12th April 2014 - Deception in Medicine and Health. CANCER CURES and related info discussed from the 1880's (!) to now.

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12th April 2014 - Deception in Medicine and Health. CANCER CURES and related info discussed from the 1880's (!) to now.

Unread postby judgedredd » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:10 am

Here is the live link to Matrixfiles Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matrixfiles-radio/2014/04/12/unhooking-yourself-from-the-matrix-with-christopher-1

Archive of the show is here (right click to 'Save link as...' or click to play): http://www.matrixfilesradio.com/shows/12April2014/12th-April-2014.mp3

Show time is 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT.

Call in number is (718) 506-1454

In this show I will briefly go over last week's show and end off the segment on religion and the power of intent.

I will then talk about the next area that I will be covering which is the deception that is in the medical field, giving you an overview of the AMA (American Medical Association) and providing you with proof of their deceit. The area of health I will be dealing with will be cancer and the fact there are many cures of which I will be providing information for at least 4. All will be backed by references and books that you can research for yourself.

Nuggets of gold - for the 12th April

    1% of people in any area can cause an effect.
    The original Hippocratic Path sworn to by Doctors and Physicians prevented them from telling you everything about your disease or ailment.
    The modern Hippocratic Oath very subtly still requires the Doctor or Physician to only share knowledge with their peers (... with those that are to follow).
    Medical systems in China, India and elsewhere are far older and impart a more thorough understanding of the Body and all it's physical and energetic systems than 'traditional' Western Medicine could ever hope to achieve.
    People 'in the know' knew the cause of Cancer back in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
    The USDA-promoted Food Pyramid CAUSES ACIDIFICATION of the body, which in turn causes it to be susceptible to all forms of disease.
    Do the OPPOSITE of what the government promotes to you.
    High alkalinity in the Body prevents Cancer and other diseases.
    Cancer cells in the vicinity of a high alkaline solution are destroyed.
    Eating alkaline foods makes you more healthy.
    When you PRAY over food you release the original energetic form of the food allowing the food to provide you with pure energy and nutrition without the old energetic form interfering.
    Praying over something or about something can change the structure or outcome of that thing you are praying over or about.

References - A MASTER pdf which contains all the references apart from the books and urls is at the bottom of the page for your benefit.

Hippocratic Oath -
Original Hippocratic Oath2.pdf
Original Oath
(147.27 KiB) Downloaded 799 times
NOVA _ The Hippocratic Oath Today.pdf
Difference between Original Oath and Modern Oaths
(292.6 KiB) Downloaded 774 times

American Medical Association (more like American Mafia Association)
American Medical Association - Wikipedia.pdf
(109.94 KiB) Downloaded 788 times
AMA - A Sordid History.pdf
(117.63 KiB) Downloaded 771 times
Guide to the Morris Fishbein Papers 1912-1976.pdf
(236.63 KiB) Downloaded 785 times
Morris Fishbein - AMA Enemy Of American Health.pdf
(65.16 KiB) Downloaded 802 times

Dr. Ernst Ziegler - General Pathology 1st ED 1883 & 10th ED 1905 - Parasite Cause of Cancer found, understood, & cured
(4.85 MiB) Downloaded 643 times

USDA Food Guide Pyramid
Why you get sick
(655.63 KiB) Downloaded 807 times

Dr. Johannes Fibiger - Won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1926 - Proved that Sugar causes cancer
NobelPrize.org-Johannes Fibiger - Bio.pdf
(52.01 KiB) Downloaded 851 times

Johannes Fibiger - Wikipedia.pdf
(49.65 KiB) Downloaded 835 times

(42.45 KiB) Downloaded 775 times

Whonamedit - J. Fibiger.pdf
(80.19 KiB) Downloaded 800 times

A new document since the show aired that tells about the warehouse.
(568.51 KiB) Downloaded 766 times

'SUGAR BLUES' by William Dufty

Dr. Otto H. Warburg - Won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1931 - Proved that high alkaline pH level cures cancer
Nobelprize.org-Otto Warburg - Bio.pdf
(52.57 KiB) Downloaded 815 times

Otto H Warburg - Wikipedia.pdf
(117.95 KiB) Downloaded 782 times

(152.82 KiB) Downloaded 804 times

Natural Alternatives - Otto Warburg.pdf
(184.81 KiB) Downloaded 721 times

(362.55 KiB) Downloaded 763 times

(214.05 KiB) Downloaded 827 times

(186.34 KiB) Downloaded 769 times

(208.56 KiB) Downloaded 815 times

Alkalize Your Body Simply with Baking Soda.pdf
(116.29 KiB) Downloaded 836 times

Alkalizing Recipes and info.pdf
(113.98 KiB) Downloaded 730 times

How To Alkalize Your Body Quickly.pdf
(415.75 KiB) Downloaded 797 times

Secrets To Alkalizing Your Body.pdf
(205.55 KiB) Downloaded 804 times

(170.77 KiB) Downloaded 819 times

10 Ways to Alkalize Your Body Today.pdf
(16.79 KiB) Downloaded 807 times

Top 7 Alkalizing Foods.pdf
(423.89 KiB) Downloaded 829 times

ANDI Scale - Aggregate Nutrient Density Index.pdf
(62.8 KiB) Downloaded 768 times

Food According to Blood Type
(92.89 KiB) Downloaded 762 times

(94.82 KiB) Downloaded 775 times

(94.82 KiB) Downloaded 795 times

(95.29 KiB) Downloaded 835 times

(95.33 KiB) Downloaded 879 times

Owner's Manual for the Human Body by Dr. Darko Velcek - A wonderful, easy to understand and read book on how your body works at the cellular level and how to keep yourself healthy and what to do when you are not.
BOOK - Original format
(3.28 MiB) Downloaded 703 times

BOOK - Edited and with white background
(1.6 MiB) Downloaded 778 times

Review of the above:
Here is a testimonial from a friend of my sister's (she passed this on to him after I emailed it to her):

"Thanks a million for this, XXXX [name redacted] - I've not had a read yet, but XXXXXXX's [name redacted] immersed himself and told me to send you a HUGE THANKS!

He's been reading for several hours now! (finishing up with a square bum in the process! heheh) and loves it...

Lots of new info - lots that makes him understand even better what he already knew... so tell your brother from us it's an absolute THUMBS UP!"

The Hundredth Monkey - by Ken Keyes Jr.
Hundredth monkey effect - Wikipedia.pdf
(39.18 KiB) Downloaded 764 times

A 28 page extract of the book by Ken Keyes Jr.
(115.01 KiB) Downloaded 761 times

Admin Dictionary of Scientology
(4.96 MiB) Downloaded 680 times

Outpoint definition:
(14.76 KiB) Downloaded 819 times

Counter-intention definition:
(11.55 KiB) Downloaded 797 times

MASTER DOCUMENT - pdf - A PDF file that contains all the references above apart from the books and url links.
(5.74 MiB) Downloaded 656 times
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