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  Succeeding at court ? • Read More  

  Key Concepts  
  What is Competence? • What is Consent? • What is honor? • What is dishonor ? • Read More  

  Court History  
  Hellenic (Greek) Empire • Roman Empire • Frankish-Saxon Empire • Venetian/Genoese/Florentine Guilds • Read More  

  Bar Guilds  
  Judges, Lawyers and members of the Bar are not bad people • Plausible deniability • The purpose and foundation of the Bar • Read More  

  Courtroom structure and function  
  UK > Crown Court • UK > Magistrates Court • US > County Court • Read More  

  Courtroom Symbols  
  Imperium (Rod) • Crown Warrant • Bench • Black Robes of Galli (B'a'al) • Dock • Flags of Admiralty • Read More  

  Law Structure  
  The multi-layed structures of Private Law of Bar • • • Read More  

  Roman Laws and Slavery  
  A World of Slavery • A prison designed with no way out • Ecclesiastical Deed Poll• Read More  

  Roman/Bar Laws and Trusts  
  The hidden trusts and fiduciary functions of a court • Does Trust Law really operate through every case in court?• Bonds, Securities and Bailment • What is the power of using trusts in court? • What does all this about trusts actually mean? • Read More  

  Common Law  
  Many myths of Common Law • English councils, chambers and parliament prior to House of Commons • Common Law and Anglo-Saxon Law • • Read More  

  Case Law  
  Case Law and Common Law • Theory Versus Reality of Case Law • Remedy and Case Law • Read More  


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