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This site is still under construction.

Within this site you will find a culmination of 36+ years of research and Life experiences condensed into one site. It had been running without a proper index page for more than 10 years! Yet items have been constantly added behind the scenes with unique URLs to these items plastered all over the internet till this site actually consists of over 165GB of data!

When trying to host the entire site, without a proper index page, in Iceland I was told I couldn't since the data didn't seem to be connected to the site itself. So I endevoured to sort this site out once and for all for everyone's benefit. Maybe one day after this site is all finished I will try and go back to that hosting company and try again.... In the meantime enjoy and don't get stuck down a rabbit hole somewhere on here!

On a more serious note, if you read everything that is on this site and look at all the images and videos you will come to a much better understanding of the world and the Universe we live in. You will also understand how to cure cancer and most other diseases and come to know that vaccines are the most dangerous thing you can give your child.

The personal cost of bringing you this information has been tremendously high, as it has for others with their info. So please treat it with respect. If you find something that you need more data on please don't hesitate to contact me. I will endeavour to respond within 24hrs.

This site does not use invasive technologies like cookies, flash, ads, or session IDs. This is purely an information site not an email harvesting, sales promotion or user tracking site. If you like what you see and you would like to contribute something to these efforts then donate something. Thanks for visiting.

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