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15th March 2014 - More about me plus my experiences in the Church of $cientology.

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:47 am
by judgedredd
Here is the direct link to Critical Mass Radio: ... hristopher

Showtime is 1pm EST.

DUE TO THE VERY BAD AUDIO RECORDING AT THE LINK ABOVE, I HAVE A FAR BETTER RECORDING DONE WITH MY iPAD HERE: Right click and 'Save link as...' or listen in your browser by left clicking the following link:

I cover my experiences with Scientology and also discuss why it is vital to at least understand what this technology is all about.

Nuggets of Gold - for the 15th March
  • The Body itself will rapidly change to accommodate what you are doing.
  • When you need to do something with your body that is out of the ordinary, your body can adapt very quickly.
  • When you set your mind to do something no matter how crazy, you will more than likely succeed.
  • Customers are still King (even in this day and age). When you treat them with respect, give them what they want they will respond and you will succeed no mater what.
  • You and your body will adapt to situations.
  • When a simple question is asked of someone the amount of time taken to answer will determine where people are on the tone scale.
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  • Every technology can be abused - all good things have a flip side to them.
  • For every one truth there are hundreds of lies about that truth to attempt to hide it from you.
  • Criminals will do things without us understanding why.
  • There is a deliberate attempt to bring the general population down into apathy so they they are easily controlled.
  • There are 55 perceptions, not 5!
  • The Rights if a Being:-
    The Right to Self-Determinism or The Right to One's Own Sanity.
    The Right to Power of Choice.
    The Right to Free Will.
References for the show:

The term SCIENTOLOGY is taken from the Latin word SCIO (knowing in the fullest
meaning of the word) and the Greek word LOGOS (study).

1951 Science of Survival Chart.pdf
To go with the above chart
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- 21 Step Marketing
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- Other Basic steps
Technical Dictionary.pdf
Dianetics Technical Dictionary for words you may not understand in the above charts and documents
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Freezone Scientology:

Ron's Org - - outside the control of the church of $cientology and a great place to learn about the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Free Scientologist Facebook page: - email or contact me if you would like to join as it is only possible to join if you are recommended by someone who is already part of the group like myself.