive.* Three Rivers Press, 1998
The Fertility Solution: A Revolutionary Mind-Body Process To Help You Conceive.* Thorsons, U.K., 2002
The book has been translated into
Spanish and German.

* Editorial Atlantida, 1998

* Scherz, 1999
The first mind-body program that helps women and couples to discover and work through emotional and psychological barriers to conception, The Whole Person Fertility Program teaches methods of conscious conception that can work with or without the assistance of your physician. The author challenges the traditionally held view that problems with fertility are due to purely a medical condition to be treated with drugs and surgery. The book explains how women's and men's minds and bodies can be so affected by generations of their families' beliefs and patterns of behavior that their natural fertility and ability to conceive can be blocked. Its unique techniques of self-analysis help women and men become conscious about how they need to change their minds and their lives to reclaim their natural fertility, conceive and give birth to a baby.

The Whole Person Fertility Program also establishes a new way of thinking and talking about fertility that forever banishes the "too oldisms" that many women in their thirties and forties often hear, including outdated and inaccurate terms such as "unexplained infertility" and "old eggs." Niravi Payne debunks ageist myths through an eye-opening exploration of the historical and sociological factors that profoundly affected the reproductive lives of millions of baby boomers particularly women who were able to delay childbearing. In addition, she allays the growing concerns of women in their twenties and early thirties who are waiting to have children until later in life and are concerned about their future ability to do so. By committing to the healing process of the The Whole Person Fertility Program you can positively affect your efforts to conceive.

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