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16th August 2014 - How to spot a Caananite! (How to spot an anti-social personality)

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:26 am
by judgedredd
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I will go over last week's Nuggets of Gold and then get into today's topic.

Last week we had a caller that asked how can one spot the Caananites that Jerry was talking about. I thought that this would be a good topic for the show today instead of getting other guests on in the field of law as I have gone over similar ground on various shows but have never dedicated one show to everything that I have given out piecemeal over the weeks. So today I consolidate all the information into one place so that all the reference materials are to hand. Then you can really grasp how easy it can be to spot these types of people.

I talk about a lot of information from Scientology which is where I learnt how to understand where people come from when I interact with them but there are also various tools that I learnt which one can easily use in everyday situations.

There will be information that may be far out for some people yet if you look at what is happening today you will find that that 'far out' information matches a lot of what is going on today.

There will be a discussion of the tone scale as the major tool, questions that one can ask, observations that one can do, etc.
Its really not hard to get an understanding of this information. Why is that? Because the information is something that you already know! I am just reminding you of this.

I hope that you will find the time to listen in.

Nuggets of Gold
  • Forums to do with alternative law are probably set up by government agents. Of the two I used to belong to, one of the owners of one of them emailed me that he used to work for the CIA.
  • The mind is the interface between the Being itself and the body.
  • Markab is a planet within Sector 9; a sector which planet Earth inhabits.
  • Just the pdf on the Anti-Social personality can be enough to improve your life.
  • Good, social Beings can inhabit Neanderthal bodies and Anti-Social Beings can inhabit modern, Cro Magnon Man, bodies. So it is important to marry the anti-social info with the neanderthal info.
  • Depending on where you are on the tone scale you can either be indestructible or very accident prone and/or prone to illness or suicidal thoughts.
  • If you combine and study the Anti-Social personality traits, the Neanderthal Jew, the Tone Scale and Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation PDFs, you will have a thorough understanding of, and know how to spot, a Caananite or Anti-Social personality and the organizations they have infiltrated..
  • People responded so well to the Star Wars movies because people have the memories of that time locked away within themselves.
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Scientology Materials -
Here's the kicker - Neanderthals and Semites.pdf
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- discovered by

The next image - The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation - is huge (so it cuts off - it is about 2 feet wide!!!)! It is that big so that you can go and take it to a printers on a flash drive and have it printed out on A1 paper (or whatever size it is). So just right-click and 'Save target as...' Or go here to view the image in full:

1951 Science of Survival Chart.pdf
A PDF of the above that can be easily viewed and navigated in your PDF reader.
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The book that explains all the columns in the chart above. The chart and the book go hand in hand.
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Revolt in the Stars.pdf
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Technical Dictionary.pdf
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See page 4 for traits
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Sector Operations Bulletin No1.pdf
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Sector Operations Bulletin No21.pdf
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Latest News in Sector 9.pdf
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