This Document must must go viral

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This Document must must go viral

Unread post by Anglo-Saxon »

The Most Informative Document ever compiled


Don’t be left behind

The clock is ticking – All these groups are talking to each other and in some cases for the last 4 years.

British politics is about to be hit by the biggest rebellion since the signing of Magna Carta in 1215. The genie is now well and truly out of the bottle.

Those leading the pack include, Love Police LPA Charlie Veitch now known as a insurgent group October 2011 visited St. Pauls May 2009 way ahead of everybody – huge following.

[Expect us] then, British Constitution Group Uk Column - have their own monthly Newspaper and News channel David Icke – 2nd biggest Forum in the World including. 24/7 TV Radio. 2014 - 10 Million site hits in 2010 received 128,445 hits 25 December 2011 in just one day.- over 900,000 hits in one week. Lawful rebellion

And – Policed/ ruled by Consent. Freeman of the Land (FOTL) Veronica Chapman

& Michael (top site)
Michael Bernicia from the North East once called the Royal family of the Freeman movement.

From Scotland

Wearechange also in 10 other big cities

Others, We are the 99%, Occupy, & from the North East, new 2011

plus others not mentioned

prepared by Anglo-Saxon

Tpuc – 20 Million hits in 2011.
time to wake up May 2013.docx
For Reasons best not mentioned here this document has put the fear of life up a few please print out and circulate.
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The Most illuminating Video ever ever made

And why Putin is now kicking off.

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Re: This Document must must go viral

Unread post by bodge »

Its always amused me that a transvestite claims to be a freeMAN on the land, :lol: I have read him extensively and am afraid he/she is just parroting what john says and as for the absolute drivel that something Registered is then removed from your ownership and is then "owned" by the government, it is not. What happens is this.

First you "Register" (whatever)
Then they can "Regulate"
Then they can "Restrict"
Then they can "Remove"

By "Allowing" them to regulate your usage of something they can restrict your use of it and if you break their rules then they will remove it from your possession and that is legalised theft in anybodies books. All this is done because the nation popularly "Consented" to the rules by either not knowing, not understanding or just plain ignoring the move. "Ignorance" is the key to allowing bad governance.

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