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9th August 2014 - Lawless America? My guest, Jerry F. Kirk, and I will be exploring the foundations of America.

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by judgedredd
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Here is the show link for Saturday the 9th August 2014:

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[/url] - The song audio has been cleaned up but otherwise it is pretty poor as there is a lot of breathing (by me) heard. Very sorry about that as I had no idea that was happening. Please don't let that distract you from the info contained herein.

Today I have a new intro tune. So don't panic if the music you hear is not what you have heard in the past.

I go over the golden nuggets from last week's show then get right in to today's show with my guest Jerry F. Kirk.

The way out of the mess we find ourselves in today, a mess which is now world-wide, is for all of us to get a grounding in Law and understand what has happened to the great endevour called America. America was setup by some very courageous men with high hopes for a way to live without the tyranny of King George III. Is what we have been taught about America true or a pack of lies? We start exploring this today and start from the 1200's and maybe earlier.

Also, the word 'America' can be seen as an acronym for 'I Am Race', the 'I Am' as mentioned by Christ in the bible. But has America succumbed at last to the evil of the Caananites (those spawn of the devil - the offspring of Cain)?

I hope you can join me in a interesting show.

Nuggets of Gold

    The Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation are a total fraud on the people of America.
    The revolutionary war was also a fraud.
    From the very beginning people in America used the Geneva bible not the King James bible (KJV). The war was to do with imposing the KJV on the American peoples.
    The Geneva bible gave people the idea that they had duties and responsibilities to the father in heaven, whereas the KJ was written to say that all rights flow from the King.
    The colonies were corporations.
    Mammon is any form of man's government.
    The US was made into a different corporation in 1871 (it was another corporation before that).
    It was discovered that different parts of the country had different copies of the US Constitutions.
    Everything in America is based on fraud.
    You can grow and use tobacco to keep bugs at bay in your garden and crops.
    In the Treaty of Paris of 1783 all lands and property revert back to the British.
    By saying you receive mail, you are putting yourself under the jurisdiction of the government. Mail is armored - military jurisdiction. Zip code = Federal Jurisdiction.
    By using rectangular brackets around your zip code you are adding your zip code with emphasis.

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