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3rd May 2014 - The Secrets of Water

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 1:40 am
by judgedredd
Here is the show link for Saturday's May 3rd show: ... s-of-water

Archive of the show is here (right click to 'Save link as...' or click to play): ... y-2014.mp3


First I go over last weeks episode and provide you with the Nuggets of Gold that were uncovered.

What I will talk about next are the secrets of water and its amazing qualities and why it is the most important liquid there is on the planet.

At the end of the show I hope that you will have gained a much better appreciation of water and understand why corporate interests are fighting over the rights to control access to it. You will also, hopefully, become aware of why there is a disdain amongst powerful corporate heads about the general public having unfettered access to this vital resource that is a right for all Peoples to freely have.

Nuggets of gold - for the 3rd May show
  • Everything has a resonant frequency.
  • Water has many properties in Nature that it does not have as tap water.
  • Dr. Patrick Flanagan mentions the fact that there are 5 regions in the world, including the Hunza region, where water has amazing properties.
  • The difference in how water crystals look for the same word in different languages reflects the nuances and differences in the sound and imagery that the words create or invoke in an individual when spoken.
  • Force and commands are alien to the principles of Nature.
  • Prayer can change the structure and quality of water.
  • When you have an argument with someone both of you are polluting the waters within each others bodies.
  • Fracking is destructive.

The Starseed Transmissions - by Raphael - The book that got me interested in looking into water and learning to have more respect for it than I did.
Buy it on Amazon: ... nsmissions

Not to be confused with this book

The Resonant Frequency of Water - the article that I found (nearly verbatim) but on a different site -
PDF of above page:
Doctor X Water Dissociation.pdf
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Stanley Meyer Inventor of the Water powered Dune Buggy -
I spoke to Stanley in the early 1990's before he was killed and warned him about keeping himself safe. I figured out that he ultimately used the knowledge of the resonant frequency of water to create a spark plug that split the water into its component parts: oxygen and hydrogen. Go on YouTube and there are many videos of him. I purchased a lot of stuff from NuTech2000 which included the VHS video 'Out of the Horses Mouth' that showed this technology working. The VHS has been lost or misplaced due to moving frequently. - the company in Australia from which I purchased various books and videos on water fuel cell technology.

The JOE CELL- Apart from the info on Stanley Meyers' work I had also bought a video showing a guy called Joe and his invention which everyone now calls a Joe Cell. This is what got me fired up about doing this inventing stuff! Here is a page for more info:

Dr. Patrick Flannagan
While researching about Hunza Water, and where to find similar water closer by Illinois for the Joe cell that I was making, I came across Dr. Flannagan's work on water. He discovered what makes Hunza water so special and he has been able to create a product to recreate these properties in any type of water.
PDF of the above page
Hydration _ Phi Sciences.pdf
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Here is the page I found nearly ten years ago: ... index.html

Dew Ponds
PDF of the page above
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Images from
A very good page on airwells and dew ponds found here:
PDF of page above The Amazing work of Viktor Schauberger
Books By/About Viktor Schauberger: Living Water by Alexandersson EcoloBlue - Condensing water from Air - Creating from 8 to 5,000 gallons per day

Masaru Emoto's amazing research on Water - Images from the book 'The Hidden Messages in Water'. These have been hacked into and removed. They will be restored shortly (written 26th July 2020).
Partial PDF - Prologue and Chapter 1 only
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Buy on for just over $2 + shipping - ... 199&sr=8-1
Dr. Emoto's new website:

Buckminster Fuller ... er-fuller/

Population Density calculations: ... on_density

Union City population = 52,326.7/Sq mile (66,455/1.27 Sq miles)

Texas Land mass: ... es_by_area

Land mass of Texas = 268,596.46 sq miles (total area), 261,231.71 sq miles (land area)

Theoretical population of Texas with population density the same as Union City:
52,326 x 268,596.46 = 14,054,578,365.96 (14 billion people)

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