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13th September 2014 - Today we have Carlton Berkley on, an ex-NY Det. We'll be talking about his experiences.

Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:51 am
by judgedredd
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I will go over last weeks nuggets of gold before getting into this weeks show.

Today I have Carlton Berkley, an ex-New York Police Detective, as a guest on the first hour of the show.

I came across Carlton's YouTube video where he tells the young people in the audience never to speak to a cop. That intrigued me and I found myself liking the matter-of-fact way in which Carlton talked to his audience.

I have a great distrust of police officers (or policy enforcers as I have come to learn that this is what they are) in America due to my own experiences and found it refreshing to hear Carlton talk. I endeavored to invite Carlton on to the show in my segments on Law and after a bit of digging eventually talked to him and invited him on to which he agreed.

So please join me in what I feel is going to be a very informative and interesting show.

Nuggets of Gold
  • There were two types of policing; one for the rich folk and one for the poor neighborhoods.
  • If you didn't get with the program (behave the way they wanted you to behave - treat the pubic as the enemy or as us and them attitude) you would be considered an enemy of the police dept.
  • Police academy was like military bootcamp.
  • As a public servant you're supposed to treat the public with dignity and respect.
  • When questions are being asked of you by a police officer, you are being interrogated or interviewed so you must not answer any questions.
  • The statement you say to a question from an officer is: "Officer am I under arrest?"
  • Quotas are illegal. HOWEVER there is a quota system that is never admitted to.

Ex-NY Police Detective Carlton Berkley talking to a young group of people