foi request to HM Passport Office

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foi request to HM Passport Office

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Request sent; awaiting reply

Dear HM Passport Office,
I read in law dictionaries, which the language which is used in
Statutes and Acts that a passport is a document issued by a
belligerent (one that is hostile or aggressive, especially one that
is engaged in war) to a diplomatic representative of an enemy state
after the outbreak of war, to enable a person (it does not specify
what type that person, whether it be a human, legal, natural,
private, public etc etc) to return to the country represented, by
virtue of the immunity of diplomatic representatives.

So me being a man child of God the creator of the universe, (not
the god creator of the UK) and not a person of any kind, are there
other documents which are recognized by transporters to enable me
to travel in peace, not as a diplomat and not at war with any state
and not representing the UK, to cross the fictitious borders of
UNITED KINGDOM and board airplanes and boats etc to go to other
landmasses across the planet for the reasons of peaceful travel and
the right to roam and peruse happiness and return to these shores
without let or hindrance.

Yours faithfully, ... ld_a_m/new

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