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21st June 2014 - Hitch Hikers (Disembodied spirits). What they are, & importance of understanding how to deal with them.

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:10 pm
by judgedredd
The link for the 21st June show is: ... itchhikers

Archive (better quality) is here: ... e-2014.mp3

After the music intro stops there is silence for the first minute or so due to an error on my part because I have accidently muted myself! The show continues after this slip up...

First I go over the golden nuggets for the 14th June.

This week's show will be quite enlightening to those that understand that when we die we don't just disappear as certain institutions would have us believe.

For this week I have a guest called Elrise who will talk about certain types of disembodied Beings, or Hitch Hikers as they have come to be known.

When we die just our bodies are the things that die or 'give up the ghost' so to speak! We (the Being - that which animates the body) move on and usually pick up another baby body. Just like getting out of one car and into another one. We then live another full life and (normally) forget that we have lived before.

We will go over what makes a Being a Hitch Hiker, how to spot when a hitch hiker is influencing someone else, what to do when you find this has happened and how to handle a hitch hiker to the point of getting it to move on.

This show is a first of its kind on internet radio and will hopefully give you an understanding that there is a whole invisible world that is just as valid as the one you see every day unfolding around you in the physical (3D) world.

Please join us for a very informative show and call in with your questions.

Nuggets of Gold
  • Your Rights -
    • We all have the right to leave a game (no one should be forced into playing a game that they don't want to do).
    • These are rights that spirits have had for a very long time.
    • We have the right to make a game - make our own game; choose a game that we want to play. Also, we have the right to not choose a game, or not to make a game, or just sit it out.
    • We also have the right to our own sanity.
  • Whatever we are experiencing in this world at the moment, we, on some level, have chosen that experience or game.
  • There is a shortage of bodies on this planet.
  • The biggest thing to spot is a personality change in an individual.
  • Educating yourself about this phenomenon is the best thing to do to start handling them.
  • An angry person is a good indicator of a hitch hiker having latched on to the individual.
  • To be able to deal with these beings you need to provide a safe space for them communicate.
  • When you get drunk you leave yourself completely open to being susceptible to having hitch hikers come into your body.
  • Severe accidents, major surgery, getting dead drunk and falling over, hallucinogenic drugs, periods of depression, sometimes medication, severe exhaustion, lack of energy, stress, physical violence, being around sick people are all things that can make you susceptible to hitch hikers.
  • Attempted suicide can be driven by a hitch hiker or you can end up with one after trying.
  • We, as beings, don't have any mass, energy or anything. We create it. We create all of it. Everything that exists we create collectively.
  • You are timeless, deathless and immortal. You don't have any mass or energy but you can create it infinitely.
  • Beings collect things: holograms, experiences, etc.
  • We can decide not to be in a trap.
  • You can be affected by somebody else's hitch hikers.
  • Those who smoke pot tend to attract hitch hikers.
  • God is within - 'the kingdom of heaven is within'.


Book by Dr. Edith Fiore - The Unquiet Dead ... dith+Fiore

Robert Heinlein - Stranger in a Strange Land ... range+land

Sue Allen - Spirit Release ... it+release