I used to wonder why we needed "Reality TV"

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I used to wonder why we needed "Reality TV"

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I admit I used to watch the "Reality" TV programmes but whilst all the other sealions were clapping and hooting I would be sat there thinking "thats not real" in fact it has long been so obvious that everything has been completely scripted and unreal it was a surreal version of so called reality. I used to sit there thinking "why" its such BS and then lately with all the amazingly "in yer face" public surveillance going on I started to realise "Thats why we had all that BS "Reality" it was Training for the minnions minds to get them used to being surveilled in their own version of "reality" TV. ALL the New York City underground trains are to have audio/video CCTV systems fitted but the reality is not for you to be safe on the trains in case you get attacked because the "official statement" says "In case there is a crash or derailment" :lol: :lol: " That alone separates it from the "its for your own protection" mob :D

Add up the facts here: Many thousands of streets in many parts of the world are under CCTV surveillance, trains, buses and aircraft under surveillance, even taxis have surveillance :o . Is this all to keep you "safe" :lol: :lol: NO its not, its simply to watch YOU. Does CCTV of any description prevent crime? NO, the statistics show thats not the case. Does it prevent "terrorism"? NO Has CCTV changed the number of crimes? YES! They have gone UP :lol: :lol:

Statistically CCTV has not had any significant effect on criminal activity. Personally I think CCTV has just been another "Reality TV" exercise and whilst it has been good in some cases providing evidence against criminals (only the most stupid) and put them away overall CCTV is simply over used on the public. I went fishing on the beach when the tide was up at around 2am and was "visited" by the law wondering "Who the hell fishes in the dark" and "Dont you need a boat to go catch fish" :lol: :lol: (thats absolutely true by the way the copper didnt know you could actually catch fish on the beach, I told him he should get out more) I was stopped walking back from another fishing trip in the early hours and even though I was carrying two fishing rods, bags, reels, lamp, tripods they still demanded to know "what have been up to then"?? We have been watching you? :lol: :lol: I would dearly love to see the "evidence" that required them to send a car all the way down to the beach front to check out the fishing tackle. Banning guns largely in the UK simply drove up the numbers of gun crimes, creating a fishing licence simply created a new breed of criminal in as much as people said "go fck you" and now they are considering a fishing licence for sea fishing and I wont be getting a licence for that either. So why put CCTV systems on a sea front and monitor them all night if the road is gated and locked off and you cant drive there? there aint no "terrorists" unless you use the law societies definition of "Terrorist". Terrorism is a crime, therefore Crime IS terrorim and "terrorists" can have "Deadly force" used on them so what we as a society have to look forward to is psychopolicy enforcers killing "legally" your family for fishing, walking in the dark, going through a red light, jaywalking, petty crimes that are only a "crime" because some psychodeviant paedophile judge, lawmaker has made "normal" activities a crime and criminals are terrorists because terrorism is a crime and so on and so forth the mental illness of authority figures who are above the laws they create. "They" cant commit a crime because they decide what a criminal is and they cant be criminals as they are the lawmakers and it is they who will eventually (again in history) decide who lives and DIES at their pleasure.

Many people would read that and say "WHAT UTTER SHITE" REALLY! "Night Stalking" was punishable by death and the criminal act was nothing more than "Walking after dark" that was LAW in the UK from 1650 to 1963 although actually burning people to death had largely ended by the 1800s (that was nice of them). There is a very dangerous mental illness in the "Professions", a psychopathy that forces them to seek out the most authorative position possible so they can get to fulfill their deepest almost sexual desires in jailing, ordering the deaths of people and running absolute riot on humanity but all done very "professionally" :lol: :lol: :lol:

The vast majority of sheep dont see it and if they do they just run home and turn on the alternative reality box and get their "fix" the world outside you home is a very dangerous world run by totalitarian cuntrol freaks (not spelled wrong) go watch your "alternate reality programme" and then get some sleep in readiness for dodging the psychocops and control freaks on your way to your minimal pay job and whatever you do DONT LOOK THEM IN THE EYE "That apparently is a sign of a terrorist"

Now here is my "OPINION" which is not necessarily fact: Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii The parasite infects the brains of most general warm-blooded animals, including humans. Rodents get TG and it goes into the brain where it effectively "hijacks" the fear centre which means the rodent will walk up to a cat where it is eaten and the TG parasite then affects the cats brain and makes the cat go up to dogs who will sometimes eat the cat and the TG then takes over the dogs brain until it gets to the top of the food chain where it cant be eaten anymore. I think those of us who are not "infected" have a love for all humans and treat everyone with kindness and respect but those "INFECTED"(you gettin where this is going yet!) :lol:

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