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The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law (1758)

Emmerich de Vattel

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Book I: Of Nations Considered in Themselves

Chap. 1: Of Nations or Sovereign States

Chap. 2: General Principles of the Duties of a Nation Towards Herself

Chap. 3: Of the Constitution of a State, and its Duties and Rights

Chap. 4: Of the Sovereign, His Obligations, and His Rights

Chap. 5: Of States, Elective, Successive, Hereditary and Patrimonial

Chap. 6: Principal Objects of a Good Government; First, to Provide for Necessities

Chap. 7: Of the Cultivation of the Soil

Chap. 8: Of Commerce

Chap. 9: Of the Care of the Public Ways; and of Tolls

Chap. 10: Of Money and Exchange

Chap. 11: Second Object of a Good Government, to Procure True Happiness

Chap. 12: Of Piety and Religion

Chap. 13: Of Justice and Polity

Chap. 14: Third Object of a Good Government, to Fortify Itself Against Attacks

Chap. 15: Of the Glory of a Nation

Chap. 16: Protection Sought by a Nation, and Submission to a Foreign Power

Chap. 17: How a Nation May Renounce Her Allegiance to Her Sovereign

Chap. 18: Establishment of a Nation in a Country

Chap. 19: Of Our Native Country, and Several Things That Relate to It

Chap. 20: Public, Common, and Private Property

Chap. 21: Of the Alienation of the Public Properly, or the Domain

Chap. 22: Of Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

Chap. 23: Of the Sea

Book II: Of a Nation Considered in Her Relation to Other States

Chap. 1: Of the Common Duties of a Nation Towards Other States

Chap. 2: Of the Mutual Commerce Between Nations

Chap. 3: Of the Dignity and Equality of Nations, of Titles, and Honour

Chap. 4: Of the Right to Security, and the Independence of Nations

Chap. 5: Of the Observance of Justice between Nations

Chap. 6: Of the Concern a Nation May Have in the Actions of Her Citizens

Chap. 7: Effects of the Domain, Between Nations

Chap. 8: Rules Respecting Foreigners

Chap. 9: Rights Retained after the Introduction of Domain and Property

Chap. 10: How a Nation Is to Use Her Right of Domain

Chap. 11: Of Usucaption and Prescription between Nations

Chap. 12: Of Treaties of Alliance and Other Public Treaties

Chap. 13: Of the Dissolution and Renewal of Treaties

Chap. 14: Of Conventions Between the Sovereign and Private Persons

Chap. 15: Of the Faith of Treaties

Chap. 16: Of Securities Given for the Observance of Treaties

Chap. 17: Of the Interpretation of Treaties

Chap. 18: Of the Mode of Terminating Disputes Between Nations

Book III: Of War

Chap. 1: Of War, its Different Kinds, and the Right of Making War

Chap. 2: Of the Instruments of War, the Raising of Troops, etc.

Chap. 3: Of the Just Causes of War

Chap. 4: Of the Declaration of War, and of War in Due Form

Chap. 5: Of the Enemy, and of Things Belonging to the Enemy

Chap. 6: Of the Enemy's Allies, Associations, Auxiliaries and Subsidies

Chap. 7: Of Neutrality, and the Passage of Troops through a Neutral Country

Chap. 8: Of the Rights of Nations in War, What We Have a Right to Do

Chap. 9: Of the Right of War, with Respect to Things Belonging to the Enemy

Chap. 10: Of Faith Between Enemies, of Stratagems, Artifices in War, and Spies

Chap. 11: Of the Sovereign Who Wages an Unjust War

Chap. 12: Of the Voluntary Law of Nations, as it Regards Regular Warfare

Chap. 13: Of Acquisitions by War, and Particularly of Conquests

Chap. 14: Of the Right of Postliminium

Chap. 15: Of the Right of Private Persons in War

Chap. 16: Of Various Conventions Made During the Course of the War

Chap. 17: Of Safe-conducts and Passports, and Questions of Ransom

Chap. 18: Of Civil War

Book IV: Of The Restoration of Peace: And of Embassies

Chap. 1: Of Peace, and the Obligation to Cultivate It

Chap. 2: Treaties of Peace

Chap. 3: Of the Execution of the Treaty of Peace

Chap. 4: Of the Observance and Breach of the Treaty of Peace

Chap. 5: Of the Right of Embassy, of Sending and Receiving Public Ministers

Chap. 6: Of the Several Orders of Public Ministers, and the Honours Due

Chap. 7: Of the Rights, Privileges, and Immunities of Ambassadors, etc.

Chap. 8: Of the Judge of Ambassadors in Civil Cases

Chap. 9: Of the Ambassador's House and Domestics

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