Media focussing in on the missing (Distraction)

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Media focussing in on the missing (Distraction)

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If you want to actually SEE distraction and propaganda then you must watch the MSM and the alternative, transposing one onto the other and there you will see the differences just like sticking two negatives together and look through the transparency. Sometimes the differences are hard to spot if theres a "lot going on in the picture" what we call in the photography world a "busy picture". If you want to distract from an ugly models face then give her bigger tits :lol: :lol: this will take the minds attention away from the face.

This "missing airliner" is being plugged heavily on the MSM at the same time as propagandising heavily on the Ukraine and this is causing too much for the majority of sheeple to see through the crap so all they get in their head is "Russians preparing invasion" and "ooh those poor people" because they pick up on the headline but cant be bothered with the contents.

The corporate media has literally spent over a week obsessing endlessly over conspiracy theories involving the alleged disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. If you’ve tuned into any of the American cable news networks be it Fox News, CNN or MSNBC over the past several days you would think that this is the only news story of importance. These propaganda pushers have logged countless hours engaging in speculation and conjecture over what may or may not have happened with this airplane. Meanwhile, historically significant events are unfolding in Ukraine that could impact the world for years to come. The whores in the corporate media have intentionally chosen to provide little coverage of these developments in favor of discussing hours upon hours of Flight 370 conspiracy theories. It'd be one thing if they were providing real analysis but all of their coverage is designed for the purpose of distraction.

It is true that the legitimate disappearance of any Boeing 777 airplane would in fact be real news. But despite all of the coverage on Flight 370’s so-called disappearance nobody is asking the most basic question. Is Flight 370 even real to begin with?

There has been an incredible amount of misinformation over what may or may not have happened which means this is really the most legitimate question to ask. It is impossible to believe that a Boeing 777 airplane could just vanish into the ether with no plausible explanation. Pilots with decades of flight experience don’t even know what to make of it because they’ve never seen anything like it. Since most of the information we are being told about Flight 370 is based off of questionable information and outright lies, this would certainly explain why experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flight time can’t fathom how anything like this could have happened. So either the existence of this flight is in question or the information being provided for public consumption is entirely skewed.

So the "fix is in" and the MSM is not interested in FACTS because thats not what they are paid for any more. Total mental slackness in journalism, total lack of balls and complete bending over of editors for the machine.

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