Hooks, Barbs and Velcro by Ninja Bambi

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Hooks, Barbs and Velcro by Ninja Bambi

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" Hooks, Barbs and Velcro
by Ninja Bambi

I awoke this morning, pondering on the evidence I still witness and experience of the hooks, barbs and velcro that remain deep in our flesh, or which just snag at our clothing from time to time. I see these various forms of hooks as representing some aspect of the control system, the Matrix.

When we decide to break free of this control system, we encounter massive problems, in the form of the myriad of hooks, comfort hooks, safety hooks, family hooks, emotional-reaction-dependance hooks, religious hooks, nationality hooks, etc.

And one of the most insidious ways in which this matrix has us hooked, and what I wish to discuss in this essay, is its Calendar systems.

In particular I refer to the standard western calendar, as it was within this where my indoctrination took place.
Calendars are a collection of hooks, aka, dates and their various associated meanings which cause us to react in some way or another.

Take a look at those calendar dates that come and go, and come back around again. Notice how certain dates seem to come with a pre-inserted hook (such as religious dates)? Or how some dates have you re-inserting the same hook you thought you had removed? Yet, over time, multiple insertions of the same 'hook', aka, emotional reactions and/or the participation in political or social events, have taken place.

There is a reason why the 'greetings card' industry exists, and it is NOT only to make money, which it makes in enormous quantities. It is mainly there to keep you hooked into this matrix via the calendar system.


Think of the many dates now that are 'celebrated'. Even if you don't actually buy a greetings card on one of these ' special dates', such as Valentines Day, or Mothers Day, you are still very likely to be at least aware and therefore somewhat distracted by and/or reacting on some emotional level to these dates – whether your reaction is joy or guilt, or something else, you are still reacting and therefore you are still, however severely or mildly, 'hooked'.

You see, this matrix wants your attention and your energy.

It wants us distracted away from INSIDE and focused on OUTSIDE, and thus it keeps us, via the calendar, thinking ahead to a future date, and emotionally reacting to a current date.

How about all those religious holidays? National holidays? Political-Historical-War-Disaster-memorial days, such as 'Martin Luther King Day' or 'St. Patricks Day' or dare I mention it, '9/11'!
It's interesting to stop and take notice how the social media tools we use are inundated on certain days with posts relative to that day-week-month-event.

Thus proving we are very well-programmed-hooked. Still.

Take a look at what you share. When and why you share it.
How programmed, how hooked into the matrix are you?

Maybe you are one of those who are happy with the status quo?
In which case, this is not for you. Move along. Cheers!

If you are, like me, busy trying to un-hook yourself from this control-system, you would do well to take a closer look at how you behave according to the date, and what emotions rise up in you and what you give your attention to.

We witness intelligent individuals, witty, kind and lovely people turn ranty, argumentative and over-emotional, in other words, start re-inserting the same old system-baited hooks into their own flesh because a 'special' event comes around on their calendar.

It is not easy to un-hook, and stay un-hooked.

Those of us who attempt this understand only too well this matrix, this control-system, is addictive. In fact, it is the ultimate addiction!
It is a lifelong addiction and it began when our parent/s, our society, started to *'paint our canvas' for us, and has been ongoing ever since.

Now, however, if we intend to stand as self-responsible adults, we have to look to see where we are perpetuating our own pain, misery and emotional suffering - where we take the bait on the fish-hooks that we keep biting on, or even insert with our own hands into our own lips, or where we insist on rubbing our 'clothes' up against the myriad of tiny hooks some corporation named 'velcro'.

You see, once we reach a certain point of detachment, we begin to notice where others are still attached here and there. We notice it because we have already succeeded in removing those particular barbs which they are still at effect to. We get it. We did that. We played there. We stopped. We have empathy.

I am certain some of you will note where I am still attached and where I still bite on the baited hook of the system's fishing line.
I do. I know it.
And likewise, I get to see which hooks I have definitely been successful in removing by what I witness in some of you.
Thank you for sharing with me.
We do this together, even if we don't know that yet.

Ok, so how do I take those hooks, barbs and velcro off of me? By observing. By feeling where it hurts and when. By looking to see where I find myself emotionally charged-up, positive or negative emotions, it's still energy. By looking at where I allow my attention to be taken. And then observe everything in a mirror, get a look at the flip side, the opposing good-bad, etc.
I strive to see everything from as neutral a position as I am able.

So choose whether or not to 'bite' the next time. And note the effect of what you choose the next time. Pay attention when a 'trigger' date/event arrives that used to make you sad, angry, guilty, whatever. If you can reach the point where you are no longer going through any of those old patterns – when you can simply observe without a major reaction, then you may have taken that particular hook OUT. Well done!

We are NOT who we are conditioned and indoctrinated to be.
This is the grand illusion. The lie of all lies.

We are who we choose to be. So choose wisely!

* http://kateofgaia.files.wordpress.com/2 ... canvas.pdf "

posted with permission from the author

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