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22nd March 2014 - The Qur'an and the deceptions within

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:10 pm
by judgedredd
Here is the live link to Critical Mass Radio: ... hristopher

Show starts at 1pm EST (5pm GMT).

Archive of the show is here (right click to 'Save link as...' or click to play):

Talking about the Qur'an and the deception around it using the following references.

Nuggets of Gold - for the 22nd March
  • We have the ability to access knowledge and information that is not in the realm of our experience.
  • All religions of the world have a tremendous amount of knowledge in them and they all have a calming influence on people.
  • There are those who do not want this knowledge to be known so they corrupt the knowledge and create strife.
  • Circumcision, per the Qur'an, is NOT required of a Muslim.
  • Man is made in Perfection.
  • Circumcision harms the Man and the Woman (future wife).
  • Satan changes the word/knowledge of God. Corrupts Mankind.
  • Religions bring order into the environment.
  • 2.5% of people on the planet are out to consciously destroy it and it's Peoples. 17.5% of people are at the effect of the 2.5%. 80% of people are good.
  • There are as many Universes as there are people.

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