We are run by psychopaths

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We are run by psychopaths

Unread post by bodge »

I was watching a top banker on TV talking about the mental condition of many of the top people in government and banking and he said and I quote "We need people with a psychopathic nature because "they can make the difficult decisions" :lol: :lol: WHAT A FCK UP :lol: :lol:

Only a freakin lunatic would even think of allowing a psychopath to run anything. Ergo we have psychopaths making the "difficult choices" because they lack the empathy of humanity and apparently this makes for better governance :shock: As I know it, "psychopaths" by their very nature seek to empower and overwhelm then take complete control of everyone and everything as is the their nature then they can AND WILL turn everyone into a helpless victim of their darkest desires.

Does anyone else see the madness in this. "Only a psychopath would make that decision in the first place" :lol: :lol:

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Re: We are run by psychopaths

Unread post by Clarity »

To answer your question, yes, I do see the madness in this.

You are right. What more can I say?

It is a FCKED up world, and it's up to us to try to change it.

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