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20th September 2014 - A re-run of last weeks show with ex-NY Detective Carlton Berkley

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 8:22 am
by judgedredd
Here is the archive of the show: ... on-berkley

Todays show is a re-run of last week as I need to take a break to deal with personal matters.

The re-run consists of Carlton Berkley talking about his experiences as a New York Police Detective of 20 years. We dedicate the first hour to cramming in as many questions as we can, as Carlton is only able to be on the show for this short period of time.

The information that Carlton shared was eye-opening and he also admitted that there is a quota system in the police dept (or any poilice dept for that matter).

In the second hour I go over the nuggets of gold from the week of the 6th September 2014. I then go over an experience I had while jailed for contempt of court and realizations I made while talking with an African-American called Michael while in a holding cell for 24 hrs.

Tune in to for some great info.